How Many Pounds of M&Ms for Wedding Favors?

When it comes to choosing wedding favors, there's a wide variety of choices available. Nowadays, a popular trend among brides is opting for M&Ms bulk candy as their chosen wedding favor. If you're considering bulk candy as your wedding favor option, it's crucial to figure out how many M&Ms you'll need for wedding favors.

The wedding favor is something that is commonly practiced in western cultures. Usually, the bride offers the wedding favor to the guest who joins the wedding. It is a way to say thank you at this special event of her life to make it more meaningful and enjoyable. In other words, we can say that wedding favors are like small gratitude to share the joy with the guests.

If you want to utilize the m&m candies for the wedding favor, you will require to know how much of this you should purchase. The required amount of candy will depend on the number of guests at the wedding. In the below part of the article, we will discuss a bit more about the m&ms for wedding favors and how much of them you will require for the special day.

Why Wedding Favors are Important?

Wedding favor, also known as party favors have been there for a long time. It is a great way to symbolize joy, happiness, longevity, and good luck. The favors are like a way to share joy with the guests. The wedding is definitely a special day for the bride and groom. But interestingly it is the friends, families, and the guest who makes the event joyful and enjoyable. The wedding favor is a small gesture to honor them.

That means the wedding favor is a small gesture to honor the support and gesture of the friends, families, and everyone else who joined the wedding. It is also an excellent way to thanks them for joining this special event of your life. The wedding favor is also a great way to show your creativity to your new family. You can DIY the wedding favor to exhibit your talent and let people know about your creativity.

Apart from everything else, the wedding favor is also a great way to add some elegance to the wedding table. Interestingly, they work as a great decorative feature of the guest tables apart from being a nice and small gift for the couple. Sometimes, these little boxes will help you to transform the wedding table into something more beautiful. Make sure to use a colorful box that brings up the beauty.

How Many Pounds of M&Ms for Wedding Favors?

One of the interesting facts about the wedding favor is you can offer a variety of things to gift the guests. This can be something like a showpiece or something edible. If you opt for edible wedding favors, candies or cookies will be some of the best options for you. And when it comes to edible wedding favors, the M&M candies are a perfect choice. They are delicious, affordable, and available to buy in a large quantity.

There are different variations of candies and chocolate available from the manufacturer. They are perfect as the wedding favor. One box of M&M candies usually includes 90 pieces of chocolate. Of course, there are large and smaller and larger boxes available. Now, how many pounds of the M&Ms wedding favors you will require to depend on which variation of the candy you are picking.

As per a source, one pound of the M&Mwedding favor candies includes around 500 pieces of the candies. Now depending on how much of the candy you will want to give to the guests, you can decide the required amount of the pound. Such as, if there are around 100 guests at the wedding, and if you want to gift around 15 pieces per person, you will require around 3 pounds of chocolate.

The personalized M&M candies are available at 2lb, 5lb, and 10lb package. The per pound of the candies will cost you around $23 to $25. You can personalize them with 20 colors, allowing you to pick the perfect one based on the theme of your wedding. Along with the candy, you will get a branded scoop from the manufacturer to serve the chocolates with ease.  

What are the Alternatives of the M&M Wedding Favor Candies?

There are actually a variety of things if you want to gift something edible as the wedding favor. While picking the thing, make sure that you are going for something sweet with the theme of these sweet events. While M&M is a popular choice for wedding favor, you can also consider the other variation of the candies and cookies available from different manufacturers.

As an example, you can go for Jordan almonds, melty mints, dutch mints, Hershey kisses, jelly beans, butter mints, and a lot of other things. While giving the candy or cookies as a favor, make sure that you are putting them in boxes. There are different sizes of boxes available for this. Such as the 2x2” boxes if you want to keep the amount of the goodies small. There are 2x4” boxes for a larger amount of the treat.

Other Wedding Party Favor Ideas

If you are planning to give something else as a wedding fever, then there are a lot of options available for you. Make sure to consider some aspects of the event and then go for something that goes well with the event. As an example, if you are planning a destination wedding, sunscreen can be the best wedding favor. There are a lot of other things actually that you can consider fore as the wedding favor.

Such as personalized matchboxes, customized flip flops, personalized metallic foil playing cards, personalized wine bottles, tic tac toe labels, etc. These are just some examples.


The wedding favor is something with which you can great creative to impress the guest of the wedding. We hope the above information about the wedding favors will be useful for you.

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