What To Wear To a Korean Wedding?

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Invited to a Korean wedding and concerned about what kind of outfit would be perfect for you. No worries! In this article, we will discuss some basic Korean wedding attire and let you know what to wear to a Korean Wedding.

Korean weddings are celebrated colorfully and traditionally. Moreover, the main feature of Korean marriages is that they are usually short and sweet. In most European countries, couples are aware of who will be invited to the wedding. But in Korean weddings, the opposite is seen even the bride and groom are introduced to the new face on their wedding day.

In recent times the shadow of Western world traditions has entered Korean marriage also. A traditional Korean Wedding still has several ancient elements such as symbolic Ceremonies, cash gifts, salutations, and vows. Keep reading the article to know what dress should be worn at a Korean marriage.

What To Wear To a Korean Wedding?

Weddings are one of the things that can be different all over the world. It is not only the bride and groom who can wear traditional dresses. In many parts of the world, guests also wear wedding attire that reflects their own customs and religious beliefs. Those customs vary from region to region. Let’s take a look at what you should wear as a wedding guest at a Korean Wedding.

What To Wear

A collar shirt and pants are the perfect combinations for male guests. Try to wear khaki pants. Although wearing a tie is completely optional. Then whether the jumpsuit or jacket should depend on the weather. Because the jacket is usually suitable for a little cold season. On the other hand, women prefer to wear a clean dress with a skirt, cardigan, and tidy heels. If you have a budget issue, you can also consider customized clothes as well.

You should look for breathable fabrics like chiffon, cotton, linen, and rayon for summer weddings. For summer outfits, you can have a light sundress or midi dress with strappy heels or sandals, a button-down shirt, or short sleeves. A smooth jumpsuit, maxi dress, or knee-length cocktail dress will suffice for the fall season. You can choose pastel-colored clothes for the spring season and accent your suit with a bright pocket square or floral-print tie.

What Not To Wear

Avoid wearing brightly colored outfits. Moreover, t-shirts, jerseys, short skirts shouldn’t be worn. Another important thing to keep in mind. Always avoid the white color outfit. Because white predominates in Korean marriages. In Korean weddings, red and blue are preferred as the bearers of their national flag.

You should not wear clothing that shows the skin on your arms, back, or thighs. This is a bit out of etiquette. In the case of women, black outfits are not favored. Because it is imagined as a symbol of unhappiness. Although black color does not affect men.

Things To Know When Joining A Korean Wedding

There are a few more things you should know alongside the dress so that you can attend this important event with confidence. Let’s see what kind of traditions and rituals are followed in the Korean ceremony.

Wear Hanbok

At Korean weddings, the bride wears a traditional formal dress known as a ‘Hanbok’. It is made of silk which the groom can wear if he wants. Though the groom can wear the suit instead of Hanbok. There is also a bit less formal traditional dress called Chima and jeogori that the bride wears with a full skirt. These garments are usually long-sleeved, shorter, and taller.

Moreover, many grooms prefer to attend his wedding by bike ride after wearing royal attire. This dress is made of a long, wide and jacket over pants, a belt, a headpiece called Samo, a black hat with wings on the side. Grooms who are a little less formal may be wearing pants called a ‘Baji’ and a jeogori.

Precise Color

The color of the Korean wedding dress is also fixed in terms of tradition. There is no chance to change it. The colors worn by the bride are considered a symbol of “taeguk” or “eum-yang”. The bride’s hanbok is red and the groom's is blue. When they wear a hanbok together it represents a balance of two colors, like a circle in the center of the Korean flag.

Traditionally, Korean weddings are celebrated in the evenings. Although the mother of the couples can wear any color dress.

Giving Cash Through Envelops

Gifts are not common at Korean Weddings. Rather it is customary to give congratulatory cash through an envelope. The amount of cash depends on the relationship with the newly married couple. Typically, the amount of cash can be up to 50,000 to 200,000 won. If one cannot attend the wedding ceremony, then transferring money to the bank is also quite popular.

Wedding Opening Parade

Now traditional Korean music is played where the groom comes to the rides house to parade on horseback. Then the mother of the bride and groom will walk holding a red and blue candle in their hands respectively. The wedding begins when they light a single candle at the end of the procession.

Hapgeunrye Time

This is the time when the couple will drink halves with the same copper cup. It establishes the image of trust between the bride and groom.

Paebaek Ceremony

Paebaek is the most key moment in Korean Weddings. This is the moment when the couple enjoys taking pictures in front of the wedding set with their close relatives like parents. This time the picture is taken standing behind the food filling table so that it looks smiling.

A question about Korean Marriage comes to mind. Are dancing and drinking available at a Korean wedding? Well, Korean weddings do not have a specific space for dancing but some parades are held at traditional wedding events. Although dance is not available or common in Korean weddings, there are some drinking habits. However, the number of marriages is much less.


The outfit is a huge factor in the Korean weddings. What to wear to a Korean wedding depends on the region and the season. With the help of this article, you can pick the best outfit for a wedding occasion. If you have any doubts, seek advice from someone you know who already has experience attending Korean Weddings.

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