How to Uninvite Someone from a Wedding

Advice on Cancelling a Wedding Invite: Taking someone off your wedding guest list may be an emotionally tough task. Below, we will offer you tips on how to retract a wedding invitation to make the process easier.

A wedding without parties or guests is quite unimaginable. Every couple out there can want to invite unlimited guests to their wedding but that becomes impossible because of a variety of issues. The average number of guests in US weddings varies from 150 to 200. That means it’s a lot of people.

Imagine your wedding day is approaching and you have invited all your relatives, friends, colleagues, and a lot of other people for the day. But suddenly, you have realized you cannot accommodate all of them. The only option left for you is to uninvite the person from the wedding. How you can do this?

In this article, we will discuss some of the best ways that you can utilize to uninvite someone from your wedding. Whatever the reason is, you should be able to uninvite the person after reading the article.

How to Uninvite Someone from a Wedding

Preparing the wedding guest list is one of the trickiest jobs out there. It is so much confusion with whom to include and whom to exclude. But what can be more difficult is inviting someone and realizing you have made a mistake by inviting them. It is going to be a pretty hard thing to do to uninvite them after sending the save the date or invitation card. In fact, it can be something that can end your relationship with that person.

If you want to uninvite somebody, the first thing we will recommend you is to rethink your decision. That is because this is going to be a bold move and this might occur a lot of issues in the future. So, make sure whether there is a little chance to accommodate them or not. If you have zero chance, you should only move forward then. Now you need to find out the apparent reason behind this move.

Usually, a restriction on the venue might make you uninvite someone. Especially, in the current Covid 19 situation, sometimes the local authority might force you to shrink the guest list. In such cases, you will require making the guest understand the motive behind your move. And, most of the guests should understand it and take it as normal as you have nothing to do here.

Sometimes, you might also require postponing the entire event due to the issues like a disaster. The guest should also understand and take it as normal. The key here is communication. You must be able to break down the reason behind this move.

Things to Do While Uninviting Someone from the Wedding

Here are something you can do and you should do while uninviting someone from the wedding.

Talk to Your Partner

If you are going to uninvite a lot of guests due to the disaster or limitation of venue, the first thing we recommend is to talk with your partner. This is in fact a decision that should be taken on the consent of both. Both of you can go through the guest list and decide whom you can uninvite. Typically, you mustn’t uninvite immediate family members and some important relatives. This applies to both the grooms and brides.

Now discuss the persons that can be easily uninvited. These can include someone who is not that important to the event. Such as, it can be a service provider like someone who altered the dress for you. Or, someone who was a neighbor in your old house. Of course, it might damage your location with these individuals but that doesn’t hurt much compared to the relatives or your best friends.

Plan the Way of Approaching

You simply cannot say to someone that “I don’t want you at my wedding. Please don’t come.” First, uninviting someone from the wedding is already a terrible idea and a rude act. And, telling someone like this will make things worse. So, what you will need to do is to decide how you are going to approach the person. Remember we said to tell them the exact reason precisely? You will need to do this.

Some of the valid reasons like venue shortage, local restriction, etc. are something that you can easily tell them. They should also understand and take things as normal. But if you are just eliminating the invitation for a few people to reduce the budget, then it is not going to be easy. You will require to find out the proper approaching method for such situations.

Make the Wedding Adult Only

If you want this due to the budget issue, a trick you can play is to announce that the wedding is going to be adult-only. Nowadays, a lot of couples prefer adult-only wedding events to keep things more formal. As almost every family has kids and they will bring them to the wedding, you can cut some bucks from the budget by going for an adult-only event. You can also be honest and write something like this in the invitation: “Due to shortage of budget/ limited space, the event is going to be adult-only.”

Re-Schedule the Wedding

If you need to shrink the guest list to a very tiny number, you can consider rescheduling the wedding event. Well, we are not talking about delaying your marriage. You can still get married with the immediate families without any guests. Then throw up a big wedding party when it is the right time. Currently, some places might not allow big gatherings. You can show it as a reason and organize the wedding party letter.

For the small wedding ceremony, you can keep it as small as possible. Such as it can include the immediate family members only like the parents, grandparents, siblings, and a few best friends if there is scope for them.


Uninviting someone from the wedding is the last thing you should consider when you have no other options. What you can do is to be more sensible while making the guest list to avoid such issues.

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