How Much To Tip Limo Driver Wedding?

When preparing your financial plans for weddings, receptions, and related expenses, don't forget to account for a gratuity for your limousine driver. This aspect is vital as the chauffeur provides key services for you, including greeting your guests on your wedding day and handling the parking of their cars. Therefore, what should be the correct amount to tip a limousine driver for a wedding?

Not all vendors at weddings have the equity to receive tips. Only those who can achieve customer satisfaction through good service should be eligible for tips. Sometimes many people are confused about how many tips should be given to the limo driver. No worries. We will cover for you. Keep reading this article to know how many tips a Limo driver deserves.

What Is The Responsibility Of Limo Driver In Wedding?

A limo driver is responsible for picking up clients and delivering them to destinations such as weddings, receptions, meetings, hotels, airports, and transportation centers. Limo drivers usually work to serve private persons, businessmen, or government officials.

Besides, a limo driver helps to load or unload the client's bags and luggage. He also operates disabled or adult wheelchair lifts. At the wedding, they work to park the guest’s cars and take care of them. Moreover, he helps the guests in changing money.

How Much To Tip Limo Driver Wedding?

It is very essential to plan everything that goes well on the wedding day. When you are planning the wedding, transportation on the wedding day plays a critical role. At this time the question arises in your mind to hire a limo driver would be the best choice? Or how many tips are suitable for limo drivers? Well, we are answering your questions.

Check Before Giving Tips

When thinking of giving tip to the limo driver, first make sure that the tips are paid from the wedding event. Moreover, what kind of tips you will give to the limo driver depends on how much service you have received. But usually set aside 15% of your service charge for tips. This means that if your service charge is $100, then give $15 tips.

Hourly Or Fixed Rate

The second thing to consider when tipping a limo driver is whether their service is an hourly or fixed rate. Hourly driver’s tips are set as Hourly. Fixed-rate base driver's tips depend on how long the trip will last. Tips for fixed-rate base drivers should be calculated before paying the full amount.

Out Of The Clock

Some special guests at the wedding may not be there all the time. So they brought the limo driver with them and left again after some time. Therefore the limo driver has to wait outside the specified time. You must give him tips for this extra time off the clock. In this case, you can give the number of tips up to $50- $100.

Provide Tip According To Trip Period

Tips for 50 km and 20 km distances will definitely not be the same. So think about giving tips according to distance. For short distances such as the distance from the airport to the event, limo driver tips $5 to $10 is appropriate. But the tip of the driver who drives for hours to get you to the wedding should be at least $20.

Consider Etiquette And Car Size

There are some drivers who are sincere and compassionate enough to serve their clients. If their behavior fascinates you then you will surely be interested in giving a little more out of regular tips. The number of your tips will also depend on the size of the limousine car.

We all know how hard and hard it is to drive a limousine. Not all car sizes are the same. If the size of the car is large, enough effort needs to be given while driving. To determine the tips depending on the size of the limo car you come to pick up. The number of tips in this regard will depend on your wishes.

Things To Know Before Tipping A Limo Drivers

There are some things you need to consider or know before giving tips to limo drivers at the wedding ceremony. They are mentioned below:

Give Tips After The Service

The main condition for giving a tip is that it is not applicable until the service is over. You will give tips when you have fully experienced the service. It is often seen that after joining the wedding you gave tips to the limo driver but when the ceremony is over you can't find him anymore. Then you will be forced to choose another driver. As a result, you will need to provide tips a second time.

Give A Hand Note

The hand note is polite, classy, and a nice gesture. If you don't immediately get a sentence or dialogue in your head, you can simply write "thank you" on an envelope or tissue. Because a small hand note given by you will inspire him to provide better service later.

Tips Individually, Not The Owner

You should only give tips individually to the driver. It is never appropriate to give his tips to the event manager or the owner. Because you got the service from the driver, not from the owner. Even if for some reason you can't find him, don't give his tips to the owner. If necessary, leave your contact number with the event authority so that he or she can contact you later.

No Need To Give Tips

This may sound ridiculous and surprising to you. Suppose your driver doesn't pick you up at the airport on time. As a result, it was too late for you to participate in the event and some important occasions were missed. Then you will think of giving a tip to that driver? There is no need to tip if you face this kind of bad service.


Giving tips to the limo driver at the wedding reveals your gratitude. It doesn't matter if you get your desired service or not. The main thing you should consider here is whether the limo driver has given you his best or not. Based on the service, you should decide the tip amount.

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