LDS Temple Wedding Gifts

The couple getting married can be gifted with an LDS temple wedding present. Options include a set of cufflinks or a key chain featuring the temple. For a gift that's more tailored to them, think about gifting a temple-themed necklace or a figurine from Willow Tree. It's an ideal method to express your affection for the pair.

Personalized cufflinks

Personalized cufflinks make a great gift for an LDS temple wedding. These temple-inspired cufflinks are made from the temple's gold or silver charms and can be engraved with a special date or two initials. Brides and mothers of the bride will cherish this thoughtful gift. The grooms will also enjoy the cufflinks because they represent the temple's eternal blessings.

For men, cufflinks can be a great way to dress up a Sunday suit. They are also great for missionaries and make great gifts for weddings. Personalized temple cufflinks make an excellent gift for temple weddings and missions.

Custom cufflinks add major style points to a man's outfit. They are the perfect accessory for the Southern gentleman. They can be classical, fun, or whimsical. You can even buy a set for your groomsmen! You can also choose matching socks and cuff links for the groomsmen.

Personalized cuff links add a contemporary edge and work well with a formal suit. Personalized cuff links also make great grooms' gifts. You can also include the groom's name or coordinates on them. Personalized cufflinks can be made of quality leather or sturdy stainless steel. Besides giving the groom a thoughtful gift, personalized cuff links are also a great gift for future anniversaries.

Personalized temple necklace

The bride can be endowed before sealing the marriage covenant. This may be due to her mission or other circumstances. The bride will also need white slippers and stockings and a full length slip. Both the bride and groom must purchase white socks and ties for the temple ceremony.

The bride and groom can both wear an LDS temple necklace to commemorate their big day. The necklace can feature the temple name and dedication date or two initials. The bride will especially appreciate it, as will her mother and other married women in her family. The groom can also wear LDS temple cufflinks as a wedding gift.

Personalized temple key chain

A personalized temple key chain is an excellent LDS temple wedding gift idea. This unique item allows the recipient to choose the temple they want, as well as a line of text up to 30 characters long. The key ring makes a beautiful gift for the bride and groom, or other members of the bridal party.

The LDS temple ceremony includes a series of covenants to God. Those who wish to become missionaries or participate in celestial marriage must first complete their first endowment ceremony. The key chain is a symbolic reminder of the endowment ceremony.

Willow Tree figurines

If you are thinking of buying your LDS temple wedding guest a gift, you may want to consider a Willow Tree figurine. Each one of these figurines is hand-painted and individually carved by artist Susan Lordi. These beautiful figurative sculptures convey the sentiments of love, peace, and commitment. They make perfect engagement gifts and wedding gifts, and are also suitable for holidays.

These figurines are available in a variety of styles and relationships, making them an ideal choice for LDS temple wedding gifts. They're perfect as wedding ceremony centerpieces, table decorations, and bridal party gifts. They're also available in elegant temple posters, which you can have customized with the name of the temple.

Willow Tree figurines are also a great choice for engagement gifts. They're a romantic, timeless gift that will be loved forever. They make great engagement and wedding presents, and they're also perennial anniversary gifts. A Willow Tree figurine is a beautiful way to honor a relationship at any stage, from newlywed love to steady love.

For a more unique LDS wedding gift, you can get the bride and groom a pendant or necklace with the temple's name or dedication date. They'll both love this gift, and it will also give them something to wear as they start their new life together.

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