LDS Marriage Manual – Men Should Not Be Lunching With Women

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Past leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints warned that men shouldn't be lunching with women. Their current marriage manual still includes this quote. This warning is especially relevant now, given that President Gordon B. Hinckley has declared the military action in Afghanistan. This same LDS leader has been on the frontlines when it comes to political and religious matters, including the Afghan War. However, Hinckley's latest statement makes it even more clear that men should not have lunch dates with women.

Church Educational System manual

The Church Educational System (CES) has recently released a new marriage manual that focuses on issues college-age young adults will face during their marriage. The new manual includes quotes from current General Authorities, updated material, and an alphabetical index of topics. The book contains selected teachings and entire talks, which are designed to help college students understand the importance of marriage. It will replace the outdated preparation for marriage manual written about 20 years ago.

The Church Handbook of Instructions also contains references to many other Church-produced materials. These include manuals, forms, and certificates. The handbook lists these items alphabetically. Individual sections are also published for presiding authorities and stake presidents. These manuals can be purchased from Church distribution centers. This handbook may be used to teach marriage classes in the LDS Church. The book is a valuable reference for married couples and potential partners.

Kimball quote

A key part of the Kimball quote was repeated by Mormon apostle Richard G. Scott in 2001 in the LDS Church News, and again in the October 2002 Ensign. In the official Mormon seminary website, Richard G. Scott quoted Kimball, citing the same quote. The website is geared towards high school students. So what does this mean? Well, it seems Kimball is trying to make a point.

While the non-member spouse is usually righteous and faithful to the Church, it is important to realize that this is not a guarantee for eternal happiness. The frictions in the relationship can cause a divorce. In addition, many children have grown up outside the church because their parents were selfish. The bottom line is that marriage is the only way to find true happiness. Otherwise, no one will be exalted.

While the church is more accepting of cross-cultural and cross-racial marriage today than it was fifty years ago, Kimball still discourages the practice. Even though his pre-OD2 talk is still present in the manual, the church seems to have shifted its stance to a more general one. In addition to his bias against interracial marriage, Kimball discouraged interracial marriage and discouraged it from the church. Currently, he is married to an Asian-American, Susan Lindsay, who is white. Larry Echo Hawk is Pawnee Indian. Peter M. Johnson, who was the first African-American general authority in the LDS church, is an African-American.

Despite Kimball's soft discouragement of interracial marriage, some Church leaders have opposed it for years. For example, Brigham Young has said that a black-white marriage is unworthy of the priesthood. He emphasized that interracial marriage is a sin. Further, it is important to remember that the Mormon Church teaches that black-white marriages deserve death. This doctrine is contrary to the teachings of the prophet Joseph Fielding Smith.

Teachings from past and present prophets

In the LDS marriage manual, you will find that the Lord taught his people to have eternal marriages. The covenant is necessary to attain exaltation in the temple, which entails a priesthood. Without a priesthood, a man cannot attain the highest degree in the church. Likewise, the priesthood cannot be obtained without a new and eternal covenant. This article will explore why eternal marriages are essential for exaltation in the priesthood.

In addition, the LDS marriage manual teaches that the husband and wife should respect the priesthood of each other and use it to serve others. This means they must accept their responsibilities as the provider of the household. Those responsibilities require a great deal of work and effort on their part. If these principles are adhered to, the couple will be able to enjoy a happy and fulfilling marriage.

Organizing topically in alphabetical order

Organizing topically in alphabetical order is a useful way of arranging a manual. Most of the manual is devoted to teachings given by the Church's leaders and prophets on the topic of marriage. Topics are listed alphabetically and cross-referenced. The manual includes both selected teachings and complete talks. Organizing topically in alphabetical order is helpful for students, as it allows them to find what they are looking for quickly.


An LDS marriage manual costs about $20 and is well worth the money. The manual is filled with teachings from Church leaders and prophets, as well as scripture. It is organized alphabetically by chapter and contains a wealth of information that will guide you as you seek to marry within the rules and principles of the Mormon Church. Understanding this manual will help you to follow the principles of the gospel and lead a happy life. Here are three reasons why you should invest in an LDS marriage manual.

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