What to Write on a Wedding Shower Cake?

If you're responsible for organizing a bridal shower, you might be wondering what message to write on a wedding shower cake. This article will help you explore some of the best sayings to consider for the bridal shower cake.

A bridal shower is a fun event before the marriage. There is no hard and fast rule on what to write on the wedding shower cake. However, writing “Happy Bridal Shower” might seem too mainstream for such a fun event like this. The good news is there are a lot of things you can consider writing on the cake. You might write something funny, meaningful, or something to wish the couple.

You can consider the theme and venue of the bridal shower while wording the cake. Moreover, you can write something tricky that will be hard for people to track. In the below part, we will let you know about some interesting words that you can consider for the wedding cake. Keep reading the below paragraph to find out the perfect words.  

A Bit More About the Wedding Shower Tradition

The bridal shower or wedding shower is a party thrown for the bride who is going to be married. Usually, the bridal shower parties are hosted by friends or family members of the brides. One thing that might shock you is only the females usually join a bridal shower. Earlier, the party was held by the family members of the bride. However, nowadays, it can be hosted by anyone but the couples as per the wedding experts.

Not many people are typically invited to the bridal shower. The guest list might include the family member, close friends of her along with the attendants of the wedding. Some of the common people in this party can be the sisters or cousin sisters of the bride and groom, their mother, grandmothers, female friends of the bride, the flower girl, etc. It might also include the female coworker of the brides and groom.

The bridal shower is usually held two to eight weeks before the wedding. And, it happens in the house of the host. However, any other locations or venues for the shower can be considered including resort, church, country club, etc. One thing you should remember while picking the wedding shower venue is it shouldn’t be much public. As the bridal shower is not a formal event, the host can design it as she wants to make the moment special for the bride.

What to Write on a Wedding Shower Cake?

Remember we said the wedding shower party is hosted in honor of the to-be bride? There are actually hundreds of ways to word the wedding shower cake. You can just right Congratulations to wish her for the next phase of life. Moreover, you can write several lines that can be meaningful or funny, or heartfelt for the bride. Remember your goal is to make the bride happy. You can do this in several ways.


If you want to write congratulations, then you can make it more meaningful by adding something with it. Such as, you can write “Congratulations, soon to be Mrs. Jane (Replace with bride name). Then you can consider writing “Congratulations, bride to be”. You might do this in another way such as “Best Wishes, Almost Mrs. (Name). Or, this way “Best Wishes, Future Mrs. (Name).”. These are the most common and appropriate things to write on a bridal shower cake.


You can also consider writing some beautiful quotes instead of other things. When it comes to the quotes there are a lot of options for you. You can easily find some beautiful quotes by searching on the internet. As an example, you can write “Cake to Kisses, miss to Mrs.” That is something funny and romantic that will create a beautiful smile on the face of the to-be bride. Some other examples of quotes to write on the cake includes:

  • Love and Happiness Forever.
  • Lover, Laughter, and Happily Ever After.
  • To Love and To Cherish.
  • The Hunt is Over.
  • Wishing you a Lifetime of Wedded Bliss
  • Showers of Happiness for Both of You
  • A Match Made in Heaven


You can also write something funny and romantic. This will make the bride smile and be happy. Such as you can write “The bride is always right”. This is a way to tell the bride that she is going to be the dominator of her new house. You can also write “Found a Keeper”. It means she got the person who will always guard her for the rest of her life. Some other things you can write include:

  • Almost Mrs.
  • She Said Yes
  • Mrs. Loading
  • And They Lived Happily Ever After
  • Here Comes the Bride


IN above, we have given you an idea of what to write on the wedding shower cake. Of course, you will find a lot of ideas along with these when searching on the internet. However, it doesn’t mean that you need to exactly write what we have shown you above. These are some examples only. You can always go unique with the wording of the wedding shower cake. You may find some unique and interesting ideas with some careful thinking.

Talk to the bride's friends, coworkers, or cousins for interesting wording ideas for the cake. You can consider writing something that will only be understood by the bride. Moreover, you can write about the special memory of the bride and groom. However, while writing something unique make sure that it is appropriate and offensive to anyone at any cost. Also, avoid sexual or rude words which are not going to look good.


If you are out of idea on what to write for the wedding cake for the bridal shower, we hope that his article will help you. As you say above, you can write just congratulations, or best wishes, or some quotes that go with the moment. You can also write something unique. We hope the above ideas will help you to find the right wording for the bridal shower cake.

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