Mormon Wedding Reddit Guide

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If you're planning a Mormon wedding, you've likely wondered what you should include in your ceremony. There are many important details to consider, including the location and timing of the sealing ceremony, the Bride sharing her gospel, and the wedding reception. Below is a quick overview of the wedding ceremony. Interested in finding out more? Read on! There's something for everyone in this Mormon wedding guide! You'll have a memorable celebration!


A ceremony at a Mormon wedding is quite different than a wedding at a Christian church. Mormons don't drink tea or coffee. Instead, they eat fruits. However, you can serve drinks made of fruit extracts. If you're unsure what to serve, check with the local Mormon bishop. Modern Mormon traditions include toasting the newlyweds with champagne. If you'd like to perform a Mormon wedding, there are a few things you need to know.

First, you need to reserve a date for the sealing ceremony. Temples usually have sealing rooms that seat a maximum of fifty people, though some may have fewer guests. Guests who aren't members of the Church are often invited as well. Some families include non-Mormon members in their wedding ceremony. Afterwards, the newlyweds must sign a covenant to stay together for eternity. They must also give up all other sexual relationships.

Another important thing to remember is that you can't bring your children to a Mormon wedding if you have children. Since children aren't allowed to attend the ceremony, your Mormon friends and relatives must be LDS, or at least follow the church's rules. Mormons also encourage engaged couples to have their wedding at a temple. However, only a small group of relatives can attend a Mormon temple wedding. If you'd like to invite guests, you must get a temple recommend. This recommend can be obtained only by being a member of the Church and abstaining from alcohol and other substances.

Mormon marriages are not unlike weddings held at other types of churches. Guests wear traditional church clothing. Guests are encouraged to speak softly and quietly in order not to disturb others. A Mormon wedding ceremony consists of a priest speaking a short speech. The priest, known as the sealer, has been given authority from God to "seal" the marriage. It usually lasts about five minutes, and the sealer speaks about how happy the marriage will be.


A Reception at a Mormon wedding is generally a free-spirited and spontaneous affair. In addition to bringing their children, they often dance. In addition, the bride and groom cut the cake and throw the bouquet at the reception. Then, they leave together. Alcohol isn't generally served. But if you're in doubt, check out these tips to make your experience a memorable one. After all, this is a LDS wedding after all.

Men can wear dress shoes, loafers, or polo shorts. Dressier boots may be acceptable in some cases. Women should tone down their shoe choices. High heels are appropriate but a plain colored pump is preferable to embellished shoes. Sandals and open-toed shoes are not appropriate for this wedding. In general, women should wear traditional dresses or skirts. But don't forget about the headpiece.

Receptions at Mormon weddings are usually open-house-style affairs and last two or three hours. Guests may attend both the ceremony and reception depending on whether the bride and groom want to have a formal or informal reception. During the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom may be joined by their parents or attendants. After the wedding, the couple and their families should eat together. A Mormon wedding is an excellent choice for a wedding with family-friendly and traditional values.

The day of the wedding is also important to consider. Wedding receptions in the afternoon are typically less formal, with appetizers and mingling. In the evening, the reception will generally include a full meal and dancing. If there are more than 50 guests, you might need to split the reception into two or more events. The latter would be more suitable if the bride and groom only wish to invite acquaintances. Otherwise, the event would turn out to be awkward for everyone.

Sealing ceremony

The Mormon sealing ceremony is a traditional tradition that binds two people in a life-long bond. In Mormon beliefs, marriage can be eternal. A marriage ceremony at a Mormon temple can be a blessing for both the couple and their ancestors. It is said that a man must know his wife's name in order to call her from the dead. This practice is based on the Book of Mormon, the church's foundational text.

Mormons who have been married for more than a year are not allowed to attend the sealing ceremony at their own temples. Couples who want to have a civil wedding must wait a year between ceremonies. However, couples who wish to have a divorce can apply to have the sealing annulled if they decide to separate. A high-ranking church official can do this. Women must obtain a cancellation before their next marriage, while men do not need it unless they wish to remarry.

The sealing ceremony at a Mormon wedding must take place inside the church's holy temple. A bishop or temple president performs the ceremony. During the ceremony, the couple kneels before a mirror that projects an infinite image. The groom takes his vows and the priest blesses them as a married couple. However, if the couple has no family in the Church, the sealing ceremony is not for them.

A Mormon temple is similar to a library. Its decor is simple and elegant and it is highly unlikely that anyone would be able to tell the difference between a Mormon temple and an ordinary church. Guests will dress modestly and speak softly, so as not to distract anyone else. However, there are a few key differences between a Mormon wedding and a non-Mormon wedding. During the sealing ceremony, the bride and groom will face a mirror, which represents a marriage eternal in the eyes of God.

Bride shares the gospel

A Mormon wedding is a special occasion. Traditionally, the bride shares the gospel with her family members before the wedding ceremony begins. The wedding ceremony is performed in the hopes that deceased relatives will accept the Mormon gospel in the afterlife. The living Mormons who are able to attend the wedding ceremony stand in for their departed family members. These living Mormons share the gospel and their own faith. This ceremony is not for everyone.

Mormons attend church and participate in their temple weddings. Mormons are encouraged not to spend too much on their wedding, so they are able to keep costs low. The reception is also very modest, and many members of the local ward contribute their time to help. Guests are generally friendly and happy to assist. They are also taught to keep their voices down during the ceremony. It is a unique and special experience.

A Mormon wedding is different from a traditional wedding in any other church. While the wedding itself is a religious ceremony, the bride does not walk down the aisle or give the groom away. Instead, the ceremony is a quiet, private event. The sealer shares the gospel to the couple before the ceremony begins. After the wedding, the couple will enjoy a wedding reception, which is often held in the Cultural hall. The Cultural hall is where large Sunday classes are held, where basketball is played and plays are staged for the congregation. The halls have wood or tile floors, while others have high-traffic carpet.

The Church is still strict about the timing of the ceremony. While it's possible to get married civilly after a temple ceremony, a year is required to be under the Church's jurisdiction. However, the church does not conduct marriages in all countries, and some couples opt to get married in the temple immediately following the civil ceremony. This makes it possible for the bride to marry on the same day as her husband.

Bride is a fully functioning adult

A fully functioning adult Mormon married outside the morridor. Her bride is a college senior who fell in love with a great guy while living outside the morridor. He's not a Mormon but he's baptized. Everything went according to plan for this Mormon wedding, so she brought in a fully functioning adult. But how does a fully functioning adult do all that? Read on to find out.