Where Can I Get a Unique Wedding Ring?

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When you're looking for a wedding ring, where can I get one that is both beautiful and unique? If you're not sure where to begin, there are a number of places to look. Etsy is a great place to start your search, but you can also consider a number of renowned designers, such as Reinstein Ross and Sofia Kaman. These designers create unique wedding bands and engagement rings, and if you're looking for something truly unique, consider the following brands:


The Internet is a great place to find a unique wedding ring. Thousands of designers, artists, and jewelers sell their wares on Etsy. You can find everything from vintage pieces to custom pieces and discover your tastes and preferences. Just be aware that each Etsy seller handles returns and repairs differently. When in doubt, buy a larger size. You may have to take off the ring before you know its exact size.

Alternatively, a highly-rated Etsy shop called Lucy's Fine Jewellery makes a ring that looks like the one worn by Kate Middleton. Inspired by Princess Diana's wedding ring, this ring features a sapphire surrounded by diamonds. While you won't get the same diamond-set ring, you'll save a lot of money by buying a unique wedding ring from Etsy.

A wedding ring is an expensive purchase, and Etsy is an ideal place to buy a truly unique and stylish one. The site is home to an incredible variety of rings, so there's something for everyone's budget. Etsy sellers are also willing to customize rings to fit your finger. This is something you won't be able to get at larger jewelry retailers. So don't be afraid to shop around for your engagement ring.

You'll find a huge variety of wedding rings on Etsy. From unique antique rings to budget-friendly alternatives, you'll be sure to find something you love. And if your budget is tight, you can always look for an engagement ring on Etsy, and then find the perfect engagement ring from there. If you're not sure where to start, you can always contact a designer through their website to find a design that meets your budget and needs.

Reinstein Ross

At a New York jewelry design company called Reinstein/Ross, six young goldsmiths hover over the miniature objects sitting on the work benches. The jewelers specialize in creating traditional objects with a contemporary twist, including wedding bands. You can even customize your ring to include your partner's birthstone, so that your new ring will be truly unique. A perfect gift for a newlywed, the Reinstein/Ross wedding ring is the perfect choice.

Located on Madison Avenue, Reinstein Ross is a contemporary designer of artisanal jewelry. Their New York-based staff takes pride in creating contemporary and timeless pieces. They make everything from rings to earrings and necklaces using classical goldsmithing techniques. Their designs appear in magazines, movies, and fashion events. In addition to their dazzling wedding rings, you can also find earrings and necklaces in the Reinstein Ross brand.

Sofia Kaman

For an original wedding ring, visit Sofia Kaman. Her Signature Collections showroom, located in sunny Santa Monica at 3215 Pico Blvd., features handmade jewelry as well as curated vintage pieces. Inspired by vintage styles, her collections are wearable and elegant enough to dress up or down. Whether you're buying a ring for your upcoming nuptials, or treating yourself, Sofia's handmade jewelry will make an elegant gift.

Taking a long-term approach to jewelry design, Sofia Kaman is inspired by ancient jewels. She believes that every object has a story, and is continually seeking out new troves. Her passion for antique jewelry extends to her stunning selection of vintage engagement rings. In fact, Sofia has curated a gorgeous vintage collection of engagement rings to showcase the beauty of old-world jewelry.

Sofia Kaman’s Evangeline

If you want to purchase Sofia Kaman's Evangeline, you'll find the perfect place to find it. The designer is known for her eco-friendly rings, made with recycled metal and antique gems. Her rings are handcrafted in Los Angeles, and her diamonds are sourced from Kimberley Process dealers, which guarantee conflict-free diamonds. However, if you prefer a lab-grown diamond, Sofia can create a custom ring for you.

Sofia Kaman’s Twig

If you want a unique wedding ring, look no further than the studio of Sofia Kaman. Her designs are characterized by bohemian elegance, inspired by nature and finished with time-worn textures. The pieces are handmade in Los Angeles and capture the essence of individuality. Whether you want a ring for your fiance, your mother or a friend, Sofia Kaman's jewelry will make you stand out.

The jewelry line offers a variety of unique designs, ranging from traditional to eco-friendly. Many pieces are made of recycled metal and antique gemstones, and all rings are handmade in Los Angeles. All of the diamonds are conflict-free and sourced through Kimberley Process dealers. You can even order a ring made from lab-grown diamonds if you prefer.

Rose gold and diamonds go hand-in-hand in this stunning ring. This band is both feminine and retro, with its scalloped edge and dotted texture. Intricate detailing makes this ring stand out among wedding rings. Intricate design details are featured throughout the ring, including rose gold recycled from old jewellery and tapered baguettes. A unique wedding ring will surely make your fiance feel like royalty.

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