Where Can I Buy Wedding Swords For My Wedding?

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If you're planning a themed wedding, you might want to consider a sword as a detail. While it's common for wedding guests to serve as ushers and groomsmen, you can also use a sword to escort honored guests to their seats. Here are some options:

Decorative sabers

The practice of using swords at weddings dates back to Roman times. Today, swords are used for the ceremony to symbolize strength, courage, bravery, honesty, and faith. The military has adopted this custom and the wedding sword used in military chapels is often adorned with an arch of sabers or swords. You can also borrow a sword from a ROTC unit or military base chapel. If you're not sure where to find a sword, check the military chapel's website or ask your current unit to provide you with a copy.

In most instances, the wedding sabers are carried by the commissioned officers as part of the wedding ceremony. The ushers line up at the foot of the chancel steps, facing the newly married couple. After the ceremony is over, they return their swords to their sheaths, and the ushers follow the bride down the aisle. In this tradition, swords represent the couple's safe passage as they begin their married life.

If you don't want to use a wedding saber for the ceremony, you can substitute a rifle. You can also contact the military museum or commanding officers in your area for available sabers. If you have a large reception room, you might want to have an arch as well. This way, the saber bearers will enter in formation, facing the bride and the groom, and then line up in front of the wedding cake.


A classic gift for a wedding is a Tizona del Cid wedding sword. Available in cadet, child, and natural sizes, this sword can be custom laser engraved. It comes in a black leather sheath. The name Tizona means "firebrand," a reference to the sword's use in scaring enemies. In Spain, the sword was associated with cid campeador Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar.

The heir to Olga's estate, Jose Ramon Suarez de Otero Velluti, sold the Tizona to the Castilla y Leon government in 2008. Informed sources placed the price between 1.6 and 1.7 million euros. Despite the high price tag, the sword is in excellent condition and ready for display. This makes it a stunning piece of art. The sword is unique and worth millions of euros.

The sword was acquired by the 15th marquess after Salustiano died at the age of 45. It was initially owned jointly with his sister, the marquise of Cerro de la Cabeza, but the sword was lent to the Army Museum in Madrid in 1944. The sword was in the Army Museum until just a few years ago. The heirs of Salustiano claim co-ownership of the sword.

Colada del Cid

The legendary legend says that Cid won two swords from the Count of Barcelona, the Colada and the Tizona. El Cid gave the Colada to his son-in-laws after he defeated the Count. However, the authenticity of the Colada is doubted. However, the blade of the Colada is preserved in the Royal Palace of Madrid. The Colada Sword is a replica of an eleventh century sword that has been crafted in the style of the Spanish Renaissance.

The Colada del Cid is one of the oldest sword shops in the world. There are many shops in this town selling swords. Some of them even sell replicas of famous Spanish warriors. If you are in Madrid, you can go to Colada del Cid and buy a wedding sword. There, you can also buy a replica of Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar's sword. This sword is a replica of the legendary hero from the 11th century.

The Colada Rapier is another popular sword from the Spanish royal family. This sword was supposedly taken by El Cid in a battle. It was later given to a daughter's husband as a wedding present. However, the sword was not returned to the woman after it was used by her husband. Eventually, the king returned it to the family and gave it to Don Pedro Bermudez, who in turn gave it back to his daughter. In the Song of Mio Cid, he mentions the colada sword and the tizona sword.

Sikhism wedding kirpan

The Sikh wedding kirpan is a traditional Sikh religious symbol used during the engagement ceremony. It is a small knife used in the ceremony and is a symbol of Sikh heroic heritage. The ceremony is typically held at a Sikh temple or at a private residence. In addition to a traditional wedding ring, the bride and groom exchange a red scarf, which serves as a veil. The groom is traditionally fed dried dates, and the bride's parents visit his home for the ceremony.

The wedding kirpan is a staple of Sikhism. It is considered part of the groom's wedding attire. The traditional wedding outfit would not be complete without the classic kirpan. As such, every Sikh groom carries the kirpan during the marriage ceremony. Here are some tips for selecting and buying a kirpan for your special day. You can also find an authentic Sikh kirpan on the internet.

A kirpan is a part of the Sikh religion and is a symbol of protection. Like the Christian Cross, the kirpan has religious significance, and all baptized Sikhs are required to carry a kirpan. Kirpans are not just symbols of weapons. They represent the protector and caretaker of a family. Consequently, they are essential for a successful wedding.

Cost of sabers

There are many different ways to customize the cost of your wedding sword, including adding an engraving to the blade. A sword can cost anywhere from $16 to as much as $2000. Whether you want to add a custom engraving to your sword, or make it more decorative, you'll find a price to fit your budget. The cost of wedding swords is usually covered in the price of the wedding rings. However, if you're only interested in the sword's aesthetics, then you'll want to spend no more than $20 on a pair.

A traditional wedding sword is usually made of mild steel, although a high-quality decorative sword may cost more. Many swords are made of stainless steel. They also don't require a lot of maintenance, and many come with gold etching or other fine finishes. Prices for decorative swords range anywhere from $16 to nearly $900. While this may seem like a lot, the quality is definitely worth the price. There are some great choices available on the market that will make a lasting impression on guests.

For a traditional Indian wedding, a gold sword is an elegant choice. Most South Asian grooms wear a sherwani with gold accents. Even though gold wedding swords are heavier, the opulent look is well worth the extra cost. You'll need to consider the weight of the sword when you decide to go with it. It's important to remember that your wedding sword will be used for the ceremony, not for everyday carry.

Symbolism of saber arch

The saber arch is often used at a military funeral. It is used to honor the deceased brother and is presented by military officials who follow the coffin bearers in a procession. The ceremony begins with the raising of the flag, followed by the presentation of the saber arch. The flag and saber arch are then lowered to rest while the last words are said.

The saber arch is used at wedding ceremonies worldwide as a traditional wedding salute. The newlyweds walk under the arch, saluting each other with sabers. The arch is made of several sabers, and is usually completed by military members before or after the wedding ceremony. The arch is positioned at the end of the aisle. This traditional wedding tradition is widely used and is part of many weddings.

Traditionally, the saber arch is used at military wedding ceremonies. The bride and groom walk underneath a long arch of swords held by commissioned officers. The saber arch is performed by a male Soldier escorting the couple. The male Soldier is usually escorting the bride on his left arm. During the ceremony, he can also use his right hand to salute the bride.

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