How Many Flowers In A Wedding Bouquet

What's the typical number of flowers in a wedding bouquet? It actually depends on personal preference. There's no set or significant number of flowers that a bouquet must contain. The main aim is to create a bouquet that features an array of beautifully aromatic flowers. Additionally, there are no hard and fast rules dictating that bouquets must consist of a uniform number of flowers. The bouquet's overall size can determine how many flowers it includes.

The number of flowers in a bucket can be determined by the choice of the brides. Because only she has the authority to give the wedding bucket to the person of her choice. The person she will give the bucket to maybe her sister, close friend, or someone special. Keep reading this article to know how many flowers are suitable for a wedding bouquet and what kind of flower bouquet is perfect for.

How Many Flowers In A Wedding Bouquet

Among the conventional flowers used for making wedding buckets are rose, tulip, peony, and various types of garden flowers. The number of these flowers can be from 3 to 50 per bucket. In the below part, I just tried to prepare a list of flowers to make a bucket.

Rose Bouquet

Roses are the most popular of all the wedding buckets. Because the scent of roses fascinates everyone. As a result, it is the most desired wedding bucket. According to the rose stem count, 4-12 items are suitable for small size weddings and 18-20 items for medium size weddings. On the other hand, 20-25 roses are perfect for a big wedding.

Peony Bouquet

Peony flower buckets have been used in weddings for ages. There is no doubt that its fresh scent fascinates everyone. It takes about 3 to 12 stems to make a peony flower bucket. The number of these flowers varies according to the size of the wedding. 3-4 items for formal weddings where 8-12 peony flower stems may be requisite in terms of big weddings.

Tulip Bucket

The tulip flower is a symbol of perfect and deep love. Tulip is the most classic flower for making wedding buckets which is everyone's favorite. It is a dream come true for many bride-mates to get a bouquet of tulips in front of everyone at the wedding. Depending on the size of the budget, 15 to 20 items are appropriate.

Bucket Of Garden Flowers

The garden flower is a symbol of simplicity. The meaning of the phrase ‘simply but gorgeous’ carries the garden flower. Moreover, if you have a budget issue then a bucket made of garden flowers can be one of the most secure options for you. How many garden flowers are enough for one bucket depends on the event and the size of the bucket. Typically 3 to 10 items are suitable for preparing a garden flower bucket.

Mixed Bouquet

A single flower bucket is very classy but a bucket that is made of a combination of different flowers will undoubtedly create more charm in a wedding. Because the mixed flower bucket is a collection of several types of flower fragrances that make an impressive vibe. It contains a mixture of focal and secondary flowers, filler and green. Making a mixed bucket can have a combination of around 10 to 30 different flower items.

Best Flower Ideas For Wedding Buckets

If you are planning a wedding for the first time then you can get an idea of which flowers to pick to make a bouquet. Those flowers are as follows:


The rose is known to all as a symbol of beauty and love. It is a witness to a thousand-year-old fairy tale. Roses are the source of passion and romance in the writing of poets. Roses of various solid colors and varieties are found in nature. Even striped and pointed roses are seen. It is a flower that is easily found everywhere throughout the year.

There are more than 3000 varieties in the world. However, the fragrance of each rose is not the same. Pick roses for the wedding bouquet according to your favorite color and fragrance.


The tulip is an attractive and meaningful flower in terms of a wedding bouquet. It can be white and cream, pastel, and vibrant magenta colors. Although it’s rare species of tulips are a little expensive, ordinary tulips are very affordable. In many marriages today, there is a tradition of using tulips as buckets. If you are a tulip lover you can pick for a bucket.


The calla-lily is an elegant and trumpet-shaped African flower known as the "great beauty" of the flower. It is available in two varieties. One has a long and smooth stem and the other has a large head. It is usually yellow, orange, honey pink. It would be a very uncommon choice for a wedding bouquet that many would be surprised to see. One might even be curious to find out about this flower.


Are you looking for something to make a bucket as an alternative to roses that will be cost-effective? Then you can comfortably think of Ranunculus. Because of its mild aroma, it is on the list of many favorites. In addition to buckets, it is most famous for a boutonniere.


The Victorian meaning of Stephanotis is "Material Happiness". It is an exercise choice for a wedding bucket. A bucket of stephanotis is a tradition that brides can carry. This flower bucket is most suitable, especially for a formal wedding.

Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea which means "lasting pleasure". It is one of the oldest flowers in England which is very common for English love affairs. Its aroma is very intense and sweet as well.

How Much Does It Cost To Make A Wedding Bucket?

Making a bucket can cost approximately $60-$600. Because its lowest price starts from $60 and a bucket of the highest quality can go up to $600. Basically, the price of a bucket depends on the type and quality of the flower.


A wedding bucket brings happiness and satisfaction to the wedding. It would not be right for you to be stingy in making buckets. So picking the right flower and combination can create a great wedding bucket.

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