How Long Does a DJ Play at a Wedding

It's unimaginable to envision a wedding ceremony without the accompaniment of music. The moment when every guest starts dancing to the rhythm of the tunes truly marks the beginning of an authentic wedding celebration. In contemporary weddings, hiring a professional DJ has become the norm. So, the question arises, how long does a DJ typically perform at a wedding?

 A DJ is a dependable person who can play all your favorite tracks from the 1950s to the present. Because not all song collections are available to everyone. Also, it is a huge challenge to make the right music combination to double the wedding ceremony. If you want to know the duration of conducting a DJ's song, keep following this article

How Long Does A DJ Play At A Wedding

How long does a DJ manage to sing at a wedding? Well, it will depend on the type of party you want to have. However, the typical DJ set booking period for a wedding is about 4-5 hours. This period will be set according to the moment of your marriage. For example, from 6 pm to 10 pm or 11 pm.

Some wedding planners want to play music in the background during dinner, or at two times during the day and night, and for a 2-hour blast on the dance floor. Moreover, many people want to set up a high voltage DJ at their wedding event. Of course, the open space for this would be best if the field is open under the open sky. Whatever you want to do, you must be a DJ to complete this plan.

There is another specific activity in marriage when it is inappropriate to cover without DJ music. That is the cocktail hour. Cocktails last at least an hour. DJ setup is a common demand of wedding guests at this time. If your wedding is not very formal then it is normal to have a cocktail hour with Mind-blowing DJ.

Things A DJ Do In The Wedding

A DJ who specializes in providing excellent entertainment at weddings. A professional DJ is the only way to entertain guests of all ages and to dance at your wedding party. Usually, they serve as comparisons for evening ceremonies or receptions. Can you imagine what moments you would celebrate without a DJ? DJ recommended at every moment including bridal entry, couple dance, cake cutting, cocktail hour, and dinner show.

On the wedding day, a skilled DJ can grasp the diverse choice of guests. He has the exact idea of ​​which music will be perfect at any given moment. The funny thing is that a DJ has to keep everyone's song requests. Because they ask him to play their favorite song. Don’t miss out on this list from the youngest nephew in the family to the eldest grandfather.

The reason DJs are so popular now is that they have a huge collection of songs on their DJ systems and can be customized digitally. As a result, the DJ can manage playlists of all the updated songs from the old era to the current era. For that, all the guests can keep different types of requests.

How Much A DJ Charge?

How much a DJ is paid depends on the duration and style of the event. Apart from this, the reputation of that DJ will also vary in cost. If you cover your wedding with famous or popular DJs like DJ Snake, Martin Garrix, David Guetta then you must pay a very high price.

Typically DJs can be hired in two ways. Either hourly or event-wide contracts. You can fix this by settling with DJ. There is some venue management with which local DJs have connections. They provide the entire wedding venue as well as DJ packages. You can also go to that option if you want.

A DJ can charge from $50 to $200 per hour. But if you want it as an event, you have to pay $700 to $1,200 for the DJ. In the case of local DJs, the amount may be even lower. Another thing is that the service charge of any kind of DJ setup or tips will be out of this cost. Apart from this, the cost may vary from state to state.

Equipment A DJ Should Bring to Play

An ideal DJ must have some necessary equipment. Sometimes the DJ doesn't bring his necessary equipment with him and the whole show gets ruined. Therefore, the wedding organizer has to pay extra due to the mistake of the DJ which is not a feature of the perfect DJ at all.

If you are a DJ, it will definitely hit your reputation. So the DJ should always be aware of his equipment and check it well before coming to the event. Here I am sharing with you the equipment that a DJ needs to have.

  • Monitor speakers
  • Mixer
  • Turntables
  • Headphones
  • Vinyl records
  • A laptop
  • DJ Software

Things To Consider While Booking DJ

Some important things you should consider when you hire or booking a DJ for your wedding. They are as follows:

Make A Written Contracts

Make a written legal agreement when you book a DJ. This is because, in the purification of your program so that he cannot be able to make any extra demands or facilities. Sometimes there is a disagreement between the host and the DJ due to not having this agreement.

Mention everything about his responsibilities, duration, and remuneration in the contract. If you want to organize your wedding in an orderly manner, you must have a written agreement with the DJ as a precaution.

Who Will Be The DJ

Find out who will be the DJ at your wedding with his name and full details. Otherwise, there may be a chance for another local DJ to cover your wedding instead of the actual DJ. This is from previous experience of a marriage incident. So be aware of this.

DJs Outfit At Your Event

If you have a dress code for your wedding, provide it to DJ. If DJs have their own outfits. Because if everyone maintains a dress code with a wedding theme, there is no exception in the case of DJs.


A DJ is one of the attractions of perfecting a wedding ceremony. So in this case it is never advisable to compromise. We hope this article will help you to understand what DJ do and play at the wedding.

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