How Long Should Wedding Speeches Be?

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The wedding vows are over and the photographer has taken all gorgeous wedding photos. Even the spectacular meal of all the guests present is complete - so what else is left to do at the wedding that entertains? Undoubtedly wedding speeches! So how long should the wedding speeches be? Let’s find out.

Wedding speeches are just a way to wish the married couple good health and happiness. It is also an opportunity to share stories, marriages, and anecdotes about their relationship. Those who are chosen to speak have a responsibility to deliver a speech that will impress the audients. But remaining the right balance of speech is not easy due to the exciting atmosphere and emotion of the ceremony.  

If you are elected to provide a speech at a wedding, you must have a thorough idea of the time. Keep reading the article to know about the time of wedding speech.

How Long Should Wedding Speeches Be?

Among other activities of the wedding, speech is also an important and entertain9ng subject. Because it reveals some beautiful and unknown facts about couples. Wedding speeches should never be too long or short. If the speech is long the audients may get a little bored and everyone’s toward you will be lost.

Time management is a prerequisite for a speech to be enjoyable. That’s why you need to plan ahead for your speech and make sure you are not in a hurry. Being in a hurry to provide a speech will give the impression that you are not fit for the speech.

Let’s talk about the duration of the speech. The duration of a wedding speech depends on the number of speakers at that wedding. If you are the only speaker, 8 to 1o minutes is appropriate. If there have more speakers than you, you may not have much time to talk. In that case, around 3 to 5 minutes is enough to talk. Moreover, the speech duration can also depend on the content of your talk as well as the relationship with the couple.

In some weddings, the speech topic is selected in advance. Speech topics are provided through a lottery. Lottery winners have to deliver instant speeches or jokes which are very interesting and occasionally seen.

Ways to Make Speech Great

Creating a wedding speech that will keep everyone busy is really a challenging thing. If you have a chance to give a wedding speech, then the speech should have the qualities of being emotional, funny, and nostalgic at the same time. In this article, we will help you to know the main reasons behind making a wedding speech great.

Introduce Yourself Properly

Before you make a speech, first introduce yourself. Because your identity will tell you how important you are in this marriage. It is very rare for everyone present at the wedding to know you.

Pick Precise Content

An effective way to start a wedding speech is to pick up precise content and work on it. Once you have picked the content of the speech, you can easily plan where to start. Your speech may begin with a special quote, song, personal experience, or story. Make sure you are giving this speech to your friends or family members and that is not too scripted.

Keep It Simple and Meaningful

Always try to keep the wedding speech as simple as possible. The audience’s interest in listening will depend on the simplicity of your speech. So use simplicity and clarity in speech. Lack of simplicity in speech distracts many from the speech and they become busy with their mobile. Some of them even left the ceremony. So avoid quickness during the speech time and keep it meaningful.  

Talk About the Couple

The most crucial thing about wedding speech that you should never skip is the newlywed couple. Tell the audients about their relationship with you. This time you can share any memorable moments that are associated with them.

Attach Humor

One of the best ways to make your speech interesting is to present it in a fun way. This time connect your creativity, humorous aspects that will help to entertain your speech. This doesn’t mean that you have to tell a marriage-based joke or something. Instead, you can make a joke about couples and present stories about them in a humorous way.

Keep Tracking the Time

Another aspect of wedding speech is to keep track of time. This is because if the speech goes too long, it can increase boringness which may not be ab ideal wedding speech. Interestingly present the speech within a limited time is the characteristic of a perfect speaker.

Deliver The Speech Sweetly

One thing is observed in any marriage discourse. Due to the speaking capacity, quality, and variety of the speaker, the wedding party is in full swing. The more confident and normal you are, your speech will be. Don’t feel nervous in any way while giving a speech. Because it can weaken your speech quality.


What Is The Time To Deliver the Wedding Speech?

The wedding speech begins when all the formalities are over and all the wedding guests have a glass of champagne in their hands. This means that the wedding speech starts after the meal. At the beginning of some wedding ceremonies are preceded by a welcome speech. Although it is for a very short time.

Who Gives the Wedding Speech?

Wedding speeches can be given by many such as parents, siblings, close friends, and other family members. However, the wedding speech is often started by the bride’s father. Another topic is that couples themselves often give complimentary speeches to each other.

How Many Speeches Are Given In Wedding?

Four speeches are ideal for a wedding ceremony. If more speeches are added, the session will become much larger. It can ruin the beauty of a wedding speech that you would never expect. So, protecting the guest’s satisfaction is the responsibility of a real host.


A wedding speech is an expected topic among other activities of the wedding. So one should be very careful while choosing speech. And having time management since is very important in giving a speech. In order to make a successful wedding speech, one should have timeliness as well as some technical issues that make the speech great.  

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