Islamic Wedding Quotes For Cards

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If you want to add a religious touch to your wedding, consider using Islamic wedding quotes for cards. These inspirational messages can be used on invitations, cards, and gifts. The best part is that you don't have to be Muslim to include them. You can use them for any occasion and for people of any faith.

Mubarak on your wedding

It can be difficult to find the right words to write on wedding cards. While writing the words on the card is important, you may be unsure of how to express your emotions. Instead of writing the same generic message over, consider incorporating your personal touch into the message. If you have already been married yourself, include a few words of advice to the new couple about marriage.

In Islam, wedding well-wishes typically mention Allah. While the words of these well-wishes are not obligatory, they express the sentiments of congratulations and blessings. In addition, the couple's new lives together are a blessing to the community and the world. May love be the central focus of your lives, and may you always find hope in each other's arms.

The best wedding quotes for cards are those that reflect the personality of the couple. For example, a reticent couple may not appreciate a humorous one-liner, but a more formal congratulations are more likely to be received. Similarly, religious couples can include messages from their religious traditions in their wedding programme but should avoid religious language in their invitation cards.

In the name of Allah

Sending a marriage-congratulations card to a Muslim friend or family member is a beautiful gesture. Marriage is considered a sacred event for both partners and is considered a very special day. You can use Islamic wedding quotes to greet your new spouse and convey your best wishes for their new lives together.

Islamic wedding quotes for cards can inspire people of all faiths. You can use them on your wedding invitation, cards and envelopes. Guests can also use them on the gifts they bring to the wedding. Whether you are Muslim or not, Islamic wedding quotes are sure to make the event memorable for all who attend.

When you want to send your best wishes to the couple, remember that Allah is with them. He created them, separated them, and brought them back together in marriage. May Allah grant them everlasting happiness, love, and peace. By making your wedding special for Allah, you are ensuring your marriage is blessed by Allah. If you want to get the most out of it, make sure you are following the teachings of the Holy Quran.

Islam teaches us that marriage is beneficial from various perspectives. It sees marriage as a pathway to obtaining profound perfection. You must love your other half with all your heart and fear Allah for their welfare. If your spouse is a Muslim, he will raise your children in the way of Allah.

A marriage is a wonderful time for two people. You should celebrate it with love and happiness. You should always be patient and follow the teachings of the holy Quran. Your marriage is a new beginning, so make sure to show unconditional love and follow the guidance of the holy Quran.


Islamic wedding quotes for cards can be found in various forms. You can choose to use the Quran or the Quranic verses in your cards or you can simply write the phrase Bismillah or Insha Allah on your cards. You can also choose to include Islamic dates on your cards.

If you want your cards to reflect the faith of your couple, then the Bismillah is the perfect option. It symbolizes faith in God and is one of the five pillars of Islam. This symbol is often used in Muslim wedding cards because it is a reminder of the relationship between a couple and God. It also symbolizes unity and sanctity.

If you want to use the Bismillah as a wedding quote, you can consider a card with the "Bismillah" logo. It is the essence of the Qur'an, the holy Muslim book. It can be printed in gold foil or a combination of colors like maroon or bottle green.

Islamic wedding cards can contain religious symbols like the crescent moon or the image of a mosque. They are much more detailed than other wedding invitations. In addition, they will include religious symbols and quotes from the holy Quran. They may also include customs unique to certain countries and cultures.


If you're planning to send out wedding cards to your Muslim friends and family, you can add quotes from the Quran. These inspirational quotes show the importance of marriage. They emphasize the importance of companionship, affection, and love. You can use them on the cards as well as on the gifts you're going to give to your wedding guests.

When choosing a Nikah wedding card quote, be sure to consider the dress code of the bride and groom. Women are expected to cover their arms and legs, and men are encouraged to wear a head scarf. It is also customary for guests to dress appropriately. If in doubt, ask the bride or groom if they prefer to wear a head scarf or a turban.

A Muslim wedding has special significance for both partners. It is an act of worship and a sign of love. It is important to make sure the couple is happy so that Allah will bless them with good times in their life. Also, try to encourage them to be good and considerate towards one another. By sending them beautiful Nikkah wishes, you can help them understand the importance of their upcoming marriage and their role in the world.

In Islam, the groom and bride should share a special bond. A real man never hurts a woman. Allah counts the tears of the woman. Allah made her from the rib of a man. You can never take her for granted. You should love her as much as you love her. If you are a true Muslim, you can also raise her children according to the principles of Islam.


The Shaadi wedding quotes for cards should be crafted with the couple's wishes in mind. These quotes can be religious, romantic, funny, or a combination of both. Choosing the perfect message for the cards can be a challenge, but the newlyweds will appreciate the thoughtfulness and care put into their cards.

Traditional Islamic wedding wishes often refer to Allah and share sentiments of congratulations and blessings. They also share the sentiment that Allah created souls and divided them for marriage. A couple's wedding is a blessing from Allah. And he will surely grant them peace and joy. This is the most important day of their lives.

It is common for parents to get emotional when their son or daughter gets married. As well as the typical wedding wishes, a parent can also include personal advice on how to succeed in marriage. In this way, the card will be even more meaningful. It will be a great opportunity for parents to express their love and wishes for the happy couple.

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