Where to Buy Wedding Gowns in Ghana

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If you are looking for a beautiful wedding gown but can't afford to go to the United States, Ghana has a few excellent bridal shops where you can purchase it. Evie's bridal shop is renowned for making ordinary ladies' fairy tale wedding dreams come true. From the smallest details to the fanciest bridal accessories, Evie's can make your wedding day a dream come true.

Complete Bridal Services

If you are looking for a wedding dress in Ghana, you can get the perfect design from a shop that specializes in bridal wear. These shops offer affordable prices and high-quality sales, making them an excellent option for any bride. Another good option for a wedding dress in Ghana is the Bridal Train. Not only does this shop offer affordable prices and quick delivery, but they also offer amazing designs and styles.

As the economy improves, consumers' disposable income will increase. This will make it easier for couples to choose a date for their wedding and buy the wedding dress they've always wanted. This industry, however, is low-capital intensive and heavily dependent on labor. Its future growth is uncertain, and some analysts believe that the industry is likely to contract in the coming years. With this in mind, brides should be aware of the challenges of operating a bridal shop in Ghana.

Duaba Serwa

A contemporary line by the designer Nelly Hagan-Deegbe, who won the British Council Designer of the Year award in 2011, fuses traditional African fabrics with modern designs to create a chic, sophisticated aesthetic. The collection features bold, effortless beauty and elegant, tailored style lines. This collection is suitable for both traditional and modern brides. The fabrics used are fine and include glass beads.

Pistis Ghana is a renowned name in the fashion industry for their hand-beaded bridal gowns. Their creations blend traditional African wax fabrics with contemporary trends. Their collection has gone viral on several occasions and has collaborated with Ghana's 2nd lady, Sawumia Bamira. Fashion graduate Abel Kwame L.E. Akagla has developed this brand and embraced the creative spirit of its clientele. Known for the stunning designs and intricate details, the brand evokes an empowering, energizing experience.

Saadia Sanusi

Fashion design is a family business in Ghana and Saadia Sanusi started her tailoring business at the age of 19 and now boasts a loyal clientele. Her line of bridal gowns is known for its unique style that combines sensuality and traditional wedding attire. In addition to wedding gowns, she also designs traditional kente wears for women and styles bridesmaids and special guests. As a result of this success, the designer has established herself as a luxury womenswear brand.

Sadia Sanusi's bridal collection is not only popular in Ghana, but also worldwide. Her designs are inspired by traditional Ghanaian wear and modern trends. Her latest collections feature elegant, colorful gowns for both men and women. You can also try Saadia Sanusi's traditional wedding wear at a boutique or online. Alternatively, you can purchase a wedding dress from a kente kiosk.

Nicoline Gh

Where to buy Nicoline Gh wedding gown is a crucial question for all brides-to-be. The brand was founded by Nicholas Asamoah, a designer who prioritizes the quality and satisfaction of his clientele. It is the brand behind many great Ghanaian celebrities, and has a strong presence in the market, catering to the red carpet, traditional weddings, and more.

Another fashion brand to consider buying your gown is Pistis Ghana, known for its exquisite hand-beaded bridal gowns and kente infusion. This brand has garnered global recognition for its exquisite handcrafted gowns and is one of the few in Ghana that is able to merge traditional clothing with modern trends. Meanwhile, another fashion designer that has made an impact on the Ghanaian fashion industry is Saa Dia. With a focus on traditional styles and fusion of African and Western fashions, this Ghanaian brand aims to make every woman feel like royalty at her wedding.


Located in Ghana, Meg's Signature is a fashion brand that specializes in the creation of custom-made women's bridal outfits. Its new collection also explores African prints. The company is well-known for creating quality clothes for special occasions, but also wants to offer affordable everyday wears. The company is one of the most sought-after designers in the world of bridal wear. The wedding dresses that the company creates are elegant and unique, but also affordable and made to order.

Eve’s bridal collection look good for less

If you are in need of a wedding dress, but do not have the money to go to a couture gown store, consider checking out Eve's bridal collection look good for less, a popular shop in Accra. Not only does this shop offer excellent customer service, but it is also a great place to get all the accessories you need to look beautiful on your big day. Eve's bridal collection is perfect for your budget, and they have the most affordable prices for wedding gowns, jewelry, and other bridal accessories.

The Evie's bridal collection offers affordable bridal gowns and accessories in an elegant and sophisticated design. They offer affordable wedding gowns, bridesmaids' dresses, bridal jewels, and even everyday fashion accessories. With their affordable prices and stylish designs, these bridal boutiques are the perfect place to get your dream wedding dress and be sure to look stunning. The dresses are gorgeous and they come in a wide range of styles and colors.

Eve’s bridal collection

If you are planning to buy a wedding gown in Ghana, you should consider purchasing one from Eve's Bridal collection. This store is popular for its affordable wedding gowns and bridal accessories. You can also get accessories like wedding bouquets and shoes from this shop. Besides wedding dresses, Eve's Bridal also offers wedding services. If you're in Accra, you can visit their store or make an online order. The store is conveniently located at Ayabeng Avenue and Street Adenta Housing Down, Sekondi-Takoradi.

If you're planning to go to Accra, it is best to check out Evie's Bridal. This store specializes in high-quality imported bridal wear at affordable prices. You can even get bridesmaid dresses, bridal jewels, and other accessories from this store. They even offer fashion accessories for everyday use. They've been serving the bridal industry in Ghana for several years and have a large collection of affordable wedding gowns.

Pinksviva Bridals & Events

There are many great bridal shops in Ghana. The best place to buy your wedding gown is a bridal boutique. Pinksviva Bridals & Events is conveniently located in the flamingo district of the country. You will find a wide selection of dresses, wedding shoes, and bridal accessories. The bridal boutique also has custom made wears, including bridal veils and crowns. The brides who choose this bridal shop will appreciate the attention to detail and the great customer service.

The best bridal shops in Ghana also have the best bridal accessories. Pinksviva Bridals & Events offers a large selection of unique and fashionable wedding gowns and bridal accessories at reasonable prices. The bride-to-be can find a dress that will make her feel like a princess! From traditional to contemporary designs, this bridal boutique offers a beautiful wedding gown for every woman.

Peace Bridal

There are several bridal shops in Ghana, but two of them stand out above the rest. Peace Bridal is in Accra, while Nanice Weddings is in Kumasi. Both bridal shops deal in dresses and accessories for your wedding. Peace Bridal also offers men's suits and rings. Nanice Weddings also has bridal accessories available. These shops are a great choice for those who want a unique wedding dress with a local flair.

If you're planning a Ghanaian wedding, consider wearing one of the country's most beautiful designs. The white wedding dress is the most popular wedding dress color in the world, with over 85% of brides choosing to wear it. Although most people dream of wearing a wedding gown since they were young, the traditional white gown is the most popular option. The beautiful designs available in Ghana will help you make your wedding day truly special and memorable.

Nanice Weddings

If you're planning a Ghana wedding, you might be wondering where to find the most beautiful, elegant wedding gowns. Luckily, there are several great options in Accra. Nanice Weddings, a luxury line of bridal wear, is located in the city's downtown. This boutique specializes in eco-conscious fashion and empowers women in developing nations by using deadstock fabrics and 3D-printed flowers. For the most part, the boutique offers pre-designed gowns, but if you can't find a specific design, you can also order a custom-made gown.