How Much Should You Spend On A Wedding Shower Gift?

Thrilling news! Your friend's wedding day is fast approaching. You've received an invite to the wedding shower and have marked your calendar. Suddenly, the realization hits you that you need to find a gift. You might be wondering, what's the right amount to invest in a wedding shower present? Fear not, this guide provides you with the answer.

A wedding shower is a pre-wedding gift-giving party for the bride, attended by her close relatives, friends, and family. You must want to give a gift to your friend's shower program that is memorable for her. However, it can be hard to determine accurately how much you should spend to purchase a shower gift. In this article, we will discuss the average cost of a wedding shower and some unique gift ideas.

How Much Should You Spend On A Wedding Shower Gift?

Needless to say, the deeper your relationship with the bride, the more you will be willing to spend on buying a wedding shower gift. Naturally, the cost of a gift will never be the same for childhood friends, sisters, office colleagues. The amount of the average budget for buying gifts in the wedding shower is around $25 to $75. But, this is not a static cost range. You can spend as much as you want

Suppose you are invited to a wedding shower but your relationship with the bride is not so deep then spend at least $ 25 to buy a gift. Spending below this budget is inappropriate and stingy. In terms of regular friends, colleagues, or family members, you should spend at least $50 to $75.

Maintain the attitude of spending $ 75 to $ 150 when buying gifts for local friends, neighbors, or family members. Note that if you are invited to both a shower and a wedding, you should calculate the average cost of the gift in advance.

Which Gifts Can Be Considered For A Wedding Shower?

There are some wedding shower events where the host personally suggests giving specific gifts. Also, crowdfunding accounts are slowly becoming commonplace, and even certain grant numbers may be set. So if you want to avoid donations, don't come empty-handed and buy a small gift

Find out if the bride has a registry wish list. If so, shopping for gifts will be much easier for you. Because through the registry list you can know the price range of the gift. If there is no registry list, theme, or suggestion, then you have to rely on the judgment to purchase a gift for the bride. Moreover, if you are familiar with the bride’s family members or close friends, you can take the advice from them to buy some unique gifts for the bride.

For Traditional Wedding Showers

When you are thinking of buying a wedding shower gift, give priority to the needs of the bride. Traditional gifts include vases, cooking tools, champagne glasses, delicate linen, photo frames, and home decor items.

Consider A Basket Gift

Picking up a basket gift for a wedding shower can be a cute way. Nowadays it is very popular as a gift. A basket is a collection of small gifts that may include customized tea towels, a beautiful teapot, a recipe book, or some classic timeless song CDs.

Go For Unique Gifts

When it comes to purchasing some unique gifts for bridal showers, you can go according to the registry list. If you prefer to think outside the box, consider some unique gifts. Customized items are the most suitable for unique gifts.

Perhaps it’s a wine serving glass or mug, a personalized cutting board, your vows as art, anniversary pushpin world map, a wedding guestbook, calendar key chain, family tree chart poster, love custom portrait, glass cake stand, signature platter, and so on.

Pick Some Funny Gifts

The bride appreciates all kinds of gifts but the ones that are a bit funny make her feel special. If you are thinking of buying a gift like this, go ahead. Customized growler power, bring me coffee written socks can be a fun gift.

Homemade Gift Items

Homemade Gifts Always Best For Wedding Showers. Because these gifts have a touch of your love which is a blessing for the bride. A photo collage, knitting, crochet, water cool pillows, magnet silhouette, pattern napkins, DIY portrait, cross-stitching, or embroidery materials- these are good homemade gifts.

Note that you don't have to worry about wedding shower gifts. Last but not the least, you can also give any gift related to the community you are professionally associated with. For example, if you are a beauty expert, you can pick hair, skin, styling related products as gifts. Else if you are connected with a travel agency, you can propose a honeymoon package that will be best for the newlyweds after the wedding.


Can I Give Cash As A Wedding Shower Gift?

Yes, you can. But it is not suitable for wedding showers. Because a wedding shower means it will rain through the gift. No matter how busy you are, it is advisable to spend some time buying gifts.

Which Gift Should You Avoid At A Wedding Shower?

Not all types of gifts are suitable for a wedding shower. So intimate related items should be avoided as gifts. Moreover, do not give gift cards as gifts. Because shopping with gift cards is a bit of a hassle. Sometimes shopping is not possible due to lack of stock.

How To Pack A Wedding Shower Gift?

It is common to pack gifts with regular wrapping paper. If you want to present your gift in an attractive way, you can use uniquely designed packs such as colorful tissue paper, thick ribbon, stylish fabric paper, etc.


Purchasing a wedding shower gift is always a thrilling and exciting experience. You should never go empty-handed if you are invited to a wedding shower. Any attractive gift within your budget can spread happiness in the mind of the bride. So pick something as a gift that will contain your good wishes and be prepared to spend around $ 50 to $ 75 for a wedding shower gift.

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