Where Can I Get a Wedding Program Fan?

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If you're looking for an inexpensive way to distribute wedding program fans at your reception, there are several ways to find unique designs. Paper fans are a popular option, and can serve a dual purpose, serving as a wedding program and a keepsake. Traditionally, paper fans are a triangle-shaped piece of cardstock held aloft by a stick. While these traditional fans are a cost-effective way to distribute wedding programs, you can find many ways to personalize them. Some couples even eschew paper fans altogether, creating cloth fans to serve as their wedding program. One couple even used a treasure map to help guests find their venue.


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Getting a wedding program fan can save you hundreds of dollars. Not only are they inexpensive, but they are also a great way to spend some time with your bridesmaids and bridal squad. These elegant program fans are easy to assemble and come in many different colors and designs. Best of all, they come with clear, simple assembly instructions. If you are having a DIY wedding, you can also make your own fan program by following the instructions on the website.

Depending on your needs, you can either buy pre-printed paper or make one yourself. Paper fans are a traditional way to distribute wedding programs, but you can add a personal touch by choosing a fan design that matches your wedding theme. After ordering, you will receive a CD with templates, glue dots, and a test printing sheet. When your fan is ready, you can attach it to a stick and hand it out to guests.


Whether you're a modern bride or classic-styled couple, your wedding program fan will make a beautiful addition to your ceremony. The fan itself lends design flexibility. Add a watercolor illustration or hand-painted venue map, a Popsicle-stick handle, or a fun tassel. This is the perfect opportunity to personalize your fan to match the rest of your wedding stationery.

Choosing a wedding program fan is a great way to save hundreds of dollars on the event and give your bridal party some bonding time. You can even customize your fan with a wedding theme or location. For example, a barn-themed celebration may be illustrated with farm animals on each piece of paper, while a rose bud could be found on each page. In addition to saving money, you'll be able to create a beautiful keepsake that will be remembered for years to come.

Whether you're hosting a rustic beach ceremony or a formal indoor ceremony, a wedding program fan will add a charming accent to your ceremony. They can even be used to display your wedding program. Wedding program fans can be a practical way to keep guests comfortable during the warm months. Plus, they can serve as a pretty accent for your reception table. You can even find fans that look like chalkboards.

When selecting a wedding program fan, make sure to include the names of the bride and groom, wedding party, and parents of the couple. If you want to add a special note, you can paint or print the programs on the fan itself. You can even choose to have your wedding program fan designed on paper, wooden, or woven materials. Incorporating stationery with your fan is an eco-friendly and budget-friendly way to make the most of your special day.

Mason jar

A Mason jar wedding program fan is a wonderful gift for your wedding guests and makes a unique keepsake that everyone will enjoy. The mugs are made of thick glass and feature a romantic design. Whether you give them as wedding favors or as part of a keepsake table setting, they are a great choice. Personalized mugs are also perfect for gifts. They are available in different styles. For example, you can choose a mug personalized with your two initials.

A Mason jar wedding program fan can be hand held or a small table fan. Both are perfect for a summer wedding, and they add a touch of rustic charm. Depending on the style of your wedding, you can choose a fan with or without a handle. Some fans are large enough to add a special message and some have a large opening. They are an excellent way to keep your guests cool during the ceremony or reception.

You can purchase a pre-assembled fan or you can make one yourself. Both options are inexpensive, but you can also save time by assembling them yourself. These fans come with a coordinating design and can be printed one or two sides. Once assembled, they can be folded and glued to a paddle stick. Note that the paddle stick that comes with the template is not included. When ordering a Mason jar wedding program fan, make sure to get the exact wording so that the fan looks as you envisioned.

Alternatively, you can download a Mason jar wedding program fan template that has an elegant Victorian-inspired design. It looks elegant and is the perfect match for any wedding ceremony. Plus, it can be personalized to match the other wedding stationery that you have. This fan is perfect for those who are planning an outdoor wedding or a barn ceremony. The template is easy to edit and comes ready to assemble. You can also download the template as a digital download so that you can personalize it to your preferences.

If you're a DIY bride, you can save money on the fan and still give your bridal party some time to bond. It's also a great way to spend time with your bridesmaids. Using this kit will save you hundreds of dollars and give you a fun way to spend time with your bridal squad. These fans are inexpensive and elegant, and come with instructions. All you need to do is follow the instructions included.

Mason jars

If you want to have an old-fashioned, country-style wedding, there is no better way to display your wedding program than with a Mason jar fan. Mason jars are not only beautiful, but they are functional, too. These jars are often used for storing all sorts of things, from moonshine to food. The mason jar fan is a great way to showcase a favorite quote or illustration and is the perfect choice for wedding programs.

These jars are great for holding your wedding programs and other small items, including a photo or invitation. You can also use them as favors. They can be engraved to be unique, but you should be sure that you have a high-quality engraver before making your purchase. Otherwise, your jar may fade or not look as nice as it should. You can also find a wedding program fan in a Mason jar at most wedding receptions.

For a rustic and unique look, you can make your own Mason jar fan using an empty nail polish bottle. This mason jar fan can be customized with the wording of your choice, and can also be printed on both sides. To add a rustic touch to your wedding program, you can fill the mason jar with rice, flower petals, or other tossing materials. For a more elegant presentation, you can also use a small satin pouch filled with flower petals.

If you would like to save a few dollars while still keeping the traditional look of your wedding program fan, you can make your own by following some easy instructions. By following some DIY wedding program fans instructions, you can save hundreds of dollars and give your bridal squad some quality bonding time. There are many ways to make these beautiful, classy wedding program fans, and these fans are one of the easiest and most affordable options for a rustic-style wedding. They are both appealing and classic, and make a perfect gift for guests and will be appreciated for their handmade touch.

A rustic-style wedding program fan is a beautiful option for an outdoor wedding or a barn ceremony. Rustic-style program fans have brown backgrounds and black writing. They provide ample space for your ceremony information. They can be ordered ready-made or customized as an instant digital download. You can then print your fan on cardstock or use a DIY template. You can even add a bow and handle.