LDS Marriage Bed Blog – Is There Such a Thing?

Numerous resources exist for LDS couples who might be uncertain about their sexual desires. Whether you're a recently married Mormon or a newlywed student, there's a blog ready to address all of your inquiries. The content will cover topics like Sex, Holy Scriptures, and the Marriage Bed Blog. It is hoped that this information will assist you in making informed decisions. Plus, you might discover something you didn't know before.

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Is there such a thing as an LDS marriage bed blog? Is there any truth to it? The truth is a little bit of both, but we'll try to cover both topics in this article. You should know that The Marriage Bed is a 501(c)(3) organization, not a commercial venture. However, we hope that you'll find this article informative and worth reading.

Newly married student Mormons

Are you a new member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? If so, you've probably been confused about the rules of marriage bed. Mormons believe in the value of good sex and physical intimacy, and consider it part of God's design. While this doctrine may sound good on paper, it can be difficult to reconcile with the teachings you received before marriage.

Mormon law prohibits premarital sex, but loopholes have been found to circumvent these restrictions. Students who want to get married might do it in Vegas or Las Vegas, then come back home and annul their marriage. Mormons are known to do things like "dry-humping," "poophole loopholes," and "hotdogging." The main rule is that you must have sex eventually, and you will have to confess to your bishop.

Although Brooks is not an official spokesperson for the LDS Church, she regularly speaks on radio shows and stages and has been interviewed for documentaries on race, polygamy, same-sex marriage, and Mormons in the media. However, she has received letters from LDS Church members requesting she stop discussing controversial issues. Despite the difficulties she faces as an outsider in the Church, Brooks is determined to do so with the highest regard for Mormons.


In 2014, a Mormon couple was heading for divorce after they couldn't communicate about sex. They had been married for eight months but could no longer communicate about sex. Luckily, Josh Mercer heard an ad for The Healing Group on the radio, and soon found a therapist to help them navigate their marriage. They started having sex again after the therapist explained the importance of healthy sex within a marriage.

Regardless of faith or sexual orientation, sex is an essential part of a relationship. Even if you don't believe in God, you still need a strong, intimate relationship to succeed in marriage. Sex is an important aspect of marriage and the Mormon Church has provided some tips for marriage bed life. These tips are perfect for anyone seeking an intimate relationship. Dr. John Keefe, an Oklahoma City marriage officiant, says that the Mormon tips are ideal for everyone.

Holy Scriptures

A marriage bed blog based on the Holy Scriptures for sex puts the command not to deprive one another into a different perspective. People who use the scriptures to justify denying their partners of the pleasures of sex are acting like Pharisees. God created sex to be an exchange of goodies between partners, not a means to manipulate one another into doing as they please. Sex is an expression of love, a mutual celebration of pleasure. It is a convergence of duty and desire.

One of the first things we must do if we want to make our marriages last is to commit to avoiding sexual immorality. There is no such thing as an excuse for adultery, and you have to make sure you are not doing so! The Holy Scriptures are full of wisdom. By studying the Holy Scriptures for sex, you will be able to make your marriage bed a sacred place for both you and your partner.

Teachings of the prophets

Many of the prophets have counseled married couples to keep their sexual passions within limits. For instance, Revelation 14:4 assumes that Christian men do not engage in sex with non-married women. Matthew 1:18-19, however, celebrates the chastity of Joseph and Mary. Hebrews 13:4 says that sex outside of marriage is immoral and that the desire for sexual intimacy is only to be fulfilled within a legal marriage.

Islam has no strict rules on coital positions. In fact, basic coital positions are still allowed, including man above woman face to face, side-to-face, and rear-entry. However, husbands cannot penetrate a woman's privates unless the woman consents. However, husbands may engage in sexual relations with other women, provided that they do so in accordance with shari'ah.

Paul, for example, was an advocate of the faith and a great teacher of marriage. His teachings on marriage reflected the specific needs of his Church members, which are the source of many doctrines. The most important teachings of Paul on marriage are found in 1 Corinthians 7, 11.1, and Ephesians 5.

Sex in the Mormon faith

The Book of Mormon contains passages regarding sex and relationships. The Church of Latter Day Saints' rules concerning procreation and masturbation are also based in its beliefs. However, it's important to understand what these passages mean. These examples are not meant to be definitive. Rather, they are meant to be examples of common Mormon practices. Sex in the Mormon faith is a taboo topic, but there are some examples of acceptable sex in this religion.

It is important to understand that the LDS does not have a responsibility to teach its members how to engage in sexual activity. The LDS's policy on this topic often creates taboos, shame, and conflicting doctrinal beliefs. Such inconsistent discipline on sexual practices can do more harm than good. Sex in the Mormon faith is also forbidden for those who are gay or queer. This lack of understanding should not discourage Mormons from seeking counseling.

In general, however, Mormons and other religious groups do not differ from each other in terms of the frequency of premarital sex. Although they hold strong views against premarital sex, a recent survey of Mormons suggests that they do not experience abnormal sexual behavior after marriage. Although three-quarters of Mormon respondents said they did not engage in premarital sex, they also had significantly fewer problems with postmarital sex.

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