Malay Muslim Wedding Planner

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If you're getting married in Singapore and looking for a wedding planner, you may be interested in a Malay Muslim wedding planner. Malay Muslim weddings are typically lively and warm affairs full of laughter and music. The venue you choose is also important, so make sure it has the decor you want and is spacious enough to accommodate your guests.

Lagun Sari

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If you are planning to tie the knot in a Muslim community, you may be wondering how to go about planning a wedding. There are many different services that can help you pull off a successful wedding, and Lagun Sari is a Singapore Muslim wedding planner that offers all of these services. For instance, our catering services can cater your wedding reception and provide a buffet spread for your guests. Our team of sales representatives is knowledgeable about local wedding customs and traditions, and can answer any questions you have.

In addition to catering services, Lagun Sari also offers wedding planning services. With over two decades of experience in the wedding industry, this firm can help you plan a beautiful wedding for your Muslim community in Singapore. It offers a range of wedding packages that include everything from the wedding reception buffet to the wedding ceremony.

Other services available to help you plan a Muslim wedding in Singapore include Mak Andam, halal catering, wedding photography, and karaoke with a DJ. They work with trusted vendor partners in Singapore and can provide all the necessary services for your wedding.

Cahaya Nanie

Lagun Sari Wedding and Catering Services is a major Malay/Muslim wedding service provider in Singapore. They have been in business for more than two decades and provide all-inclusive wedding packages that include a lavish buffet spread for the celebration. They also provide specialized wedding planning assistance.

Wedding planning for a Malay-Muslim couple is a complex process. Before getting married, couples in Singapore must attend a Marriage Preparation Course, which is usually held at a mosque or Islamic organisation. The course teaches about the rules of marriage, and prepares the couple for marriage.

Traditionally, a bride receives a gift from her groom after the solemnization ceremony. This must be included on the expenses sheet. This may be cash or benefits. The minimum amount in Singapore is $100. A Muslim couple should take a Marriage Preparatory Course to learn about Islamic traditions. Although it is no longer compulsory, it is still highly recommended.

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