How Much Does a Wedding at Woodhill Hall

How Much Does a Wedding at Woodhill Hall Cost?

Woodhill Hall stands as a picturesque location for weddings in the North East. Recently, Corrinne Knight, who owns Woodhill Hall, was honored with the title for the Most Romantic Wedding Venue in the region. At the award event, attending newly-married couples enjoyed a selection of tasty cuisine and beverages. Additionally, the Hall's famous bar ensured a memorable evening for all the guests. For certain festivities, obtaining a music license was essential, making the inclusion of a live musician a necessary addition to any wedding celebration.

Woodhill Hall

One of the most common questions that we get asked is "How much does a wedding at Woodhill Hall cost?" This answer is really easy to understand once you realize that Woodhill Hall offers an endless amount of flexibility in how the ceremony and reception are planned. The venue is one of the most unique wedding venues in the region, and the staff works to create an unforgettable experience for your guests. Here are some things to keep in mind about Woodhill Hall wedding packages.

A wedding at Woodhill Hall guarantees exclusivity. With a private 100-acre estate, this venue is perfect for a private two-night and three-day wedding. The venue features several beautiful ceremony locations, as well as a tepee, which is ideal for larger groups. Additionally, the venue has plenty of space to dance the night away. There are no restrictions on the number of guests either, with no limit on the number of guests.

A wedding at Woodhill Hall includes 16 rooms, each accommodating 36 guests. The venue also offers free prop shop access for the wedding party. Weddings at Woodhill Hall will include exclusive use of the entire venue for two nights. The venue is also dog-friendly, with administration provided for dogs during the ceremony and reception. Lastly, the venue allows dog walking services during the wedding breakfast. In addition, Woodhill Hall provides private use of the 16 rooms, a prop shop, and two evenings of relaxation and extravagance.

Their menu

Woodhill Hall is a lovely venue to have your wedding. This elegant venue is well lit and creates an enchanting atmosphere for your reception. You and your guests will have a good time in this unique wedding venue, where the staff will do everything possible to help you create your fantasy wedding. You will find a large variety of food choices on their wedding menu, including local dishes, which will be accompanied by a wine list.

The Woodhill Hall Estate guarantees a private, two-night wedding for couples. The venue offers a lush, private setting and 100 acres of land for your wedding celebration. Various ceremony locations offer privacy and the venue offers a tepee, which can accommodate bigger wedding parties, with a fire pit and secret bar. The grounds and reception facilities are spacious and feature plenty of room for dancing and other activities.

Woodhill Hall is located in 100 acres of woodland near the village of Otterburn. The venue is a Georgian manor house with three exceptional wedding venues and a free prop shop. It is a beautiful, relaxed venue with many features, including a spacious entrance hall, a dining room, a stunning Orangery, and a barbecue hut. You can even have a dog walking administration during the wedding breakfast.

Their bar

A Woodhill Hall wedding is a truly exclusive and stylish experience. The venue is beautifully lit, and the staff works hard to create the kind of atmosphere that will make any party go wild! If you're planning your wedding with a large group, Woodhill Hall is an excellent choice, as you'll have the opportunity to have a personalized wedding experience with your closest friends. If you're wondering how much a Woodhill Hall wedding costs, here are some things to keep in mind.

The cost of a wedding at Woodhill Hall varies depending on the number of guests. If your guest list is smaller, you may need to consider renting one of the private rooms instead. The venue can accommodate up to 120 people. Woodhill Hall offers 16 bedrooms, as well as free use of the prop shop. There are three exceptional venues, and the venue also offers dog walking administration for the wedding party! In addition, Woodhill Hall allows your guests to enjoy two relaxing evenings before the big event.

Woodhill Hall offers 100 acres of private land, which makes it the perfect location for a private wedding. Woodhill Hall offers multiple ceremony locations, including a teepee if you have a larger group. There is also plenty of room for dancing! And if you're celebrating a large reception, you can host it in the hall's private bar or tepee.

Their music permit

If you've been dreaming of your big day and have yet to decide on a venue, Woodhill Hall is a gorgeous choice for your big day. Its gorgeous decor and spacious space provide the perfect environment for celebrating your wedding in style. The professional staff at Woodhill Hall works to create the kind of wedding you've always dreamed of, with personalized attention from the venue's event planner.

The wooded grounds of the Orangery and the tropical patio of the Hall provide a stunning backdrop for your wedding photos. The venue can seat up to 120 guests, and the food service and menu is extensive. There are no shortage of options - the Woodhill Hall caterer can even provide dogs for the wedding day! A full bar is available in the Orangery. Ample parking is available, and Woodhill Hall offers free use of its prop shop and a complete food service.

Their reputation for hosting incredible weddings

With a 100-acre estate that guarantees exclusivity, Woodhill Hall is a great choice for a private, exclusive wedding. The hall offers multiple options for ceremonies, including an authentic tepee that includes a secret bar and a fire pit. The reception hall has plenty of room for dancing, too. For those who want a less formal affair, the ballroom features a fireplace and ample dancing space.

Zoe and Adam's wedding featured a sophisticated colour scheme and stunning gowns. The groomsmen wore black suits with pampas buttonholes. Guests enjoyed personalised cocktails and balloon artistry in the Elephant Courtyard. The food and service at Woodhill Hall were world-class, including the beef. Photographer Sean Elliot took 11,000 images. While Zoe and Adam's wedding was featured in a bridal issue of Belle Bridal, it was the location for the bride and groom's reception.

The venue can accommodate two-hundred and twenty-five guests, with an indoor or outdoor option. The venue's rotunda features a river rock fireplace, wooden seating, and a hidden bar behind a bookcase. The venue also has a private beach and offers horse-drawn carriages for the wedding party. The venue also offers overnight accommodations and event planning, and is pet-friendly.

Woodhill Hall continues to earn its reputation for hosting incredible weddings by providing top-notch services for its guests. A dedicated party planner and on-site kitchen help create a memorable event. AV equipment is also available for the convenience of your guests. The staff at the venue is ready to assist you with any aspect of your wedding planning. Its beautiful gardens, lush interiors, and outstanding service make for an exceptional wedding experience.

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