Where to Buy Wedding Linens Cheap

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If you're planning a destination wedding, you'll probably want to find out where to buy wedding linens cheap. Oriental Trading, BBJ Linen, and La Tavola are some popular sources of inexpensive linen rentals. Each one carries a wide selection of table linens, napkins, and other accessories at great prices. This article will cover all of these options and help you make a decision based on your unique wedding style.

BBJ Linen

Whether you are looking for affordable wedding linens or want to save money on your big day, you can find affordable options at BBJ Linen. It is a great place to buy cheap linens for your big day, and the service provided by BBJ is second to none. You can request a sample of the fabric you want before you place your order. The company's return policy is simple and hassle-free. BBJ will even provide you with a duffel bag to return the linens. They have also provided you with labels that you can use to return the linens.

Rental prices are based on the size and material of the linens. The cost of a classic white cotton tablecloth is considerably less than a tablecloth with an embroidered design. You can rent a King's drape size tablecloth for a rectangular banquet table, or a small 90-inch round tablecloth for a high-boy cocktail table. Prices range from $10 to more than $100 per tablecloth.

BBJ Linen offers an extensive selection of linens in a variety of styles. If you want to be wowed by the sheer variety of options, try out BBJ's Swatchbook, a virtual design consultation, or even a live chat with a wedding planner. Whether you're planning a wedding in a big city or rural area, BBJ can help you find the right linen for your wedding.

When you're shopping for wedding linens, look for a company that manufactures their linen products in-house. This way, you won't have to worry about them being out of stock. And since these companies offer free samples, you can make a quick decision and move forward with your plans. After all, your wedding should reflect your unique personality and interests, so choosing cheap wedding linens from BBJ Linen will save you time and money.

La Tavola

You can find cheap wedding tablecloths at stores like La Tavola. La Tavola offers linen, cotton, silk, and brocade tablecloths in dozens of colors and sizes. Prices range from around $20 to over $135 for a tablecloth with a rustic, textured pattern from Tuscany. In contrast, a tablecloth with an embellished pattern from Dolce will cost anywhere from $45, up to $135.

Regardless of how much you're willing to spend, La Tavola offers excellent customer service and a huge selection of inexpensive linens. Whether you're looking for cotton tablecloths or something with more textured patterns, La Tavola has what you need. They also offer custom-made linens and can deliver to almost anywhere. To get started, visit their showrooms on the Pacific Coast Highway. Their staff is very helpful and will be happy to guide you in choosing the right linen for your event.

If you're looking for wedding tablecloths, consider renting linens from La Tavola Fine Linen Rental. Their extensive selection and quality ensure your event will be an unmatched success. You can also shop for tablecloths and bean bags at the store. And with nationwide shipping, La Tavola is a one-stop shop for cheap wedding linens. So, where can you find the perfect linens for your wedding day?

In addition to inexpensive tablecloths, wedding linen rental can also save you money. Wedding linen rental companies have hundreds of styles and designs, as well as expert customer service. They can provide you with a prepaid return label if you find that you don't like them. Renting wedding linens can be a great choice if you're planning a small, intimate wedding, or just want to add to your decor.


BBJ Linen was established in 1983, and their collection includes a wide variety of styles. The custom-designed linens are beautiful, as well. You can pick up a tablecloth for $10, or spend upwards of $100 on specialty items. But if you're on a budget, you'll find a wide selection of wedding linens for a much lower price at BBJ.

BBJ Linen offers swatches of 450+ linen options in their Swatchbook. If you're not local to one of their showrooms, you can order swatches to see what they look like on your table. You can also request larger-scale swatches of specific collections via USPS. Samples are great for tablescape design meetings, tastings, and inspiration meetings.

Renting your wedding linens is a great low-cost option for upgrading your decor. You can find many unique patterns, textures, and colors, and design consultants will assist you in selecting the perfect linens. Rentals also do not require dry-cleaning, and any soiled ones can be returned with a prepaid return label. However, if you are planning a smaller, more intimate wedding or want to use the linens for many years to come, buying them is a great investment.

Oriental Trading

Whether you are planning a traditional ceremony or an eclectic reception, Oriental Trading has everything you need for your big day. From elegant tablecloths, to table runners, to shimmering foil tablecloths, to simple, round fabric tablecloths, you can find it all at Oriental Trading. Plus, they offer fast and easy setup and clean-up so you can focus on enjoying your special day. If you are planning a reception at home and need affordable tablecloths, Oriental Trading has you covered.

Oriental Trading has a huge selection of decorations, favors, and gifts for a budget-friendly wedding. You can get a free wedding catalog via mail to plan your wedding and find unique wedding items. They also offer a range of wedding supplies, such as linens, tableware, favors, photo booth backdrops, and candy items. You can even get 1000 fortune cookies at their free catalog!

You can also find a variety of other party supplies and decorations at Oriental Trading. They have tons of cheap wedding supplies, including inexpensive paper goods and decorations. You can also find great deals on wedding favors at Oriental Trading, from scented candles to personalized mints. You can find everything you need to make your favors yourself, from decorations to tableware and more. Oriental Trading also offers weekly flash sales, which you can take advantage of to save even more money.

If you're having a birthday party, you can even decorate your tables with table covers. Plastic covers are the perfect option for kids' birthday parties, while vinyl table covers are ideal for adult milestone parties. Oriental Trading also offers a wide selection of table covers, including runner and table skirts, which you can customize to match any theme or decor. If you want to throw a summer picnic, gingham table covers will go well with a barbecue.

Borrowed BLU

For cheap wedding linens, borrow from the collections of Borrowed BLU. They offer a wide selection of table linens and accessories, catering to every taste. These rentals often feature curated collections that include vintage pieces, modern items, and more. Their inventory also includes linen napkins and table runners, as well as custom designed flatware. Weddings that are held at the company's headquarters in New York or Los Angeles can benefit from their wide selection of affordable wedding linens.

Rental prices for wedding tablecloths vary widely, depending on the style and material. A classic white cotton tablecloth will cost less than an embroidered style. The size ranges from a 108-inch-by-156-inch King's drape to a 90-inch round tablecloth for a high-boy cocktail table. Tablecloth rental costs can range from $10 to more than $100 per tablecloth.

A standard rental period for wedding linens is three business days. This means that the linens will arrive a day before the wedding and will be returned the next day. For example, linens for a Saturday wedding would arrive on a Friday and return on a Monday morning. Linens are shipped back to the rental company in reusable shipping bags and are returned through an affiliated carrier. You can extend your rental period if you wish.

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