Where to Buy Wedding Invitation Stamps

You've come to the right place for wedding invitation stamps. You've found Simply Stamps and Shutterfly, and now you want to add a personal touch. There's even postage, so you can go vintage! Whether you're mailing your invitations domestically or internationally, you'll need to decide how much postage you'll need. You'll want to calculate the weight and size of your envelopes to determine how much postage you'll need.

Simply Stamps

Buying wedding invitation stamps is a fun way to express your wedding style. There are hundreds of unique designs from which to choose. Whether you're planning a country-themed wedding or an outdoor ceremony, there are many options to choose from at Simply Stamps. From traditional designs to holiday-themed stamps, they have what you're looking for. Simply Stamps' stamps are guaranteed to be delivered to your door by the next business day.

You can find a great selection of wedding invitation stamps at Simply Stamps, where they also sell self-inking wedding invitation stamps. Simply Stamps specializes in wedding-themed wedding stamps. The stamps you choose can be personalized to reflect your style and your wedding theme. You can choose a design that coordinates with the color scheme of your invitation suite, or create a custom design for your wedding invitations.

When you're choosing your stamps, consider how you're assembling your invitations. If you're addressing your own invitations, consider using an address-printing service like Hitch, which prints the guest's address on the envelopes. If your invitations will be mailed to a lot of people, consider using light-colored envelopes and dark blue ink for the envelopes. This will help them sail through the mail sorting machine.

You can find a stamp for your wedding date and venue. Simply Stamps sells wedding-themed craft stamps to use on DIY projects like thank-you notes and favor tags. And, you can create your own monogram or a customised design for your invitations. Just be sure to order one that includes your personal information. Your friends and family will appreciate it. Then, you can use it to decorate your party invitations.


Buying wedding invitation stamps can be a great way to add a personal touch to your wedding cards. You can even get monogram wedding stamps to use on RSVP cards and outer envelopes. These stamps can even be personalized with your last name or initials. You can also get wedding invitations that feature stamps, which you can use on RSVP cards and postcards.

When choosing your wedding invitation stamps, remember to consider the shape and size. A square invitation will have a basic 90-degree angle for the corners, while a tri-fold will fold into thirds accordion style. Accordion-style invitations are more expensive than standard invitations, but they can add elegance. While stamps may seem a bit fussy, the quality is worth it.

If you are planning a holiday wedding, consider purchasing wedding invitation stamps at The Wedding Shop by Shutterfly. Their selection of designs will make any holiday card unique, and you can even add a personalized message to each card. They also offer other wedding accessories, such as personalized return address labels that match your invitation suite. Wedding invitation stamps are an excellent way to give your guests a keepsake of your special day.

If you want to create an invitation that reflects your personal style, you'll be happy with the options available on the site. You can also create a customized card by uploading your photos to the website. Some websites will let you add your wedding date and location to each invitation, so that your guests can see them in person. You'll also be able to save money by eliminating extra paper. You'll thank yourself later for making such a thoughtful gift for your guests.


Buying your wedding invitation stamps from the USPS can make sending your invitations a breeze. You'll need to know the exact value of the stamps you purchase, as some stamps are more expensive than others. You'll find that the USPS sells 58-cent stamps in addition to regular forever stamps. To avoid running out of postage before your wedding date, you'll need to purchase enough stamps for all of the invitations. The price of wedding invitation stamps will vary slightly depending on the size of the envelopes.

When choosing wedding invitation stamps, make sure to consider the date of the event. Most wedding invitations require a date between July and August. For a more intimate event, consider sending your invitations on the same day. The day of your event will dictate the date you mail them, and you should consider how many guests you'll invite to the reception. You should also choose a stamp that reflects your wedding colors. A wedding invitation is not complete without a stamp that represents the couple.

If you're mailing your invitations by regular mail, you should purchase a single forever stamp. This stamp is good for wedding invitations that weigh less than an ounce, as long as they're addressed to a single recipient. If you're mailing them internationally, you may want to consider purchasing additional stamps in smaller denominations. USPS offers wedding invitation stamps for a wide variety of occasions, including weddings. The website also offers cheap shipping.

The most obvious place to buy wedding invitation stamps is at your local post office. Ask to speak with a post office clerk if you want to check whether they have any available stamps. If you're still unsure, try Etsy or Amazon. There are many cool collectibles and vintage forever stamps on Etsy. The shipping costs vary, so double-check before ordering them.

Vintage postage

Custom stamps are a great way to add a special touch to your vintage-themed wedding invitations. You can have an image printed on the stamps and include a bar code that allows the post office to track postage. These stamps can take 3 to 4 weeks to arrive, so they should be ordered well in advance. You may be able to find stamps with the image of your choice for a very reasonable price.

When creating a vintage-themed wedding invitation, it's important to remember that you can use postage from any era. Postage from the eras of yesteryear has its own charm. If you want to add a more personal touch, choose postage that contains hearts, corsages, or bold l-o-v-e references. Vintage wedding invitation stamps will add a unique touch to your invitations, so don't worry if yours isn't quite as antique-inspired as your friends.

If you are not sure what type of stamps to use, you can ask vendors who sell vintage postage sets. Your stationer can provide recommendations or connect you with specialized vendors. A stamp collector or curator can offer advice on how to curate your collection of vintage postage. In addition to these vendors, wedding planners can help you find vintage stamps for your wedding. Stamps can be an essential part of your wedding design.

When choosing vintage postage, remember that you have to make sure the combined total of your vintage stamps is equal to the amount of postage needed for your wedding invitations. Some couples match their postage to their invitations, while others prefer to have it tell a story. Keep in mind that if you're using more than one stamp on your invitation, you'll be taking up more envelope space. Alternatively, if you're having your invitations calligraphed, coordinate the design of the postage with the wedding invitations.

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