What Tables Do You Need At A Wedding?

Tables play a crucial role in any event, proving to be vital at wedding celebrations. When planning your wedding, arranging for tables should take precedence right after selecting your venue. The important question that arises next is, what types of tables do you need for a wedding?

Round, rectangular, square sizes are quite popular among the tables for weddings. Taking seats after coming to the wedding is the first demand of the guests. In this article, we will assist you to know which table will be perfect for your wedding according to the budget. Let's dive into the following article to know that.

What Tables Do You Need At A Wedding?

Currently, table reservation for special guests at the wedding falls within a rule. So if you are planning to get married then you need to have a vast knowledge about the table. Below is an explanation of the wedding table. Check them out.

The table is a necessary thing in both weddings and receptions. Because it’s the perfect place to keep wedding cakes, cocktails, guest books, and other items. In fact, there is no better way to categorize guests than tables. Moreover, a table is the center of eating, chatting, fun. There are some specific designs and size tables for weddings.

Round Tables

Round tables are reliable because of their durability and versatility. Many round tables can be adjustable together in a small space. As a result, the value of this table is very high in the wedding halls. Besides, serving food at the round table is very easy and hassle-free. Because people can sit very closely at this table. It looks really interesting when you decorate the round table with a colorful cloth

Typically, the dimensions of a round table are 36", 48", 60", and 72" respectively. These tables are perfect for weddings to seat 2 to 10 people depending on the size. However, 60" tables are the most acceptable for weddings. Another advantage of round tables is that they have a folding system which makes them very comfortable to carry.

Rectangular Or Long Tables

Rectangular-shaped tables are efficient for your wedding. Because these tables are available for different variety and sizes. Usually, 4'x 8' suits according to the wedding venue. The crucial advantage of using these tables for a wedding is that you don't have to blank any space. Because the rectangular table balances with the space. These tables are especially recommended for presentations or meetings.

Around the rectangular table, 8 to 10 people can sit very comfortably. This table is well known for taking meals with all the family members together. Because these tables can be connected and converted into huge tables. The rectangular table can be a good choice to make your wedding attractive.

Square Tables

There is no substitute for a small but intimate square table. At the wedding, the guests will chat, have fun, and laugh with everyone. So it is very important to sit close to them. This time a cup of coffee or tea clicks nicely which may not be a better option than serving a square table. Square tables are now the first choice of couples to greet guests at weddings and their use is constantly increasing.

Square tables are very popular for weddings which come in different varieties and designs with a seating capacity of 2 to 12 people. These tables start at 8 cm in length. However, it is suitable to use between 107-214 cm for marriage.

Banquet Tables

The first thought of a wedding planning master for decoration is to set up the table sequentially. If your wedding venue is small or less crowded then this table will be best for you. Usually, 4’x8" tables are ideal for a formal wedding. A huge table is set up together to receive the buffet meal. In this case, the banquet table is considerable. Because this kind of table can seat 25 to 30 people or more together which is really fun.

Sweetheart Tables

Sweetheart tables are a complementary setting for couples. Because this table is great for offering intimacy to the newlyweds and for having dinner together at the wedding. In addition, it enhances the beauty of the wedding. These tables are of course smaller in size. So make a list of the couples in your marriage and arrange this kind of table for them.

Head Tables

What could be more beautiful than a meal with the nearest or dearest person on your wedding day? You need a head or king table to make this beautiful moment a reality. The head table makes the couple the center of attraction. It is set facing the guest’s table. This table is for couples only. So never forget to set this table at your wedding.

Mix-Match Tables

If you want variety in terms of table decoration in your wedding, you can pick up the idea of arranging a mix-match table. This means that different tables will be present at the same wedding ceremony. Moreover, you can set the table according to age such as kids, teenagers, gentlemen, and seniors. A mix-match table setup is a great way to provide your wedding a customized look.

Bar Tables

Alcohol or drinks are a big part of wedding celebrations. That’s why you need a table for the proper setup of drinks. In some outdoor weddings, the issue of separate table setup is not taken into consideration. Therefore there is chaos with drinks which can lead to fights. The bar table is reserved for bartenders so that they can properly prepare and serve drinks for the guests.

Gift Tables

Guests at the wedding will bring gifts for the couple. So it is the duty of the wedding planner to have a designated table to manage these gifts safely and in an organized way.


The table is one of the vital items for wedding decoration. Because without it wedding decoration is irreplaceable. So be very careful and intelligent to pick up the table for the wedding event. Make sure to choose a table that complements your wedding theme and style. Hopefully, this article will help you to select the table for your wedding.

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