How to Say No Kids at a Wedding

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Some couples don’t want to include kids in their wedding ceremonies. Just because they don’t prefer the kid in the venue, doesn’t mean that they are stone-hearted. That can be for a lot of reasons including financial restriction, limited capacity of the venue, or just the personal preference of the couple. It doesn’t matter whatever the reason is, you might not want to put a “No Kids” label on the invitation card. So, how to say no kids at a wedding? (Read more about Wedding Bouquet Preservation)

Writing something like “No Kids Allowed” in your invitation card is something that sounds harsh. It can even make some guests discouraged to join the event. The good news is you can say no kids without sounding harsh. Keep following the article to acknowledge some interesting ways to say No Kids at the wedding.

Is it Rude to Say No Kids at Wedding?

Usually, most people will not take it as rude behavior. That is because if they understand you, they will know that there must be a reason behind this. Some of them will also respect your decision as it's your wedding and it’s not wrong to do things based on your preference. Considering the wedding as an adult event, some sensible parents even might not bring their kids if the invitation doesn’t mention that kids are welcome.

However, as we all know not all people things in the same way. The purpose of a wedding event is two combine two families and share the joys. Kids being a part of the family, shouldn’t be excluded from the enjoyment. Such a social event can be helpful for the kids to learn social etiquette and values.

While some parents can be respectful of your decision, you can also make it inconvenient in many ways. Well, you can make the entire thing easier by adding a kid’s area with a few babysitters. This will not cost you more than $1000 to $1500 but you can make the entire thing easier both for you and the parents.

How to Say No Kids at a Wedding

Kids are like angels but when it comes to your wedding ceremony, they can increase the workloads and sometimes the budget. The issue is it will not sound good to people when you will tell them that you don’t want kids in the ceremony. Throwing a kid-free wedding event without sounding selfish is going to be a bit tricky job. Below, we will share some strategies which might help you say “No-kids” without being rude.

Before You Begin

So, you have decided to set a child-free wedding but did you set up the rules? It may sound ridiculous but things may get worse if you didn’t plan the rules. Such as, you might want to allow the kids from immediate family members. Furthermore, you might also want to allow the newborns who require their mother. You might also want to allow the guest coming over from overseas with kids.

Decide exactly what you want by discussing with your partner. You can set up a rule for the age to welcome teenagers around 15 years or completely go for only 18+ adults. Make sure that both of you are agreed on the rules. Else, things can get untidy during the event.

Be Specific with the Invitation

You need to be specific while inviting the guests to a kid-free wedding. But wait, that doesn’t mean you need to write down the kids and you don’t want them. You will also need to be careful about the words you are writing on the invitation card. Using the wrong words will make the guests think that they have the freedom to bring the whole squad. The common mistake consists of writing the family name or mentioned the family word.

Such as a common rule of thumb to mention the guest names in the invitation card is like this: The John Doe Family, The Does, Mr. and Mrs. John Doe, Mr. and Mrs. John Doe Family, etc. DON’T DO THIS if you want a child-free waiting. It means you are inviting their entire family that may include the kids, kid’s kid, their spouse, and the list goes on.

You can write something like “seats are reserved for Mr. John Doe and Mrs. Jane Doe.” This sign should be enough for most of the guests. Besides, you can write something like this “Due to limited budget/space, adults-only please”. Note that you can think of some related phrases and make use of it. All you need to do is to give them a hint.

If the Issue is Not with Budget/Venue

Some of you might love to see kids at the wedding event but unfortunately, you cannot allow the kids due to other reasons. Such as some venues are not child friendly where some other might not allow kids. In such cases, make sure that you are mentioning the reason in straight words. Such as, if the issue is with the venue, you can mention “Unfortunately, we cannot allow kids due to the restriction of venue.”

Or, you can say this in other ways by blaming the management by saying something like “due to the restriction of management” or “by request of management”. This method is great as you are putting the blame on someone else. That means there are fewer chances that people will take it a rude behavior.

Allowing Kids at Ceremony, Not in Reception

If you don’t want to go completely kid-free, you can allow the kids in the ceremony but not in the reception. All you need to do is to mention that you are welcoming kids in the ceremony but not in the reception. Or, you can say that the ceremony is open for all ages, but the reception is only for the adults. You might also sugarcoat this by saying that you are doing this to offer the guest relaxation.


Wedding is once in a lifetime experience for the couples and they have all the rights to host the ceremony as they want. If you are thinking about a no-kid wedding ceremony, we hope that the above guides and tricks will be useful for you. Let us know if you have a better idea.  

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