Where to Buy Wedding Favours in Ireland

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If you're planning a destination wedding in Ireland, you may be wondering where to find the perfect favors for your guests. There are plenty of options available, from traditional Irish chocolates to Irish tea and snifters. Irish tea is a popular choice for wedding favours, as it's often made locally. If you're planning a small wedding, you might prefer to give out artisan Irish artisanal candles instead. While these wedding favours can be a little expensive, they're a perfect choice if you're throwing a more intimate affair.

Irish chocolates

One of Ireland's most celebrated chocolatiers, Lily O'Briens, creates exquisite luxury Irish chocolates. They have worked with couples for over two decades and their wedding favours will leave your guests oohing and ahhing. Lily O'Briens chocolates can be purchased in gift boxes or bags. They are the perfect gift for weddings, christenings, birthdays, anniversaries, dinner parties, and corporate events. They are even edible wedding favours, and you can personalise them as well.

Traditional Irish chocolates can be purchased in miniature sizes, while more modern designs offer the opportunity to create your own custom flavour. You can also try Irish craft whiskey and gins. The Dingle Gin Distillery sells miniature bottles. Irish tea, liqueurs, and chutneys can make excellent wedding favours, and you can even DIY them yourself! If you're having an Irish themed wedding, Irish tea wedding favours are a great idea.

Some Irish wedding favours can be inexpensive, such as shamrock lollipops and personalized water bottles. However, if you're looking for an elegant and expensive favor, you can opt for a miniature bottle of Irish whiskey or a ring. There are many superstitions surrounding these little trinkets, and placing one of them in the cake means you'll be married soon! Alternatively, you could include a miniature bottle of Irish whiskey or a mini shamrock charm in the favor bag. Other favor ideas include personalized candles and miniature bottles of Irish whiskey. You can also choose a variety of other items for your wedding favours, including a mini bath scrub in the form of a Celtic design.

Irish honey

If you're looking for wedding favours, you can add a unique Irish twist by using personalised charms. If you love nature, wildflower seeds or biodegradable seed papers would be perfect choices. You can even print a caption saying 'let love grow' on them. This type of favour is good for the environment and great for your bees, too. If you're not a natural baker, you can also give your guests cookie cutters.

Besides the traditional Irish honey, you can also get a bottle of mead. This is a popular beverage in Ireland and can be served at your reception or cocktail bar. You can also give away small jars to your guests. You can also mix mead with other Irish drinks, such as raspberry and poitin or honey and Irish cream liqueur. These favours will definitely make your guests happy!

Another option is soap. The Irish countryside is a natural resource, and soaps made from this local produce are unique. Lily O'Brien's luxury chocolates are an excellent choice for favours. The company offers two collections and customisation of your choice. You can choose the colour and design according to the wedding colour scheme. For an authentic Irish scent, choose soap that contains wild nettle or heather.

Irish tea

If you love a good cuppa, consider using Irish tea as your wedding favour. Irish tea is famous for its quality, so why not give your guests a taste of Ireland? If you're not a keen baker, you can get individual sachets of Irish tea or loose leaf packets with a printable tag to make them look extra special. You can also purchase Irish tea caddies from Bewley's or The Connemara Kitchen.

Tea-infused soap is another great idea. The wild fragrances of Ireland lend themselves to handmade soap. Try Irish seaweed or thyme to create a truly authentic scent. Craft whiskey is also an excellent choice and you can buy it in miniature sizes. Craft whiskey is available directly from Irish distilleries. These souvenirs will remind your guests of your special day and their part in it. It will be a conversation starter.

To send warm wishes to the newlyweds, why not give an Irish Blessing Plate? A traditional Irish home is not complete without a blessing. An Irish Blessing Plate contains the traditional blessing for a happy married life, as well as hand painted flowers and garlands. You can also give each of your guests an Irish tea wedding favour in their name, such as a cup of Irish coffee or a mug.

Irish snifter

When it comes to wedding favours, nothing says 'Irish' like a snifter. Traditionally, these favors were given to the guests as a sign of friendship and goodwill. These favours have become increasingly popular in recent years, thanks to their unique qualities and enduring popularity in Ireland. If you're planning a wedding in Ireland, there are several places where you can find Irish snifters.

You can find these favors at a variety of online and offline stores. For instance, Shop Irish sells inexpensive Claddagh envelope seals, which are perfect for this unique wedding favour. Lily O'Brien's is a luxury chocolate producer, and offers two different wedding favour collections as well as customisation options. These are a great way to mark your special day in Ireland!

Guests will appreciate the idea of an Irish snifter wedding favor, which is both practical and beautiful. Guests can use the glass for a number of purposes, from taking a shot after the meal to taking home as a souvenir. If they want a more modern option, they can buy a personalized shot glass. You can fill it with your favorite liquor and have everyone take a shot together.

Irish artisanal candle

A lovely gesture for your guests is a gift of an Irish artisanal candle. There are several places on Vancouver Island where you can purchase these wedding favours. Some of them include Moth to a Flame, The Bearded Candlemakers and Emma's So Naturals. These local producers can create custom labels and flavours. This way, you can be sure that your guests will enjoy the gift as much as you did.

If you're planning a Celtic-themed wedding, Irish artisanal candle favours are a wonderful choice. The scented candles from these Irish companies are made with natural ingredients. The scents are light and linger. Choose from a range of warming and seasonal scents, or even have a custom label made just for your wedding. There are also clothing and pet-themed wedding favours that you and your guests can enjoy!

Soy wax candles make beautiful wedding favours, and you can choose the fragrances that are right for your wedding. Choose a scented candle in a beautiful vase or an elegant wine glass. Alternatively, you can opt for an unscented candle. The scents come from 100% natural materials and produce no harmful ash or smoke. They are also environmentally friendly and can be used as wedding favours.

Irish flower seed

Where to buy Irish flower seed wedding favours? The traditional wedding favour is a pot of Irish flowers, but you can do much more. Bells of Ireland are an annual flower, cultivated since the 1500s. They have funnel-shaped flowers with emerald-green sepals that surround tiny white flower petals. They are in the Lamiaceae family, closely related to lavender, sage and catmint.

Wildflower seed wedding favours are another environmentally-friendly option. Wildflower seed pockets are designed with space for a note. The pocket contains sowing instructions and is made from biodegradable or recycled material. Aside from being beautiful wedding favours, they also serve a great function: feeding bees with nectar. The sad reality is that 75% of the 99 species of bees are endangered or in decline, so these small gifts are essential for their survival.

Bells of Ireland are ideal container plants. These flower seed bouquets will stand out among other wedding decorations. They make great wedding favors because they have a tall, upright spire. Bells of Ireland are best planted in large containers and surrounded by colorful annual flowers. The seeds require a fertiliser-enriched potting mix. Bells of Ireland can also be grown as a perennial groundcover in frost-free climates.