How to Uninvite Someone to a Wedding

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There can be multiple reasons you will need to reorganize a wedding invitation. Mostly it is because of a logistics problem – you may have invited some extra amount of guests than you can cater for. But what is the correct way to uninvite someone to a wedding?

Uninviting someone from your wedding who is already invited is a very rude thing to do. It can cause a lot of problems and hurt people’s feelings. But in some cases, you do not have any second option. So read on to discover how to uninvite someone to a wedding. 

Is It Fine to Uninvite Someone to a Wedding?

Uninviting someone to your wedding is very awkward. Maybe it is one of the most unpleasant things to do. You should avoid it as much as possible. Always try to find some other way around it first. If you have a money or space problem and you have invited too many guests out of excitement. Then you have figured out how you can pull yourself up from this kind of awkward situation. To know how you can do that,  keep on reading it.  

Consider the Following Options (Before Uninviting Someone):

  • You can make the wedding function only for the adults. In this way, you will be able to have the same guests but they will not be able to bring their children. It will save space and also your budget for the food. 
  • You can also try to do another thing which is simply serve a more casual buffet which will have a more affordable per-head cost.
  • You can invite some people to the reception only which will allow you to save some meals. They can still be a part of it and enjoy the drinks and dancing. 

In the end, it is your wedding. If you do not have any choice then you will need to make the right decision.

How to Uninvite Someone to a Wedding?

If you want to uninvite someone to a wedding for any kind of reason, there is a right way to do it. Read down the article till the last drop below to know about it. 

Be Certain of Your Decision

Uninviting someone to a wedding is something you should do when you do not find any other way. You must be sure and consider any other alternative way first.

If you have a budget problem then try to make cuts from other places first. Such as you can look for a cheaper dress or go for more affordable wedding suppliers. It will help you to accommodate some extra people.

If this does not work for you then you can invite some guests only for the reception. It will lighten a few of your costs. 

If you are uninviting someone because of having some personal issues between you and them then do not directly go for uninviting them. We will suggest that you figure out the problem first. Then, you sit down and talk with them. Try to discuss your feelings and communicate personally. It is better to grin and bear their presence at your wedding. Or else it can cause problems and also can make a scene.

Meet Face-to-Face

If you have decided to uninvite someone to a wedding. Then do not wait until the last minute. Tell them straight away. Do not try to make them wait. The guests may have prepared themselves for the wedding, already bought an expensive present, or booked the day for you as well.

Give Them Most of Your Notice

Uninviting someone through texts or mail is not a very appropriate way. It is indeed a very sensitive part. It requires a lot of tact – if you cannot do it properly, you may hurt people’s feelings. 

Try your best to meet face to face with the person. You can ask them out for coffee which will allow you to express your situation properly. If you cannot meet face to face because you live too far away, then at least calling them on the phone or video call can be a better option. 

Be Straightforward 

When you are unable to meet up with the person you are going to uninvite, do not talk around it. Directly go on to the point. Just be clear and straightforward. You can simply explain why you are not going to be present at the wedding. 

If there is some kind of ongoing drama and known reason behind it. Then try to explain to them your situation for the decision. If you are not comfortable telling them the real reason then you can always blame it on the budget.

It is very important to remember what kind of person you are dealing with. Just do not get into an argument and try to justify yourself. If it is your wedding and you want everything in your way, then all they need to know is that they are not invited to the wedding anymore. 

Offer an Olive Branch  

After uninviting someone to a wedding, you may want to keep a good relationship between you and them. Then you can simply ask them to come to your home and have dinner together. You will not find any better way to do it. 

It will make the person feel that you still care about them. And you can also make them feel that you are sorry for your actions. Also, you can offer them to have lunch with you anywhere.     

Deal With the Fallout

No matter how many ways you try to uninvite someone to a wedding. The relationship you had with them will not be the same afterward. Because you have uninvited that person at your wedding. Which is one of the most enjoyable moments for you and also for others.

So, it means that the person whom you had uninvited can be upset or even angry. It will depend on their personality. 

It will take some time to forget about it. If you uninvited them because they are a toxic person then you may not even care. You can relax and keep them out of your mind. 


Uninviting someone to a wedding is not something which we want to do willingly. Weddings are something which we celebrate with everyone. But if you get into any kind of bad situation then we hope that we could tell you everything about how you can uninvite someone to a wedding. And also we have talked about the before and after work which will help you to keep the relationship between two sides well

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