How Tall Should a Wedding Arch Be?

The wedding arch is a pivotal feature of the ceremony, often being the first thing that draws the attention of guests as they arrive at the venue. It's usually decorated with a plethora of flowers, soft fabrics, and intertwined vines. In situations where an altar is absent, adding an arch can beautifully enhance any outdoor wedding setting. An essential piece of information when decorating the altar is the optimal height for a wedding arch.

The height of the wedding arch is around 8 to 11 feet. This is the perfect size that allows all the guests to enter through easily and comfortably (if you are using it on entrance). Keep reading the below part of the article to know a bit more about the wedding arch size. We will also share some effective tips to make your wedding arch better.

How Tall Should a Wedding Arch Be?

The wedding arch, when done correctly can be an excellent addition to the wedding venue. In fact, apart from adding details to the wedding venue decoration, it can also become a favorite spot for the guest to take their photos. It is important to know the size of the wedding arch. That is because picking the wrong size might not match it with the other details of the venue. Moreover, it can be hard for the guest to go through if the arch is very small.

The size of the wedding arch can vary depending on its use and position. Usually, the height of the wedding arch is around 2.5 meters which are 7 to 8 feet in height. Besides, it is around 1.3 to 1.75 inches in the width. Sometimes, when the arch is for only decorative purposes and no one is going to walk through it, you can keep the height around 6 feet. But make sure to keep it around 7 to 8 feet if the couple or the guest is going to walk through it.

How to Decide the Wedding Arch Measure?

There can be several arches at a wedding. While some of them can be just for decoration, the others can be used for letting the guest walkthrough. Proper decoration and placement of the wedding arch can be a great way to make the venue more mesmerizing. The size of the arch is also important to consider to get the best appearance. So, you can measure the archways?

Well, the first thing you need to do is to consider which things you are going to add to it for decorations. These might include lights, balloons, flowers, ribbons, lace, etc. That is because they will affect the height and width of the archway. Such as, if you measure a 10 feet width archway, balloons and other decorations can make it 8 feet.

Then begin with measuring the area where you want to put the arch. If you are going to place it on the walkway, then you need to consider how many people might go through this at once. Such as, if you put it in the wedding reception or the entrance of the venue, several people might want to go through this at once. Considering the fact, you will require going through a bit bigger and wider arch.

However, don’t go for a height that is more than 10 to 11 feet. It might affect the appearance of the entire thing. Besides, if you are only preparing it for the bride and groom along with the preacher, then it doesn’t even require to be 10 feet. Anything around 8 feet is perfectly enough as it is more for decoration and capturing photos.

How to Stable the Wedding Arch?

A fallen wedding arch might be the last thing you will want in a pleasant wedding ceremony. That is why you need to be careful about the foundation of the arch. If you have a metal arch, then you can easily push into the grass to make it stable. You can easily do this without much pressure. However, make sure that you are not pushing it much which can lower the height.

You can also consider sinking the arch upright into planting pots (make sure to pick the narrow ones). Here is what to do: put the arch in an upright position and ask someone to hold it for you. Then position the planting pot where you want to put the arch. The two legs of the arch should be then put into the planting pots. Now ask someone else to fill the pot with sand or earth. This should secure the arch.

However, it might not be a great option if you think the arch can fall because of the heavy wind. Moreover, it will not work for the wooden arch. Talking about the wood arch, if you are going for them, you will require creating holes to secure them. Then the hole needs to be filled with concrete to secure the arch.

Should you DIY the Arch or Buy One?

Nowadays both metal and wood arch are widely available at garden shops. You will find it both offline and offline. You will require around $100 or more for a decent-quality temporary arch. Make sure that the arch you are picking is capable of supporting all the decorative materials like flowers, fabrics, foliage, balloons, etc.

You can reuse the temporary arch in support of the growing plants that require climbing. Another thing you can do is to DIY make the arch, which will not cost you that much. You will find some great videos on youtube on how to DIY make the wedding arch. However, you might not make them as good as the store-bought one without prior woodworking experience.


The wedding arch is something beautiful that helps in the decoration of the wedding venue. As we said above, the wedding arch should be around 8 to 10 feet tall. We hope the information in the article will be helpful for you.

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