How Much is a Wedding at Edinburgh Castle

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How Much is a Wedding at Edinburgh Castle?

If you want to have a historic wedding in the heart of Scotland's capital city, consider a wedding at Edinburgh Castle. Traditionally, Baronial castles are tucked into the glens, so you can expect to get lost in all of the history and splendour. Guests can arrive in classic cars to the castle and wait outside the 15th century clifftop tower house to celebrate your union.

Cost of a wedding at edinburgh castle

The historic fortress of Edinburgh Castle is a stunning wedding location. A wedding in the Castle grounds offers a wedding reception that is one of a kind. Choose from St Margaret's Chapel, the Jacobite room or the gatehouse suite. Recent reviews from recent couples have praised the attentiveness of the Castle's staff. You can even hire a classic car to arrive and leave your guests waiting in the castle's 15th-century tower house.

The castle can be booked for an intimate wedding for the bride and groom and their two witnesses. The castle offers a chapel, an open-air ceremony, or even an outdoor ceremony. The castle has room for up to 40 guests. For weddings that are held on the weekend, you must have a minimum of 40 guests. There are also a number of packages available, including exclusive use of the castle. However, the fees for this can add up very quickly.

In addition to the Gatehouse Suite, the castle has other meeting rooms, such as the Queen Anne Ante Room. If your wedding is intimate, you can choose a smaller space like the Gatehouse Suite, which is the most intimate setting for a private event. You can even hold your reception in the St Margaret's Chapel, which was built by David I in 1130 and was originally designed to be used by the royal family. The chapel features stunning stained glass windows, and the wedding itself can be held in one of two rooms, or even two.

A wedding in the castle is an elegant occasion for a royal couple. There are multiple reception venues, including the Jacobite room, which features dramatic views of the Firth of Forth. You can also choose between a traditional reception in the Jacobite room. The ceremony and reception are held in the Jacobite building, which is accessible for guests in wheelchairs. It also includes an award-winning cellar, so your guests can enjoy a romantic dinner without the hassle of a busy city street.

Location of the venue

The Gatehouse Suite is a smaller space that can host between 34 and 40 guests for your ceremony and reception. The gatehouse suite features wood panelling and beautiful views of the city, and makes for a picturesque setting for your wedding vows and first toast. If you are planning a large wedding, consider the Queen Anne Building. The Queen Anne building is more intimate than the Gatehouse Suite, and is also wheelchair accessible.

The castle is situated in a spectacular setting and is a magnificent location for a wedding. The castle is an iconic Scottish landmark and a favorite residence of Kings and Queens throughout its history. There is a lot to love about this beautiful venue, and it is sure to impress guests of all ages and backgrounds. It is also wheelchair accessible, which is a must when planning a wedding in Edinburgh.

Borthwick Castle is a luxurious Scottish Castle located just 30 minutes from Edinburgh. It is the best-preserved 15th-century castle in Scotland and features ten luxurious bedrooms, a gatehouse for the bridal couple, as well as a private cottage. Borthwick Castle was recently restored to become a modern-day luxury destination with a rich history. With so much to offer, the Borthwick Castle wedding venue is an excellent choice for a fairytale wedding.

If you'd prefer an intimate wedding, the castle can accommodate as few as 12 guests. In addition to the Great Hall, the castle has a music room and Georgian manors. If you want to have a larger wedding, the castle can accommodate a larger party. However, it is a must that you choose a weekend date where only 40 guests are invited. You must also consider the venue's accessibility and its price when booking.

St Margaret’s chapel

The most important question to ask yourself before booking a wedding at Edinburgh Castle at St Margarets Chapel is how much it will cost. This historic chapel is the oldest building in the city and features Romanesque architecture. It was built in the 12th century but fell into disuse during the Reformation. It was only restored in the 19th century. Its history is fascinating and makes a wedding here an unforgettable experience.

The castle is located on the Esplanade, which makes getting to the ceremony and reception a breeze. From here, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the city and the surrounding countryside. You'll be greeted with complimentary drinks and Wifi throughout your stay. You can also get a wedding cake in the chapel itself, complete with fresh flowers. If you're wondering, the price of a wedding at Edinburgh Castle at St Margaret's chapel will range from £3,250 to £4,500.

For smaller weddings, you may opt for the smaller Gatehouse Suite. This nineteenth-century chapel is suitable for smaller ceremonies and has an anteroom for a drinks reception. It also features a private terrace with views of the city. This chapel is wheelchair accessible. It is not recommended for use during the Edinburgh Military Tattoo. For wedding receptions in June and September, the chapel is closed.

In the past, the Scottish Royal family held services and worship inside St Margaret's Chapel. The church, which is in the Canongate Kirk parish, is the only surviving building in the city that bears the name of St Margaret. Today, it is only accessible for Castle visitors who hold a valid castle ticket. The chapel has a small entrance fee, but the ceremony itself will be a special occasion for you and your guests.

Jacobite room

The Jacobite Room is a stunning space located in Edinburgh Castle. It offers sweeping views of the city and the changing light. The room is perfect for small ceremonies, weddings, or private events. It is not the typical wedding venue, but is a great place to celebrate a special occasion. There are two long tables and several comfortable sofas to enjoy the beautiful Scottish atmosphere. Listed below are a few reasons why this room is the perfect choice for a celebration.

This room is named after the infamous Jacobite plotters. The Scottish government was forced to retreat to Scotland after the Jacobite army captured Edinburgh Castle. The castle served as a gathering point for disaffected people living south of the Forth. This room is still a significant part of the castle's history. However, it is not the only room in the castle. The room also displays a number of Jacobite paintings and other items.

The castle is home to many historical relics. The Scottish Crown Jewels are kept in the castle's Crown Room. It is also home to the Stone of Scone, an ancient relic of Scottish royalty that arrived at the castle in 1996. The room is located in the main courtyard of the castle. The courtyard was originally developed in the fifteenth century. You can visit the room in person, but you will have to book a tour in advance.

Fenton Tower

The Fenton Tower is the perfect setting for a small wedding with up to 16 guests. This luxury wedding venue was restored in 2002 and features Italian Silver-Gilded four-poster beds, antique roll-top baths, White Company towels, and Penhaligon toiletries to pamper your guests. The wedding package includes a reception at the castle, as well as accommodation in Fenton Tower and its adjoining lodge.

Fenton Tower is an historic fortified 16th century tower located about 20 miles from Edinburgh, near the seaside town of North Berwick. The tower is now a luxury accommodation for up to 13 people. The elegant, 5-star facilities combine with the friendly, intimate atmosphere of a private home. The cuisine is delicious, and the location is ideal for golf enthusiasts. Nearby rivers offer fly fishing opportunities.

The Gatehouse Suite is ideal for smaller weddings. It features an elegant wood paneled room and a private terrace with stunning views of Edinburgh. Guests can access this venue via a spiral staircase. Another room for your ceremony is the Gatehouse Chapel, built by David I around 1130 for the royal family. The chapel features stunning stained glass windows from the 1920s. It is the perfect location for a wedding, and the views of the city are spectacular.

The accommodation at Edinburgh Castle at Fenton Tower is a deluxe venue with five luxury suites, interconnected by two spiral staircases. The Great Hall features an oak-beamed ceiling and can seat up to 32 guests. The kitchen staff is experienced, and uses fresh local ingredients to make mouth-watering dishes for their guests. The menu is highly customised and is available to suit any style and dietary requirements. The dining experience is complemented by a fine wine selection.

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