Where Can You Buy Wedding Tents?

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If you're getting married in the great outdoors and want a beautiful backdrop for your ceremony, consider renting a wedding tent. There are many different types available, including Quictents, Classic Plus, Sperry, and Ryan Designs. Below, we've listed some of our favorite brands for wedding tents. If you need more help choosing a wedding tent, check out our buying guides! Then, take advantage of our special offers and save money on your new tent!


If you are thinking of renting or purchasing a wedding tent, you are in luck. Quictent offers a large selection of wedding tents in different sizes and shapes. Whether your big day is in May or in December, you can expect to have a wonderful time under a Quictent wedding tent. These versatile tents also make great backyard barbecues and patio parties. If you plan on renting one, you can get a lifetime replacement warranty.

The company specializes in selling high-quality structures at affordable prices. It has been in the tent business for over 20 years and has been developing their own core production technology. Their products are known for their excellent after-sales support. It is also possible to find custom-made wedding tents, so you can have a unique, memorable day. If you have a smaller budget, the Quictent 29x21 wedding tent is the perfect option. It can comfortably accommodate up to 45 guests without any furniture and can be used for a variety of outdoor celebrations.

A Quictent party tent has a spacious interior, breathable windows, and double zipper doors. It is also durable and easy to set up. The sides and front door can be easily removed if you need to adjust the interior size. It also has a one-year warranty. You can use it for many events and it will keep its shape. This wedding tent is great for a big backyard party and can be reused as a temporary enclosure for an outdoor wedding. You can even use it for another party in the future.

Classic Plus

The Classic Plus wedding tent system provides a large, covered space. It is designed to withstand 75 mph winds and is snow load rated. For more information, visit economytent.com. You can also see photos of Classic Plus wedding tents at The Gardens of Castle Rock in Fort Collins, Colorado. These photos show how a classic plus wedding tent can enhance your big day. You can also find additional information about Classic Plus wedding tents on Facebook.

The flooring of a wedding tent can be either plain ground or a dance floor. You can choose from twinkle lights or bistro lights strung across the ceiling, or more elaborate stage lights with gels. If you're having an outdoor wedding, you should consider the local regulations regarding vehicle parking and loud music. You should also check your insurance coverage for liability if you're serving alcohol. Alternatively, you may be able to use mains electricity in a tent. If not, you may need to use a generator.

The rental prices of Classic Plus wedding tents can vary depending on your needs. You can select a single-story, two-story, or three-story wedding tent and add other amenities for a more customized look. Moreover, you can add window walls and translucent ceilings if needed. This way, your guests will be able to enjoy the outdoors without being subjected to the rain. If you want to customize your tent, Party Plus Tents + Events can help you with the rental process.


Sperry wedding tents are beautiful, sophisticated works of fabric art. With their handcrafted timber support poles and nautical design cues, these tents are perfect for any size event. From an intimate cocktail reception to a 300-person outdoor wedding reception, Sperry wedding tents will fit the bill. A sample diagram of a Sperry wedding tent includes 200 guests seated at 20 66-inch round tables, a 20-foot x 20-foot dance floor, and one food station or bar.

The Sailcloth tents made by Sperry are especially special. This style of tent is oval or round, installed on custom milled wooden poles and topped with pennant flags on each peak. The style is reminiscent of an old teak sailboat. Brides love these wedding tents because they are so unique and stylish. The unique construction of Sperry wedding tents is an excellent choice for a beach wedding, as they are waterproof and fire-safe.

These tents have an authentic sailcloth canopy, which makes them unique among rental options. Authentic sailcloth breathes on hot days and glows with under-canopy lighting. The fabric of Sperry wedding tents is made in coastal Massachusetts by local craftspeople, so they're environmentally friendly. The tents aren't made in factories, but are rather handcrafted in a barn. The process of manufacturing these tents ensures the highest quality craftsmanship.

Ryan Designs

A wedding can extend into the evening, so it's important to consider lighting options for the venue. Using string lights or large bulbs can give your tent an ambiance you can enjoy even after the sun sets. Heather Lowenthal, owner of Posh Parties, suggests adding color to both the interior and exterior trim of your wedding tent. The all-white structure she rented from Ryan Designs was trimmed in navy draping. The tent's dance floor is a necessity for a wedding. The bride and groom requested a classic color palette and opted for a traditional white wedding tent.

When it comes to wedding décor, a canopy tent provides a natural atmosphere for a more intimate ceremony and reception. A beautiful draped tent creates a sheltered space, protecting guests from the elements. Bear Flag Farm in New Hampshire promotes the use of a covered structure for outdoor ceremonies. The sides of the tent are often left open, so guests can enjoy the scenery of the property. Another trend is hanging floral installations. These installations create a visual focus and draw the eye upward. This can free up table space, allowing for fewer centerpieces.

When choosing the size of your wedding tent, consider the layout of your event. Tables and dance floors will take up the largest portion of the tent, while decor elements such as chandeliers and a bar will take up much of the rest. If you have a large guest list, you may want to rent two or three tents, or you may even want to have more than one tent set up. If the venue is sprawling, however, you may want to use more than one.

Garden-inspired wedding tents

The colors of a garden-inspired wedding are reminiscent of natural surroundings, such as flowers and grass. The palette of blush, cream, and sage is timeless and will always look gorgeous. The bride wanted simple floral elements that supported the tent's surroundings. For a more whimsical look, add candles to the tablescape. These can be placed at various heights for a romantic ambiance. And don't forget to include a dance floor!

As a general rule, garden-inspired wedding tents offer the best flexibility for customizing the guest experience. They can be set up to accommodate as many or as few guests as you need. The layout can also be adapted to fit any design plan, according to event planner Betsy Krug of Rebecca Rose Events. Traditional spaces can be too small or large to foster intimacy. A garden-inspired wedding will give your guests the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors in a serene environment.

Another important aspect of garden-inspired wedding tents is to incorporate beautiful draping or a large canopy. A draping, floral arrangement, or hanging tea light is a great way to add height without over-decorating. A hanging floral installation will draw the eyes of guests upward, freeing table space for centerpieces. A stunning floral arrangement on top of a garden-themed tent is an excellent way to bring a garden-inspired theme indoors.

Sperry Tents

A marquee is a very important aspect of a wedding, not only because it serves as the wedding venue but because it is a part of the visual fabric of the wedding. Your wedding marquee is likely to feature prominently in your photos and videos, as well as in your most cherished memories. Sperry Tents for weddings offer lyrical canopies, hand-milled support poles, and nautical details.

A wedding reception can be a memorable occasion, and a Sperry Tent can help to add drama to any outdoor location. The sailcloth panels, which are woven to form the canopy of the tent, stretch up to stately peaks and lend a majestic feel to any outdoor venue. Whether you're planning an intimate family gathering or an elegant wedding reception, a Sperry Tent is sure to impress your guests.

The Sperry Tent can fit up to 200 guests and is 3,501 square feet in size. Seating capacity varies, so you'll need to consult with your event planner to determine what layout will work best. A sample diagram shows 200 people seated at twenty 66" round tables with ten seats each. Then, there's a dance floor and one bar or food station, and you're all set to go! A Sperry Tent Layout Planner is easy to use, and requires no downloads.

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