Where to Buy Dummy Wedding Cakes

There are many reasons to purchase dummy wedding cakes. One reason is ease of application and transport. Dummy cakes are especially helpful when the location of the wedding is not close to a bakery or difficult to reach by car. Before choosing a bakery, make sure to talk about transportation with them. You don't want to find yourself scrambling at the last minute to pick up the cake yourself! So where to buy dummy wedding cakes?


Dummy wedding cakes are fake versions of wedding cakes that imitate the look of an elaborate tiered confection. They are typically constructed from Styrofoam cylinders and decorated to resemble the appearance of edible tiers. These dummy cakes are useful for photo ops without the baking headaches. Some couples even opt to display an entirely fake cake instead, while others display cupcakes. In any case, it will definitely be a beautiful sight!

Dummy wedding cakes are often cheaper than the real thing, and they can also be used as practice cakes. While real cakes require crumb sealing and trimming, dummies can be used throughout the entire cake. Once the real cake is baked, a dummy cake can be replaced with a real one for cutting and serving. Dummy wedding cakes can save you a lot of money and stress! If you're having a wedding in the near future, consider getting a dummy cake to cut on the day of the event.

The cost of a dummy wedding cake depends on the size and shape of the cake. A single tier can cost as low as $7. While a six-tier wedding cake can cost upwards of $300, a single tier can easily fit 30 guests. A typical two-tier cake is priced between $120 and $300. It can be decorated with flowers, decorations, and even a wedding logo. You should also ask your baker about the dummy wedding cakes' lifespan and size.

Dummy wedding cakes look and taste real. They are often used as props and party decorations. And they are considerably cheaper than a real cake! In addition, these fakes are made from foam and contain a hidden compartment that holds the real one. If you are worried that your guests will discover that your cake is fake, you should consider hiring a professional baker. So, if you're worried about the cost, you can always choose to get a fake one.

Design possibilities

The use of dummy wedding cakes is common for a number of reasons. One of these is convenience. Since wedding cake decorating is time consuming, a dummy may be a convenient alternative to real wedding cakes. A real cake may end up being discarded after the celebration, and the cake dummy could even be saved as a work of art. Furthermore, a dummy cake can be displayed in shops for several months, avoiding the worry of spoilage.

Another benefit of using dummy wedding cakes is the cost-saving aspect. They tend to cost far less than the genuine cake, so you can save money. The decorating cost, on the other hand, remains the same. Therefore, they are an excellent alternative for those on a budget. Dummy wedding cakes can also be used for the ceremony. Many dummy wedding cakes also make great keepsakes. There are many different options for a dummy wedding cake.

Dummy wedding cakes are a great option if you don't want to spend a fortune on a real cake. These plastic cylinders are decorated to mimic a real cake. They also make a great photo opportunity without the hassle of baking a real cake. A few couples display a fake cake entirely, while others display cupcakes. Regardless of your style, dummy wedding cakes can provide you with the photo op you're looking for without the hassle of real baking.

Easy to apply fondant

It is important to understand how to apply fondant to a dummy wedding cake. First, you need to ensure that the cake is level and filled evenly. You can follow cake tutorials to help you with this. Fondant is difficult to apply to a light cake with a texture that does not hold up well to it. Likewise, cake with heavy mix-ins can show through the fondant, leaving a messy surface.

The next step is to cover the dummy cake with buttercream or another similar consistency. You can do this in the same manner as you would ice a regular cake. Just remember not to pull the fondant as this will stretch it downward. This will ruin your masterpiece! After applying the fondant to the dummy cake, make sure to cover all edges with another layer of fondant or royal icing.

The final step is to roll out the fondant on a well-prepared surface. Use confectioners' sugar or cornstarch to prevent the fondant from sticking to the surface. Don't forget to keep your hands moist, as fondant can quickly become soft. If you're using a hand mixer, a dough hook is essential. A dough hook accessory is available with most standard mixers.

To apply fondant on a dummy wedding cake, you must first roll out the fondant in a color coordinated manner. Then cut the strips 1/4 to 1/2 inch wide. Then, line up the seams and adhere them with a bit of extract. Afterwards, cut the excess fondant at the back. After all, it will be easier to trim the cake when you have a dummy to work with.

Cost effectiveness

Buying dummy wedding cakes can be an excellent practice cake for your wedding day. They are less expensive than real wedding cakes and have several benefits. These dummies can be stored for months, so they won't need to be thrown out. Also, they don't require dowels or crumb sealing that real wedding cakes need. They can be set on a glass cake plate, or you can stack the entire stack on a side table. If you want to save the dummy cake, you can even purchase a see-through cake box for it.

Depending on the decoration, dummy wedding cakes can be very expensive. The price of a fake tier is usually comparable to the cost of a real one. However, the savings really come from the time you'll save. You won't have to spend as long icing and decorating dummy wedding cakes. This can be a great option for small weddings, or for a big wedding.

The dummy wedding cake will be covered in buttercream icing, and it will be easy to create an impressive multi-tiered look with the dummy tiers. It will still be necessary to purchase support for the real cake, though, so you don't have to worry about having a cake that is too tall. Moreover, dummy wedding cakes will not leave leftover cake slices.

If you're a first-time baker, you can also consider purchasing a dummy wedding cake from a bakery. The cost of buying a dummy cake is close to the cost of a good wedding cake. It also saves time and money because you won't have to bake a real cake. You can choose to serve a dummy cake only at the reception, or just serve dessert instead. It may even be cheaper than a real one!

Stacking a dummy cake on a real cake

Stacking a dummy wedding on a real cake is a popular and easy way to practice for your big day. If you don't have a dowel, you can stick wooden dowel rods to the base of the dummy to make the top more stable. For fresh flowers, you can use posy picks, which are very sharp and work well for decorating dummies. If you haven't seen these in action, visit your local florist to learn how to use them.

Alternatively, you can use two square blocks of styrofoam of approximately the same size. This will ensure that the dummy cake won't crush the real cake below it. You can use stiff royal icing to secure the tiers in place. Once you have secured the top tier, you're ready to add your flower topper.

Stacking a dummy wedding on a real cake is an affordable way to display your wedding cake. It's a great way to save money on a huge wedding cake. You can also bring the dummy home with you, allowing you to enjoy it for months to come. If you're storing the stack at home, set the top tier on a glass cake plate. Then place the whole stack on a side table for all of your guests to admire. If you're not planning on displaying the cake at your wedding, you can always purchase a see-through box and store it in a cupboard for a couple of months.

To make your cake look real, you can either cover the dummy with royal icing or a similar consistency frosting. However, royal icing works best because it's easy to apply, and it is much easier to clean off. If you do decide to use fondant, you can patch the top of the dummy with it before applying the final coat of icing.

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