How Many Roses In A Wedding Bouquet

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The wedding bouquet is a collection of flowers that the bride holds in her hand while walking down the aisle. This is based on the style and theme of her wedding dress. Roses are most demandable for making buckets. Many couples question the number of roses when making a wedding bouquet. So how many roses are in a wedding bouquet?

Buckets are an integral part of the wedding. If you are thinking of getting married, you can add roses to make buckets. And it is very important to know the appropriate amount of roses for the bucket. Keep reading the following part of the article to know the style of the bucket according to your wedding and the right amount of roses.

How Many Roses In A Wedding Bouquet

Moreover, the amount of roses is saturated with the size of the bucket. And it is appropriate to make a bucket according to how big the wedding is. Typically 1 dozen roses are perfect for small buckets, 2 dozen for medium-size buckets, and 3 dozen roses for large buckets However, there are no hard and fast rules that you have to follow that particular amount of roses. If you want, you can prefer more or fewer roses when making buckets.

Now you may be wondering how to choose a rose bucket for a wedding? Well, we are covering for you. The big bucket will fit well for formal weddings that are held in the church. Small buckets are perfect as a complimentary for weddings held in the garden such as casual celebrations.

Overall, if you have problems with choosing roses for making buckets, you can take the help of a florist. Because an experienced florist can easily suggest the number of flowers according to your wedding theme.

Some Fancy Type of Bouquets For Wedding

Now it's time to choose some great bucket types. Because the style of the bucket presents your taste. Let’s take a look at some interesting and fancy type buckets.


The posy is relatively small in bucket size and can be worn by hand. These types of buckets are very common for bridesmaids. Being small in size and simple, these buckets are picked by many brides for weddings. It is very round in shape and tied with ribbon.


If you are looking for classic and medium to large type buckets for your wedding then hand-tied buckets are for you. It is compact with domes that look varied. When making it, the stems need to make a twist that widens the flower handle at the beginning. And this bouquet line makes the bucket more impressive. Then the handle has to be tied tightly with good quality tape.

Photographers use the special feature of the handle of the bucket to take pictures of the bride so that an extraordinary portrait with a bouquet can be captured while standing.


The composite bucket is known as ‘glamelia’ which is made from one hundred flower petals. This is best for the bride who thinks outside the box. Composite buckets are generally considered as an alternative to conventional buckets. These buckets reigned in popularity from the 1940s to the 50s.


When the cascade bucket is in the bride's hand, it creates a natural and trailing effect. These buckets take place at weddings for great scenographic effects. When the bride with this bucket stands in front of all the guests, her attitude takes it to another level. The cascade bucket does not have a handle visible and is covered by a tail that goes down to the front.


The round bucket is famous for its timeless and classic style. It is often preferred by brides who want to avoid risk. In this bucket, the handle is visible and it is tied tightly with satin ribbon. It has soft foam on the handle to hold it comfortably.


If a bride wants a simple but gorgeous instead of a very watery bucket, then a pageant bucket is a must for her. Because these buckets are the ultimate example of simplicity and will easily impress you. Typically, these buckets require flowers with long stems and large diameters. If you don't think too much about color and style then the pageant bucket will be meaningful as your wedding bucket.


Pomander bouquets are very eye-catching. The flowers in this bucket are tied with colorful ribbons. They are quite popular at weddings for their luxurious and creative looks. In particular, this bucket looks great with white or red roses. If you want an old but stylish design bucket, these buckets can find a place in your wedding.

Which Roses Are Suitable For Bouquets A Wedding?

After selecting the bucket type, it is time to choose the combination of roses. In nature, different types of roses are available throughout the year according to the season. Here are some roses that are compatible with the bucket:

Juliet: Juliet is one of the most recognized bouquets of roses at weddings. It is quite a favorite of all brides for its charming and intense fragrance.

Lenora: Leonora is a symbol of classic elegance and beauty. But it can be a bit tricky and a top florist should prepare it.

Constance: Constance is the best romantic and prettiest rose flower. Its color is pink which is ideal for wedding occasions.

Effie: Effie is a great choice for a Mediterranean wedding theme. Its apricots and shades of yellow will enchant you perfectly. This rose is a great pick for late summer and autumn weddings.

Beatrice: Beatrice roses are a combination of cream and pastel colors. It plays the comfortable wedding vibe perfectly.

Purity: Purity is a reflection of romance and glamor. It will be a versatile choice for the gentle and delicate personality of the bride.

Tess: Tess is the English red rose. Because it carries the queen's passion. In terms of lovely formality, you can select Tess for the wedding bucket.

Mixed Roses: Lastly, You can choose a mix of roses to bring variety and uniqueness to your wedding bouquet.


Roses are the most prevalent when it comes to wedding buckets. Naturally, 30-36 roses are enough for a large bucket from mid-size and 12-24 roses for small to medium. Ultimately pick a bucket for your wedding that reflects your wedding theme and dress.

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