Who Catered the Wedding Reception of President Woodrow Wilson?

Who handled the catering services for President Woodrow Wilson's wedding celebration? This inquiry often pops up in trivia quizzes and conversations. In this piece, we are set to unveil the legendary figure who managed the catering at President Woodrow Wilson's wedding reception.

Thomas Woodrow Wilson was a popular American politician and academic. He served as the president of America from 1913 to 1921. He was the 28th president of the United States. Apart from being a president of the USA, Woodrow also served as the governor of New Jersey and president of Princeton University. He died in 1924 in Washington DC.

President Woodrow Wilson announced his engagement to Edith Bolling Galt, a widow at the October of 1915. This news comes as a surprise to the people as the President was pretty old at that time. Furthermore, not much information about the bride or the relationship was available before the announcement.

In this article, we will discuss the wedding of President Woodrow Wilson. We will mainly emphasize the catered of the wedding who later become a popular industrialist. Keep reading the article to find out further information about the wedding and chef.

Who Catered the Wedding Reception of President Woodrow Wilson?

Boyardee was the person who catered for the wedding reception of President Woodrow Wilson. He is an Italian American who was also the founder of Chef Boyardee. Although better known with the Anglicized name Hector Boyardee, his original name was Ettore Boiardi. He is the pioneer founder of one of the first packaged Italian food brands named Chef Boyardee.

As per the claim of Chef Boyardee, their founder had served in the wedding of the famous president Wilson II. At that time, Boyardee was the head chef of the Plaza Hotel and was very well known for this role. He also worked in the Greenbrier hotel which is situated in West Virginia. And, the Greenbrier Hotel is the place where the reception of President Wilson taken place.

But Did Boyardee Really Served in the Wedding?

As we said earlier, this is entirely the claim of the Chef Boyardee company that their founder served in the infamous wedding. The popular blog Food & Wine also says that the chef catered for the wedding. However, none of them included their source of information. Some people believe that Boyardee didn’t serve in the wedding ceremony.

The Greenbrier Hotel also includes a lot of their history on their about us page. However, they didn’t mention anything about the chef and not even any information about the wedding. It is quite unusual because they have included other historic information about the hotel but not this. Moreover. Their website says Mr. Wilson and her wife visited the hotel during the Easter Holiday in 1914 (the first wife).

But the website doesn’t include any information about the wedding which is a more significant event. So, it is quite unsure whether the ceremony was taken place in the hotel or somewhere else. On the other hand, as per Politico, the reception happened at the hotel while the private ceremony was held in the place of the bride. Based on the above discussion, we can say that it is quite unsure to disclose whether Boyardee catered for the wedding or not.

The Wedding of President Woodrow Wilson

As we said earlier, people were very much surprised by the engagement announcement from the president. There were several reasons behind this. As the president preferred to keep the wedding private, not much of the information was available on it. The wedding was supposed to be held in the White House. But as Wilson decide to keep it private, he, chosen the house of the bride.

The location of the House was Dupont Circle. Interestingly, no press was allowed and no one was allowed to photograph the event. Later on December 5, somehow the journalist found out their nuptial date was fixed at December 18. The press corps of the White House tried everything to find out more information about weddings. They even sent a letter to the president with a request to give the access.  

The president was actually quite upset with the press because of some issues about the death of his first wife. Before the wedding, the President told the press that he is a public character for time being but the ladies of her household are not public servants or public characters. He also said he resents the treatment they are receiving from the newspaper.

During the wedding of the president, the journalist was kept away from the car of the couples. Even the secret service was them to keep the correspondent away from the wedding. You can say that the wedding of president Wilson was something different and unique compared to the others.

History of Chef Boyardee

After leaving the Plaza hotel of NY, Boiardi decided to open a new hotel named Il Giardino d'Italia at 1924.  At that time, he had no plan for the packaged food. But the idea hit his mind when the customers start asking about the spaghetti sauce. He sold the sauce like milk bottles after that. After four years, he decided to open a factory and start producing products. The first product was a ready-to-heat spaghetti kit.

The kit included pasta along with tomato sauce and cheese. Later the US Military commissioned the company for the ration of the military. This makes the company an instant success with more than 5000 workers to run 24 hours. Later he sells the company.

Now there are several products available from the manufacturer which includes single-use cans and cups. These include spaghetti and meatballs, pasta, ravioli, lasagna, beefaroni, and much more. These products are available in different variations.


It was unclear whether Chef Boiardi served in the wedding of President Woodrow Wilson or not. However, chef Boyardee or Boiardi, whatever you call him was a pioneer of canned foods which even helped the military.

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