Mormon Wedding Gift Ideas

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If you're a Mormon, you may wonder what the best wedding gifts are. While wine is the classic choice, the dietary restrictions of the Mormon faith prohibit wine gifts. Instead, give a food gift. The perfect food gift should be inexpensive, $15-20, and not go bad overnight. It should also last at least a week. Avoid gifts with spice racks or collections of sauces and herbs. Here are some ideas for food gifts.

LDS temple cufflinks

If you're looking for an unusual mormon wedding gift, you can choose LDS temple cufflinks. These cufflinks feature a brass-plated image of the Latter-Day Saint Nauvoo Temple, located in Illinois. They're perfect for your Utah native, Church historian, family history buff, or someone who's been to Nauvoo. And you can even personalize them with a couple of lines of text.

LDS temple cufflinks are also perfect for men's wedding outfits. You can choose from gold, silver, or black options. For personalizing them, you can select an inscription that says the temple's name and dedication date. LDS temple cufflinks make great wedding gifts for grooms, too. And you can give them to their wedding party, too.

Before leaving for the temple, call the bride's family members and ask them if they can attend. You can ask the bride's mother if she can accompany her daughter to the temple. The bride's father might even want to attend the wedding and oversee preparations for the reception. If your friends and family are unable to attend, consider giving them LDS temple cufflinks as mormon wedding gift ideas.

When you buy LDS temple cufflinks as a mormon wedding gift, consider where the couple will spend most of their time. They are likely to be a little more traditional than the usual gift for a groom. The temple will include a receiving line that includes the couple and their parents. However, the bride and groom cannot attend the wedding if they're not members of the Church. It will be better to buy the gifts for them before the wedding, when they're more likely to enjoy them.

Willow Tree figurines

If you're looking for an original gift for your upcoming LDS wedding, consider giving one of Willow Tree figurines. These handmade carvings offer a romantic, sculpted expression of love and commitment. The Together figurine stands nine inches tall and is the perfect gift for newlyweds who have found the love of their lives. These figurines are perfect for bridal shower gifts, wedding ceremonies, and holidays, too. Willow Tree figurines are cast from the artist's original carvings, and they come in several styles and relationships.

Each figurine is carved by hand by artist Susan Lordi, and all pieces are individually painted and signed by the artist. Even though each figurine isn't human-like, they express feelings of love, healing, hope, courage, and commitment. Willow Tree figurines also make lovely engagement and anniversary gifts, as they symbolize the beginning of a new life together. The perfect gift for any wedding, or anniversary, Willow Tree figurines make wonderful gifts for any special occasion.

Olive branch charcuterie board

If you're looking for a thoughtful wedding gift that's sure to be a hit, consider a Deseret Book olive branch charcuterie board. This versatile board features the company's signature olive branch design and doubles as an accent piece. The olive branch represents fruitful love and a welcome that's peaceful. And the beautiful olive branch is symbolic of the couple's faith in Jesus Christ.

Time and All Eternity necklace

Considering a Time and All Eternity necklace as s mormon wedding gift idea? This necklace symbolizes the marriage ceremony, which seals the bride and groom for eternity. It also seals the children born from this union for eternity. What better gift to give a newlywed couple? What can this necklace offer to both the bride and groom? Here are a few things to consider.

Attending a Mormon wedding can be intimidating. It is an entirely different way of doing things than other weddings. You might be wondering what to bring to the ceremony. After all, it's a new environment for you and your family to be involved with. In any case, a Time and All Eternity necklace will be a thoughtful way to honor the bride and groom and their marriage.