How Much To Rent Tables And Chairs For Wedding

Tables and chairs are essential components of any event or function. They offer participants a place to sit and eat, engage in discussions, or just relax. When it comes to a wedding, it's vital to ensure the tables and chairs are of top quality. But, have you ever wondered about the expense of renting tables and chairs for a wedding? Keep reading to discover the details.

Chairs and tables are compulsory for every wedding arrangement. They are available in different types and colors such as resin, folding, bamboo, wooden chairs, or round tables. Make sure to pick up tables and chairs that match the tone and atmosphere of your wedding. In this article, we will try to cover the amount of rent according to the type of chair and table. However, we will also look at other related expenses that you need to know as a wedding organizer.

How Much To Rent Tables And Chairs For Wedding

If you don't have a good idea about renting tables and chairs, you may get confused about your wedding budget. Now the question is whether the rent of all tables and chairs is the same? If not, how much is the rent? We are answering your questions. So keep reading the following paragraph.


The amount of rent is determined based on the design and quality. Moreover, rectangular-shaped tables are also used in marriage. You can choose the table that you like. This is entirely your personal choice.

Round Tables

The round table is the most acceptable for a wedding because 8 to 10 people can sit very comfortably. Because it takes up less space and is easier to serve food. Moreover, people can sit very close to each other while chatting. They are 5 feet long and are used for all kinds of events, especially wedding venues. The tables are decorated with tablecloths according to the wedding theme to enhance the beauty.

Round tables get a place in wedding halls due to their durability and versatility. The rent for each of these tables is between $8 to $10. Sometimes a 6-foot table is needed to cover a big wedding. Then the cost of each table is $10 to $12 per episode. However, the 5-foot table is the most preferable for marriage.

Rectangular Tables

Rectangular-shaped tables are the best way to bring charm to your wedding. These are also known as banquet tables where 8 to 10 guests can be easily accommodated. One of the advantages of these tables is that they can be combined and converted into huge tables where many people can join together. This can usually be applied to a presentation or meeting.

On average, rectangular-shaped tables are 6 feet long. Moreover, these tables are suitable for a small wedding atmosphere. This type of table has a reputation for having family meals together. Each rectangular table will cost $8 to $10.


The chair is the center of the beauty of a wedding. The expression, color, and uniqueness of the chair attract the guests. So you have to show skill in chair selection. The rent for different chairs varies. Some chairs have covers and some are without covers. Naturally, the rent of chairs with covers will be a bit higher than other chairs.

Folding or Plastic Chairs

Folding chairs are used in marriages that have less space, especially in garden weddings. These are perfect for indoor and outdoor events. In most cases folding chairs are made of plastic. Plastic chairs can be an economical option for your wedding. These are very strong and easy to carry as well.

Folding chair rental is a cheap option. So it is wrong to think that these chairs will not decorate your wedding beautifully. These chairs can be beautifully decorated with tulle and sashes. Furthermore, these chairs can also be arranged with the help of covers. Rental for folding or plastic chairs $1 to $2.

Resin Or Wooden Chairs

Resin chairs have padded seating facilities that are extremely comfortable to sit on. The backs of these are usually covered with black designs. These are ideal for weddings and receptions because they can be easily moved from one place to another. If you are looking for an elegant and durable chair for your wedding, you can easily choose a resin chair. You have to pay $2 to $3.5 for each resin chair rent.

Banquet Chairs And Covers

Banquet chairs are a little special type that you can easily fold or stack. They can be found in clubs, restaurants, and hotels in different countries. Besides, you can rent these chairs with higher or lower back dimensions. Make sure that the table is adjusted to match the Banquet chairs. You can rent banquet chairs in two ways. One is with cover and the other is without cover.

Banquet Chairs with Coverless: $4- $5.50

Banquet Chairs with Covers: $6 - $7

Bamboo Chairs

The bamboo chair is now one of the most stylish chairs when it comes to weddings. Besides, these chairs are available in natural, neutral, and even metallic colors. These chairs are most commonly used in traditional and formal weddings. A good aspect of this chair is that it can be decorated with various crafts. The cost for renting each bamboo chair is $5.50 to $7.

Silver Or Tiffany Chairs

Silver or Tiffany chairs are specialized for fancy big wedding celebrations. These have a small frame but no handle. If you like luxury and exceptions then these chairs will be perfect for your wedding. You will have to pay $8 to $11 for each rented silver chair.

Additional Costs

It is normal to forget the additional charges when you rent a table and chair. These additional charges include delivery, setup, and collection. Most rental companies demand extra charges ranging from 20% to 50%. So if you want to reduce the amount of this extra charge, you can make a contract with them in advance. However, this additional charge can also depend on the pressure of the wedding and the season.


Just as guests are important for a wedding, so are tables and chairs for completing a wedding decoration. If you are looking for elegance and uniformity then renting tables and chairs may be the best way for you. We hope the article will help you with detailed information about the rent cost of tables and chairs for the wedding.

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