How Much is a Wedding at the Liberty Warehouse?

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The Liberty Warehouse is located in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn. The area can be out of the way, so your guests can stay at the Brooklyn Bridge Marriott or within the city. If your guests have to drive, we recommend taking Uber or a shuttle. The prices listed are for a 5-hour rental without a ceremony, and a 6-hour rental with a ceremony. However, it's important to keep in mind that this price doesn't include the cost of food or drinks.

501 Union

If you are looking for a unique location in New York City, consider a wedding at Liberty Warehouse. This venue sits on a beautiful pier on the East River and offers amazing food from the River Cafe. After the ceremony, your guests will never want to leave, especially when they can enjoy the Poke station! And the staff at the warehouse are warm, personable, and professional. The manager, Jeff, is wonderful to work with! The average price for a wedding at the Liberty Warehouse is around $58,000. The venue has capacity for up to 500 guests, so make sure you have enough guests to make your event memorable.

The Liberty Warehouse at 501 Union offers three different rooms for ceremonies. The main room, the Russian Tea Room, can accommodate up to 150 guests and the cost for it depends on what you want to do. The price of the space varies from $125 per person, depending on the type of alcohol and the rental furniture you select. A set-up fee is included in the rental price. The 501 Union offers exemplary services for their customers. The cost of a wedding at the Liberty Warehouse at 501 Union depends on the month and the day of the week. A full-day rental includes a private events manager, a sound system, and day-of set-up and removal of decor and decorations.

William Vale Hotel

The Liberty Warehouse is a historic venue in the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY. Its waterfront patios provide spectacular views of Manhattan. And, unlike many other venues in NYC, it is one of the few places you can see the Statue of Liberty from the front, where it faces France. You'll have a memorable wedding day with your guests and the backdrop of the Statue of Liberty.

A wedding at the Liberty Warehouse is typically priced at $250 per person during the off-peak season. The base cost does not include transportation to and from the venue, decorations, entertainment, photography, or the DJ. You'll also need to pay the venue's minimum number of guests to avoid a price increase. However, if you have more than 150 guests, you can negotiate a lower price. The minimum guest count is 150 for a weekend wedding, and 175 for a Saturday wedding.

Getting married in the Liberty Warehouse is a fun experience. The venue is an iconic New York City location and has hosted numerous elegant weddings. In addition to the gorgeous pier, the food at the River Cafe is outstanding. Your guests won't want to leave your cocktail hour after the ceremony! The venue's staff are hospitable, engaging, and supportive, and the manager, Jeff, is great to work with.

Brooklyn Winery

When planning a wedding, you might be wondering, "How much is a wedding at Brooklyn Winery?" The winery is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. From January to mid-September, the venue is available for events up to 165 people. In November and January, the venue can accommodate events of up to 90 guests. If you're having your ceremony and reception in the main wine bar, guests can walk through the Harvest Room, Atrium, and Parlor Room. The winery also provides linens, candles, and open bars for all wedding ceremonies. And, of course, the view from the top floor is breathtaking.

The cost of a wedding at Brooklyn Winery depends on the number of guests and type of celebration. In a recent case, Maggie and Andrea were married in November and chose to celebrate with their family and friends. However, they kept their health and safety top of mind. As a result, all of their 40 guests had COVID testing done before the wedding, their temperature was checked at the door, and they wore masks while walking around the venue. The guests were assigned seating, and there was no dancing.

A wedding at Brooklyn Winery will cost around $40K. Since this space is a fully-functioning winery, the cost will be higher than other venues in New York. The average cost for a wedding at Brooklyn Winery is $40K, which includes all wedding expenses. However, if you're looking for a romantic and sophisticated space, this venue might be a great choice. The 8,000 square-foot space offers a cozy yet sophisticated atmosphere, with wood accents and vintage-style floral china.

Tribeca 360

When it comes to a New York City wedding venue, Tribeca 360 is hard to beat. This stunning space offers panoramic views of Manhattan, the Hudson River and beyond. And with its 360-degree views, you can even see the city in the night! This photo of the rooftop venue was taken just outside. The glistening sunset and iconic skyscrapers make for a breathtaking backdrop.

