Islamic Wedding Song List

When selecting a song for a Muslim wedding, it's crucial to take into account both the wedding's theme and the musical genre desired. Some celebrations may highlight modern Islamic tunes, whereas others might opt for the classic touch of Middle Eastern instruments or singing styles. It's important that the chosen music is a reflection of the cultural norms and traditions of the wedding, in addition to aligning with the couple's personal faith. For a suitable Islamic wedding playlist, incorporating a variety of traditional songs is advisable.

Pehli Nazar Me Kaisa Jadoo Kar Diya

This peppy song is perfect for the couple's dance and can also be played at the reception and engagement party. It was composed by A.R. Rehman and is an old classic. It can also be sung during the wedding if the couple is from the 90s.

For an Arabic wedding song, you can use the popular "Sawya", "Mawjiseen", or "Dil Hi Bujha Hua Ho To. You can even incorporate songs from movies into your Islamic wedding song list. For a romantic touch, you can use the song "Enna Sona". The romantic song is perfect for the first dance or cocktail party.

Hum Saath hai

This Bollywood wedding song is sure to be a hit with guests. The song features popular Bollywood actors and is a perfect choice for the bride-to-be. The song is performed by Udit Narayan and Kavita Krishnamurthy. It's a party-loving number that is perfect for the reception.

The song has been a top hit for over 20 years. The music is uplifting, and the dazzling dance moves add to its impact. It is an excellent choice for a Hindu wedding, and will definitely be a crowd-pleaser. In addition to being a top pick for a wedding, the song has become popular internationally.

Hum Saath hai is one of the most popular Hindi songs. The song is from a popular Indian television serial and captures the bride's emotions well. The sad tunes were once played at the bride's wedding, but modern brides use songs that make them happy instead.

The to-be-bride's girls should make her feel special on pre-wedding functions. During the sangeet, they should dedicate a performance to her. For this, the girl gang can sing Sweetheart from Kedarnath. For the boy gang, Sanu Kehendi from Kesari would be an excellent choice. It's a peppy number that would surely get the party started.

Another song from Bollywood that would be perfect for the baraat is Albela Sanjan Aayo Re. This song's lyrics and beats make it an excellent choice for the baraat. It's also a humming-worthy song that can create a grand entrance.

Sasural Genda Phool

After sharing a glimpse of their big fat Indian wedding on Instagram, Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal have finally tied the knot. They were married in an enchanting ceremony at the luxurious Six Senses Resort in Rajasthan. Meanwhile, Siddhant Chaturvedi has been sending his well wishes to the newlyweds through social media.

The DDLJ song is one of the most loved wedding songs today. It has become a favorite amongst the younger generation and is sure to pull the ladies like a magnet. It is one of the SOTY's HIT songs. Besides, it's perfect for the bride's wave and the groom's message to all of his family. It is also ideal for the group dance.

Another Bollywood song to include in your Sasural Genda PhooL islamic wedding song list is the mehndi song. This is a song that is popular among the bride's family and can be played during the Mehandi ceremony.

This song is ideal for a romantic wedding, where the bride and groom's relationship is celebrated through dance. This number features sizzling chemistry between Ranbir and Deepika. It's also a wonderful selection for younger cousins. Alternatively, it could be played at the elder brother's wedding or baccha party.

Bollywood songs are also an excellent choice for a Sangeet function. Many couples opt for Bollywood and Arzoo songs, while others prefer to choose older, more traditional tunes. Some families even hire a proficient DJ to play these songs on a music system.


Muslim weddings follow a set of rituals during the wedding ceremony, including the Rukhsat ceremony. During this time, the groom and bride sit side by side with a veil covering their heads, observing each other through a mirror. The groom's mother gives the bride the Holy Quran to bless her new life as a wife.

The Muslim wedding ceremony has rituals and traditions that are unique to the culture and region of the bride and groom. It begins with an engagement ceremony where the bride and groom exchange their rings and the groom's family presents the bride with gifts. The Muslim wedding ceremony is a joyous occasion that celebrates the union of the two families.

The Muslim bride wears a yellow wedding dress and is anointed with turmeric paste, which is believed to give the bride a beautiful glow. She is accompanied by a married friend until the wedding. A variety of religious and secular songs and entertainment are played during the wedding ceremony.

The wedding reception takes place two to three days after the rukhsati, when the couple says their vows to each other. The wedding reception is also a time for the newlyweds to celebrate with their friends and family. During the reception, the couple is treated like royalty and are shower with blessings and gifts. The couple then enters into a new life together with their new family and friends.

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