How Much is a Wedding at Oak Alley Plantation?

Should you be organizing a marriage celebration at Oak Alley Plantation, you might be curious about the financial aspects. To assist in orchestrating an idyllic event, here is what you will need to consider: Marriage location, Expenses, Options for guided tours, and the possibility of hosting a rehearsal dinner. If a romantic ambiance is what you're seeking, look no further! The West Pavilion offers a cozy space for smaller soirees with a maximum of 50 attendees or can serve larger festivities with a capacity of up to 125 guests.

Cost of a wedding at oak alley plantation

If you've ever wanted to hold your wedding ceremony on an old plantation, then you've definitely considered Oak Alley Plantation. This historic site in Vacherie, Louisiana, is located on the west bank of the Mississippi River. It makes for an elegant backdrop for bridal portraits, engagement portraits, and surprise marriage proposals. Whether you plan to get married on a secluded beach in the Hamptons or want to have a traditional ceremony in a historic setting, Oak Alley Plantation is a romantic spot for your special day.

You'll find this historic venue about an hour south of New Orleans. Once known as Bon Sejour Plantation, the site was home to Valcour Aime, the "King of Sugar." This philanthropist and slave owner was credited with introducing large-scale sugar refining. The plantation, which is a National Historic Landmark, is one of the most beautiful in the Plantation Country.

Whether you're looking for a wedding that's intimate, or an elegant affair with up to 125 guests, the West Pavilion at Oak Alley Plantation is an exquisite place to celebrate your love. Its ambiance will make any wedding memorable. In addition to its elegant setting, this historic property also offers wedding ceremonies, receptions, and even rehearsal dinners. The plantation's staff will make sure you have the time of your life together.

A wedding at Oak Alley Plantation is no small investment. The estate is home to over a dozen historic plantation homes. The mansion is stunning and the alley of trees is breathtaking. If you haven't visited the estate before, don't miss the opportunity to experience its history. And don't forget to indulge in a mint julep! You'll be happy you chose this venue for your wedding day!

The house at Oak Alley Plantation was built in 1837 and is a Greek Revival style house. The plantation was originally owned by the Roman family, and operated as a sugar cane plantation. It later turned into a cattle ranch. In 1972, Josephine Stewart donated the plantation to the Oak Alley Foundation. The Stewart family began its restoration in the 1920s. The plantation is still operated by the Oak Alley Foundation today.


The historical oak trees at Oak Alley Plantation are a main feature of the historic plantation. The plantation is situated in the community of Vacherie in St. James Parish. The community was named this way because of its distinctive oak trees. Visitors can explore the historic plantation's interior and exterior. To learn more about the plantation and its rich history, read this article. The following is a quick guide to Oak Alley Plantation.

The Plantation was originally set up by a wealthy man named Valcour Aime in 1830. Its 240-foot-long alley is lined with live oak trees. Roman purchased the plantation in 1836 and had some of the slaves transferred to it. In fact, he brought fifteen slaves with him from his mother's plantation. Ultimately, there were between 110 and 120 slaves living on the plantation.

While Oak Alley Plantation is not a place for children, adults and couples of all ages will likely enjoy the tour. While it does have some complaints, most visitors have a great time with their tour guide. Oak Alley also has a new exhibit, "Slavery at the Plantation," which features reconstructed slave cottages and live performances. It is a unique opportunity to learn about the history of slavery in America.

Although the sugarcane industry has deteriorated since the end of slavery, the plantation remained a popular tourist destination and still attracts a wide range of visitors. The plantation is open daily, but closed on some holidays. However, visitors can still explore the historic homes of enslaved people. The Plantation is a must-see destination if you visit Louisiana. Just remember to visit it if you have time.

One of the most interesting things about the plantation is its many famous features. The plantation was the setting for many films, including the Brad Pitt movie Interview With the Vampire. The plantation has 28 southern live oak trees that form an 800-foot long alley that leads to the mansion. The building was completed in 1839. It is often featured in television shows and movie productions. Beyonce even used it in her "Deja Vu" music video.

Tour options

While your wedding day is the day of celebration, you can take advantage of the Plantation's overnight accommodations. There are a few different types of accommodations available at Oak Alley, from private rooms and cabins to daytime accommodations and guided tours of the plantation's grounds. The overnight accommodations are not in the plantation house but are located on the property. Overnight guests have access to the grounds even after the plantation closes to the public. In addition, you can take advantage of the plantation's select catering staff to create a memorable wedding.

If you want to learn more about the history of Louisiana, there are several options available. The Cajun Encounters plantation tours are popular, and you can combine them with a Whitney Plantation tour to get the most of your visit. A Whitney Plantation tour is recommended if you want to experience the history of Louisiana through the perspective of slaves and other marginalized people. Both tours last about six hours.

You can also take a tour of the antebellum home, as well as the plantation's historic buildings and grounds. While you're here, make sure to visit its famous live oak trees. These stunning trees are 300-plus years old and make for a great backdrop for your wedding photos. Oak Alley Plantation is located between the historic cities of New Orleans and Baton Rouge. There are several other plantations nearby that you can visit while you're in Louisiana.

The Plantation is one of the most photographed plantations in the United States. It has served as the setting for countless movies, including Interview with a Vampire, Days of Our Lives, and Primary Colors. You can walk beneath the alley and learn more about the plantation's history. It is well worth a visit to the plantation. There are several exhibits on the plantation, including paranormal activity.

If you plan on attending your wedding at Oak Alley Plantation, you may want to consider renting the West Pavilion for the event. This space is perfect for small celebrations of fifty guests or a more elaborate celebration of up to 125 guests. The plantation also offers day trips from New Orleans to nearby towns. You can visit the second plantation, as well, as part of your day trip. The West Pavilion is also available for larger groups, but this banquet facility is generally reserved for corporate meetings and small receptions.

Cost of a rehearsal dinner

Oak Alley Plantation is a historic site in Vacherie, Louisiana, just one hour away from New Orleans. It is part of the New Orleans Power Pass, which offers free admission and skip-the-line access to 26 top attractions. Getting there by car costs about $70, but you can also use public transportation, although the cost may vary from company to company. A full-day tour includes the cost of transportation.

The antebellum-style plantation was built by slave labor and a large enslaved community remained on the property until the Civil War. Though Oak Alley wasn't destroyed during the war, it deteriorated quickly and ceased to operate after the 13th Amendment was passed. Since it relied on slave labor to maintain its mansion, the Roman family continued to live there until the Civil War.

The historic site is also known for its oak trees, many of which are as tall as cars. Guests of Oak Alley often comment on the beauty and historical background of the property, although a few have reported being disappointed with the tour guide. Still, the overwhelming majority of reviews are overwhelmingly positive. The plantation has an overall four-and-a-half-star rating on TripAdvisor, and only a few negative reviews are present. Whether or not a plantation is right for your wedding day will depend on the type of celebration you're hosting.

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