Who Catered the Wedding of Woodrow Wilson in 1915

Over the past few centuries, catering services have become incredibly popular across the globe, with many people looking forward to savoring their favorite meals or dishes prepared by the best providers. However, catering for someone with the prominence of Woodrow Wilson, particularly for an event as critical as his wedding, truly raises the bar. The company or individual given this honor is likely to receive a lot of recognition and exposure. So, the intriguing question arises: who Catered the Wedding of Woodrow Wilson in 1915? Unraveling this query is less daunting than it appears, as it is a well-known detail associated with the distinguished figure.

In this article, we are going to deeply brief everything you need to know about the catering of Woodrow Wilson in 1915. Also, we are gonna be looking after some interesting facts about the chef of the event. Read this content very thoroughly till the last drop so you do not miss any stone unturned. 

About Woodrow Wilson

Who does not know Thomas Woodrow Wilson? He was one of the most popular American politicians and academics who served as the President of America between 1913 to 1921, being the 28th president of the United States. Thomas Woodrow Wilson Also served as the governor of the State of New Jersey and the President of the University of Princeton. He won the presidential election in 1912 and become the 28th president of America.  Becoming the first Southerner to win a presidential election since 1848.

His first wife died of Bright’s disease in July 1914. Woodrow was so saddened at the death of his first wife. Later on March 18, 1915, he met Edith Bolling Galt at the White House. She was a jeweler who was also from the Southern Part of the United States. They got married together on December 15 in the same year. A famous chef and caterer was the one who catered for the Wedding of Woodrow Wilson in 1915. So who was he? 

Who Catered the Wedding of Woodrow Wilson in 1915

Chef Hector Boiardi was the person who catered the wedding of Woodrow Wilson in 1915. He was a really talented chef and the founder of Chef Boyardee Foods. He was working in West Virginia when he directed the catering service for President Thomas Woodrow Wilson’s second marriage with Edith Galt. Hector Boiardi also contributed to a lot of international events for the govt and for the military.

He later moved to Cleveland, Ohio, the state in the midwestern region of the United States. He opened up a restaurant by the lakeside. Most of the customers of that restaurant liked the spaghetti sauce and suggested Boiardi sell it among them. In the Later days, Chef Boiardi named his product “Boyardee” and started selling his Spaghetti sauce on cans. He changed the name a little bit to help the Americans pronounce his correctly. Boiardi says, “ Everyone is proud of his own family name, but sacrifices are necessary for progress”.

The Life of Boiardi: Who Catered the Wedding of Woodrow Wilson in 1915

Early Life of Hector Boiardi

Hector Boiardi was born in 1997 in Piacenza, in Italy’s Emilia Romagna region. His parents were Maria Maffi Boiardi and Gisueppe. He started working as a chef at the local restaurant called “La Croce Bianca” at the age of 11. Boiardi did not get any upper responsibility in his job. He used to do the noncooking duties there like potato peeling or dealing with the trash. Later in 1914, he moved himself to Ellis Island aboard La Lorraine, in a ship of French Registration. 

Boiardi followed his brother to New York City. Later he started working as a kitchen worker at the Plaza Hotel in the town. He proved himself as a potential addition there and ranked himself top of the ladder to the position of Head Chef. Hector Boiardi later supervised the preparation of the meal served by the President of the United States, Woodrow Wilson, at the white house. It was an arrangement of more than two thousand returning World War I soldiers. 

Biordi’s Reputation as a chef was increasing day by day after the big goal. His entrepreneurial skill was polished as a new show. He later moved himself to Woodland Avenue, Cleveland in 1926. He opened his first restaurant there. It was named Giardino d’Itallia, which translates as “The Garden of Italy”. 

Founding Chef Boyardee

Hector Boiardi’s Spaghetti sauce become so popular overnight in his newly opened restaurant overnight. Customers were continuously requesting him to sell the sauce to them. So Boiardi later decided to make a selling product of his Spaghetti sauce by filling them in cleaned milk bottles. He named his production company Chef Boyardee, as his original name was tough to pronounce for the Americans. 

Boiardi met Eva Weiner and Maurice after 1927, who were two patrons of his restaurant and also an owner of a local grocery shop. They both helped Chef Boyardee to easily manufacture and develop a process for canning the foods. Their grocery wholesale partners were also helpful to seamlessly distribute the products across the different states in America.  

The company became so popular by 1928 that it had to open up a factory to meet the public and national demands. Their next product after the Spaghetti sauce was a complete pasta meal that includes a canister of grated Parmesan Cheese. After that, they eventually become the largest Parmesan Cheese importer across Italy. They had to move the production to neighbor state Pennsylvania later in 1938.


There were a lot of legendary chefs in the world who made revolutionary changes in the world’s food chain and appetite. Without a doubt, Hector Boiardi was one of them worth mentioning. His product become so popular among the United Defence System and allied forces. Because the food that his company was serving was very handy for any war zone. After the war ends, Boiardi sold his food company to American Home Products. Nowadays, all of the products that we see from Chef Boyardee are actually rebranded World War II field rations. 


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