What does M Mean on Wedding RSVP?

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Nowadays it is a common practice to include a response card better-known as RSVP with the wedding invitation. It is one of the most effective ways for the host to know who will join the wedding or who can’t. By knowing the headcount of guests, it becomes easier for the host to plan the wedding and order the required services. If you have no prior experience with the rsvp card, you might be wondering what m means on a wedding rsvp.

M on the first line of the wedding rsvp card is a very common practice. It is usually a guideline to write your name here. M also tells you about starting the name with the title. Below, we will discuss a bit more what does m stands for in the wedding rsvp. We will also discuss the correct way of filling the rsvp. Keep following the below paragraph of the article.

What does M Mean on Wedding RSVP?

Putting M on the very first line of the wedding rsvp is very common. Almost all the formal wedding rsvp include this. But a lot of people don’t know about this. An internet search might bring you here. The good news is you have arrived at the right place. Below, we will give you an easy explanation of the M word in the wedding rsvp. M in the wedding rsvp is to guide you about where to start the writing while responding.

M stands for the first letter of your title which can be Mr., Mrs., Miss., Ms., etc. As an example, if your John Smith, then you will require writing your name in the rsvp in this way: “M”r. John Smith. If you are invited with your partner and if the partner's name is Joana Smith., you will require writing this in this way: “M”r. John Smith and Mrs. Joana Smith. Hope the example will help you to understand the significance of the M word in the rsvp.

Although it is a widely practiced tradition to put the M word at first, nowadays a lot of people prepare not to include this. Especially, the informal or casual wedding can include something else instead of this. Such as, it can include the “Names:” instead of the M. This allows the guest to easily understand what to write there. This helps to avoid confusion about the m word.

Some of the hosts nowadays also write the name of the invitee instead of leaving the field blank. Some go a little further by including the mailing address to send it back, making things easier. This is a good technique if you are inviting a specific person instead of the entire family. However, it also has drawbacks. Such as, if you are inviting spouses and if one of them is not coming, you cannot understand it.

How to Fill out a Wedding RSVP Card

If you don’t know the meaning of m in the rsvp card, chances are high that you might also don’t know how to reply it. It is important to reply to the wedding rsvp properly to allow the host to know whether you are coming or not as well as your preference. Based on your response, the host needs to finalize a lot of things like the seating, catering, food, beverage, etc. So, being careful and clear while filling out the wedding rsvp is very crucial.

Typically, there are three main pieces of information you should offer to the host while filling the rsvp. First of all, clearly mention the number of guests in the wedding rsvp. The second thing you need to do is to write down the guest names. The third thing is typically optional. If the rsvp asks for food preferences, write it down. Instead of this, the rsvp might include a blank space where you can write down a short note for the couple.

So, here are the steps you should follow while filling out the rsvp:

  1. Make sure to write your full name in the wedding rsvp. If the rsvp invite multiple people, you need to fill all the names of invitees.
  2. The rsvp might include boxes with yes or no. If you are going to accept the invitation, you need to mark yes. You can just tick on no box if you are not joining.
  3. If the rsvp include the option, choose your entrée based on your preference from the given list.
  4. If the rsvp askes, also include if you have any dietary restriction.
  5. It is a good practice to add a well wish for the couple at the below of the rsvp.

Wedding RSVP Etiquettes

Here are some tips that can help you to respond to the rsvp correctly.

  1. Make sure that you are sending back the rsvp as soon as you get it. As we said earlier, a lot of planning of the wedding depends on the rsvp.
  2. While writing the name of the guest, you can use numbers before the name to indicate the number of guests. Also, make sure to write the full name especially if it is a formal wedding.
  3. Sometimes you will be honored with plus one option. It is mostly for the unmarried individuals who has a girlfriend or boyfriend. Make sure to right their full name in the rsvp.
  4. While writing the rsvp, use an ink pen instead of the pencil. The writing of pencil might not be clear or hard to understand for the host. So, consider using a quality ink pen.
  5. Although it is optional, we recommend you to write a note for the couple or host. It can be a simple thank you or well wish to anything funny that can produce a laugh on their mouth.
  6. If you want to decline the rsvp, make sure to mention your regret and reason behind this. Add your well wishes even when you decline as a form of gesture.


As we discussed in the above paragraphs, the M in the wedding rsvp means the first name of your title and it is your guide to start writing names from here. We hope the tips and etiquettes of the rsvp we have mentioned in the article will be useful to you.

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