When to Book Florist for Wedding?

Often underestimated, the importance of a florist for your wedding cannot be emphasized enough. They play a pivotal role in defining the visual and thematic aspects of your wedding celebration. Their primary responsibility is to beautify the occasion by incorporating flowers and other embellishments. Many times, florists exceed their traditional responsibilities to make sure that your special day looks flawless. Curious about the best time to book a florist for your wedding?

The florist needs to be booked a few months earlier than your wedding. The earlier you book the florist, the better performance he can offer by planning things more carefully. Keep reading the article to know a bit more about when you should book the florist. We will also discuss what things you should consider while booking the service.

When to Book Florist for Wedding?

Flowers are an important part of your wedding. You will require it everywhere from the bouquet to boutonnieres. The addition of the flower in the wedding in the right way can make things look better and more impressive. Using of the right color can greatly emphasize the beauty, elegance, style, and other things of the wedding. Amongst many other things in the wedding, the guest will surely notice the flowers.

Although the flowers are important, it’s not very easy to decide how to pick the right shape, size, and arrangement of the flower. That is why you will require booking a florist for the wedding. A talented florist with years of experience can make the entire thing better for you. They will help you to design and create unforgettable arrangements using the right flower.

Finding the right florist can be hard and that’s why you must book a few months prior to the wedding. You might be shocked to hear that the florist needs to be booked 6 to 9 months earlier in advance. Typically, it requires a good amount of planning, and setting up the arrangement is also very time-consuming. That is why it is very important to set up everything prior to the wedding.

What is more interesting is you can book the florist 12 to 18 months prior to the wedding. Especially, if you want to get the best arrangement and quality of the flower, this is very important. Most of the couples start searching for the florist one or two months earlier. It will become hard to find the right one in such a situation. As the florist requires pre-booking you might not be able to get their service.

Things to Consider While Booking a Florist for Wedding

As we said earlier, florists play an important role in your wedding and you might not want to go wrong with them. To make sure that you are getting the right florist, below, we will let you know about some tips so that you can easily end up with the right one.

Before You Begin

Make sure that you have already selected the wedding venue before even hiring the florist. If you have already picked the venue, it will be easier for the florist to plan the decoration works. Also, plan ahead on what you want before going with the florist. Once you are sure about everything, you can go to the florist and set the first appointment.

Find the Best One

The use of the right flowers in the right way can easily make the wedding ceremony more vibrant. For this, you need to make sure that you are getting the right one. If you have no prior idea about the florist services, you might ask your friends and colleagues for suggestions. They might help you to find a quality local florist. If this didn’t help, don’t worry. There are so many other ways to find a florist.

You can search online for them. Nowadays almost all the florist has their online portfolios to impress their wannabe clients. You will find them on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and everywhere. Search for the florist services near you and go through their portfolio. If you find the services impressive, then you should go for them. Make sure to read their reviews about the service from the previous customers.

Go for an Appointment First

One of the common issues is the bride is not sure what they want from the florist. If you are in such a state, don’t worry. Go straight to the florist and discuss the issue with them. They can let you know about various themes and available options for you. The right florist can help you to know which flower to use where, what colors and accent you should consider, and much more things.

Also, make sure to talk about the budget. This will help the florist to find what you will get for the budget.

Go for the Other Options

Once after hiring a florist, if you think she is not going to offer what you want, then you should look for a replacement. That is because this is going to be the best day of your life and you simply shouldn’t compromise with anything. Moreover, if the florist is not available at your preferred time, you should go for someone else. You will actually find a lot of florists out there with great skills. That is why we recommend starting searching earlier so that you can replace them easily if needed.

Put Your Trust on The Florist

Once you have finally hired someone, you should put your trust in her. However, before you do the hiring finally, you should know everything about the florist. Make sure that she can offer you what you want. Also, she is available for the appointment and understands your requirement. A good florist should easily understand what you want and be respectful and well-mannered. If you think she has what it takes to deliver the best work, go for her.


Like any other bride, you will want to make your wedding venue look best with the right use of the flower. A florist is undoubtedly the best person to help you with that. We hope that the above information will help you to find the right florist.

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