What Do Wedding Planners Wear?

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A wedding usually consists of a lot of events and it is not as fun as sounds to single-handedly overseeing and plan all these events. Thanks to the wedding planner who takes their time to plan all the events and let the couple chill in such an important time of their life. As busy individuals, wedding planners typically don’t think much about what to wear. But it is important to pick the right attire that is comfortable and confident to do their works easily.

The correct dress-up can also help in personal branding and bring more success to your work. In the below part of the article, we will let you what you should wear as a wedding planner.  If you are into this industry, the pieces of writing can be a great way to understand what you should wear as a wedding planner.

A Bit More about the Wedding Planner Profession

Amongst all the events, a wedding is one of the happiest and memorable events of a couple's life. However, arranging a marriage is not something easy and it consists of a lot of stress. There are a lot of things to do from the decoration, catering, flowers, guests, venue, and the list goes on. A wedding planner is a person who professionally helps couples to organize, plan, and manage the wedding.

Talking about planning, it doesn’t mean that the wedding planner will manage the entire thing on their thoughts. Of course, she will ask yours for the requirement and how you want all the things to happen. Based on your preference, the wedding planner will do the rest of the work. They typically start with making a meeting with the couple to understand them and what they want for the big day.

Sometimes, the wedding planner also arranges things like a rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, and other events that are connected to the wedding. Apart from knowing the preference of the couples, she will also acknowledge the budget for the wedding at the very first meeting. The planner might help the couple to understand what they will get for the amount or the budget. Usually, they also sign a contract regarding the ceremony.

The wedding planner can also help the couple to break down their budget for the required fields. Sometimes the wedding planner can also suggest venues based on the preference of the wedding location. Moreover, she can help the couple with picking the right vendors for their budget based on her previous experience. There are actually much more things a wedding planner does than you can ever imagine.

What Do Wedding Planners Wear?

Wedding planners need to pick the outfit to wear that will assure them with the style and comfort that will require them to work the whole day. Moreover, the dress must help you to feel confident on your own skin. Wedding planning is something that requires a lot of confidence, courage, and talking. You might require a bit of time to find out the perfect dress that suits your needs.

Below, we will give you some ideas that might help you to dress up while working as a wedding planner.

Dressing Up for a Meeting

Every wedding planner will agree that the first meeting with the couple is very important. To create a positive influence, you should be aware of the attire during the consultation. For such occasions, you need to select a wedding dress that goes will be casual but not overly fancy. As we said earlier, the dress should make you feel confident and help you look better. Also, consider the type of client to understand what attire they will like.

Wear the Right Fit

This is very important. The fitness of the dress is very much connected with your confidence. And, your clients might not expect you in something that is not perfectly fit. This will also give them a negative influence. So, make sure that whatever you are wearing, is fit. Also, be aware of the color. The color of the dress shouldn’t be overly deep. All other colors except white are suitable for the wedding planner as it is the color of the bride.

Wear Something with Pocket

As a wedding planner, you might require having things like keys, chargers, pens, cell phones, etc. with you. So, make sure that you have enough pockets in the dress so that you can keep all the required things with you for easy access at no time. You might not want to search and go crazy for the required tool during a busy day like a wedding. So, having a pocket on the outfit might help you to manage things easily.

Be Aware of Shoes

Just like your dress, make sure that you are choosing comfortable shoes. You will require staying on your fit for almost the whole day. The dress shoes or the heels might not be a perfect pick as you will require moving a lot. Go for something flat, comfortable that suits your outfit.

What are the Works of Wedding Planner?

Here are some of the things a wedding planner usually do:

  • Arranging the cater, florist, and decoration. She also takes care of all the printing like invitation and rsvp.
  • She helps the bridesmaids and sometimes the bride to pick their dress. They sometimes also help the groom for this.
  • She might consult the couple about the favor or the theme of the wedding. She takes care of the reception design and others.
  • She picks, meet, and negotiate with the wedding vendors based on the preference and budget of the couple.
  • She looks after the lighting, the flowers, and all other visuals for the wedding. Sometimes she picks the deliveries.
  • One of the main works of the wedding planner is to deal with the unwanted issues and hiccups that can occur during the event.
  • She set up the reception, timelines, and takes care of the time. Sometimes, she deals with the wedding crashers.


The profession of the wedding planner is something interesting but it is also very challenging. If you have been worrying about the attire, we hope this article will help you understand what wedding planners wear.

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