Where to Buy Wedding Table Numbers

The most popular place to buy wedding table numbers is Amazon.com. In this article, we will look at several different places where you can buy your wedding table numbers, including Etsy.com and Amazon.com. You'll want to pick your favorite for a variety of reasons. But whether you're looking for an inexpensive or fancy set of table numbers, this article will help you find the perfect one. And if you have any questions, let us help you with our advice on where to buy wedding table numbers.


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Wedding table numbers and programs can make an elegant statement at your reception. A variety of options are available, including elegant gold script designs and editable templates. These items can also double as wedding programs, providing additional information for guests while they are at their table. In addition to table numbers and programs, these items can also serve as place cards for the reception, helping guests find their seats and learn about the details of the event.


If you're planning a rustic, country wedding, you can find rustic table numbers made of monstera leaves. Instead of numbered table signs, you can name each table after a favorite song, book, or city. Make sure your guests know how to read the table numbers, as they can make the wedding go a lot smoother. Etsy is also a great place to find handmade wedding table numbers.

For a truly unique touch, consider choosing hand-painted leaf place cards. These unique place cards are handmade and will last up to three weeks. They can be refrigerated and stored for a later date. A green wedding might even call for leaf place cards. They're also affordable, and their unique shape adds to your table settings. Unlike traditional wedding table numbers, they're much smaller and more affordable to print. You can also choose the font, background color, and other details to personalize the look of your place cards.

Wedding table numbers can be simple or extravagant, depending on how much attention they'll get. You can choose simple black ones, or elaborate ones made of wood. Both options will be classy and blend in with the decor. Besides being functional, you can also find interactive table numbers that have fun facts about the bride and groom, or a quiz game with prizes to choose the right ones!

For a truly unique touch, try a laser-cut wooden place card. They double as a keepsake for your guests. Choose from eight different fonts and over 40 paper and ink colors for your unique wedding. The hand-torn edges and wax seal on the card will add a personal touch. The place cards can also be personalized with holes or a ribbon.

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