If you're wondering how much a wedding at Tribeca 360 costs, think about the benefits you'll receive from a venue that offers the best views in New York. This venue has tons of space, the highest service levels, and fully windowed walls that let in natural light. Amy Katz Events, Adam Leffel Productions, and Kim Sozzi of Creations Music helped plan the reception for their clients. Wedding videography and photobooths were included as part of the package.

Wedding packages start at $45,000, including a reception, ceremony and reception. The average number of guests is between 140 and 160. The amount depends on the amount of rental furniture and the space required for a dance floor. Rental prices include a bridal suite, parking and exemplary services. The venue also offers kosher options for those who are observant. Its prices are reasonable considering the space's high-end features.

Battery Gardens

When planning a wedding in New York, it's essential to figure out how much your ceremony and reception will cost. Battery Gardens has several options available for a reception, including a banquet hall or waterfront wedding venue. With a waterfront backdrop and glass walls, the venue provides both indoor and outdoor space. Aside from the gorgeous waterfront view, the garden venue also offers an elegant beer garden.

In general, a wedding at Battery Gardens at the Liberty warehouse will cost approximately $1,500. This price does not include the ceremony, entertainment, decorations, or DJ. There is also no additional charge for valet parking. This venue will accommodate a wedding up to 175 guests on a Saturday. For a full-scale reception, this venue is not cheap. However, it is well worth the cost of a beautiful wedding in a historic location.

The venue is located in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn, so it may be slightly out of the way for some guests. But if you plan to have a large group of people in attendance, you can rent the nearby Brooklyn Bridge Marriott or stay in the city. However, you should know that transportation costs can get expensive, so consider this when planning your ceremony. The rental period is five hours or more, depending on whether you're having a ceremony.


One of the more expensive wedding venues in New York is Guastavino's. It has a history that dates back to the opening of the Queensboro Bridge. Named for its architect Rafael Gustavino, this venue offers 15,000 square feet of event space that can be transformed into a dance floor. Modern decor elements and a private garden are a few of the other highlights of this New York City venue.

The space is 15,000 square feet, and has an elegant vaulted tile ceiling. Guests can enjoy a beautiful garden and custom-crafted menus created by the executive chef. It can accommodate a wedding of any size, from intimate celebrations to large events, ranging from corporate gatherings to galas. This space is named after Rafael Guastavino, an architect who was involved in the building's design and construction.

There is ample space at Guastavino's for a wedding, and it can accommodate up to 150 guests. The contemporary decor is both flexible and elegant. The facility offers a bridal suite and a spacious outdoor balcony. The prices for these two venues start at $275 per person. The venue's upscale decor will make you stand out among other couples. The venue is located just below the Queensboro Bridge, so it's easy to find your perfect match.

Roundhouse at Beacon Falls

How much does it cost to hold a wedding at Roundhouse at Beacons Falls? The venue is gorgeous, so there's no reason to pay any more than necessary. The site fee, which covers the rental of tables, chairs, and lighting, is $15,000 for up to 300 guests. The management is hands-off, so you can choose your own vendors, and the wedding is allowed from April to November. The venue is heated and air-conditioned in some rooms, and industrial fans are used in the other rooms.

Prices at the Roundhouse at Beacon Falls can be relatively inexpensive, with packages ranging from $200 per person to $225 per person. For food and beverage costs, the price range is from $27,000 to $35,000 for an event. The venue has both indoor and outdoor spaces, and is ideal for weddings of up to 200 guests. The venue is also accessible by metro North, and offers plenty of entertainment in the area.

The venue itself is an elegant choice, with 14,000 square feet of space and a stage for dancing. It has two separate rooms, the Grand Ballroom and the Terrace Room. Each of them can host up to 200 guests, but the Terrace Room is smaller and can only accommodate about 150 people. The grand ballroom can host up to 450 guests. For weddings on weekends, you should budget for a two-day event, which will cost you $12,500.

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