How Much is a Wedding at the Botanical Gardens?

Should you be planning your nuptials at the botanical gardens, you may be curious about the financial commitment involved. Given their popularity as a wedding location, securing your preferred date ahead of time is advisable. Continue reading for advice on securing a cost-effective setting for your momentous occasion. Discover ways to ensure your wedding day is as magical as you envision without breaking the bank.

Costs of a wedding at the botanical gardens

The BBG can be a great location for a ceremony and reception. Rental fees vary depending on the date and time of your event. The cost of the main hall is $850, while the cost of the atrium is $750. Additional hours can be rented for $250 per hour. In addition to rental fees, BBG memberships are required. To book a wedding at the botanical gardens, complete the form below.

Prices vary, but you can choose from the following wedding packages. The American Azalea Wedding Package is priced at $5,000. The Cherry Blossom Wedding Package costs $3500, while the Wildflower wedding package is priced at $1700. Prices are subject to change depending on whether you request an open bar or alcohol. The rental fee also includes a set-up fee. Similarly, the 501 Union is priced differently depending on the day and month of the week. Full-day rentals include a private event manager, sound system, and day-of set-up.

The Esplanade Pavilion is the largest venue available at the Chicago Botanic Garden. It can accommodate 500 guests for a sit-down dinner and up to 1,500 guests for a cocktail reception. Because of the large space, additional tenting is required. The space is only available during the evening, but fees are the same for weekday and weekend weddings. A wedding in the Rose Garden is a beautiful experience that you and your guests will never forget.

You will need a professional photographer to capture your special day. A professional photographer will search for perfect lighting and a picturesque backdrop. For the most gorgeous pictures, you should choose a garden for your ceremony. Not only will the flowers in the gardens look beautiful, but the garden is also open to the public during the ceremony. The flowers will be in full bloom in June and July, so you'll have a wedding photo session that will last forever.

The Chicago Botanic Garden also offers a variety of wedding spaces. For those on a budget, the English Walled Garden is an excellent choice. Its picturesque brick courtyard is surrounded by manicured greenery and towering trees. Adding a few hundred dollars to your wedding costs is well worth it. If you're unsure about the size of your wedding budget, consider hiring a professional wedding coordinator.

You can get married at the Olbrich Botanic Garden, which provides a scenic setting for the ceremony and reception. The Olbrich Botanic Garden is open for public use during the ceremony time. You'll need to adhere to strict guidelines when decorating the space. For example, no fastening materials can be used and decorations cannot be nailed to the ground. Paper runners cannot be placed on the grass. Outside items like bubbles can be tossed into the fountain, but other types of items are prohibited.

Cost of a wedding ceremony

A ceremony at the botanical gardens is a great way to celebrate your marriage. The New York Botanical Garden is the perfect location for an autumn or winter wedding. The gardens are full of berried holly and pine trees. There is no set "on-season" for this venue, so you can have a ceremony at any time. The gardens also have a greenhouse for storing the world's largest public collection of ivy.

The Cape Fear Botanical Garden is a large outdoor venue that can host multiple events. A wedding ceremony held outdoors can be preceded by a rehearsal dinner or a wedding reception. Once the outdoor ceremony is over, your guests can continue the celebration on the covered porch. The gardens can also accommodate a reception party after the outdoor ceremony. The gardens can accommodate up to 160 guests for a wedding ceremony.

In addition to the Colorado state park's many beautiful outdoor locations, the botanical gardens are also the perfect location for a wedding. Many couples opt for the gazebo in Sunshine Meadow or the meadow in front of Hayes Cabin for an outdoor ceremony. The gardens do not allow wedding ceremonies in indoor spaces, and restroom access for these ceremonies is limited. Cost of a wedding ceremony at the botanical gardens varies, depending on the number of guests.

Cost of a rehearsal dinner

The cost of a rehearsal dinner at the botanical gardens in San Diego is not particularly high. Prices range from about $1,000 to $6,000, depending on the location and time of year. Abbey Catering, which provides tables and chairs, can be arranged to serve the dinner. In addition to a licensed bartender, you can bring your own alcohol, as long as it does not have a high alcohol content. However, keep in mind that the gardens do have a curfew, which is 10 pm on Sundays and 9 pm on weekends.

The gardens can accommodate anywhere from ten to 250 people, depending on the size of your wedding party. You can host a winter wedding in a heated tent under the pine trees, or a spring wedding with lush greenery and vibrant foliage. The gardens are wheelchair accessible. If you have a small wedding, you can choose a tent in the garden and have the rehearsal dinner in a private room.

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