Where to Buy Wedding Tray For Your Reception

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If you are looking for a unique wedding gift for your upcoming nuptials, then you have come to the right place! From the fruit trays and the Chocolate dipped ones to the birdcage ring holders, there is a wedding tray to suit your style and budget. Read on for some great ideas! Once you've made a decision to buy a wedding tray, it's time to find a place to put it!

Fruit trays

A delicious way to serve fruit to your wedding guests is with a fruit tray for your reception. These trays feature a variety of fruits, from cantaloupe and honeydew to chocolate-dipped strawberries and pineapples. Guests will be sure to enjoy a sweet treat while they sip on their drinks! For an extra special touch, you can also customize your fruit trays by adding a wedding theme.

When creating a fruit tray, plan the number of pieces for the guests to enjoy. Try to serve at least two pieces of each fruit, so that guests can pick and choose what they want. For a cocktail or dessert bar, plan on serving four pieces per hour. Make sure to wash the fruit and slice it into bite-sized pieces. Be sure to leave a few grape stems behind to ground the colors and garnish the fruit.

Choose fruit trays that are elegant and classy. Choose a set of 12 trays with a floral pattern. These trays can be made of mdf board 6 mm thick and covered in rich embroidery silk fabric. For a more personalized touch, use touch gestures or swipes to select items. Fruit trays are easy and inexpensive to create. They can be used for all types of events. For example, if you're having a dinner party and want to serve fresh fruit to guests, you can purchase trays for every course of the meal.

Chocolate dipped fruit trays

If you want to impress your guests, consider ordering a wedding tray filled with chocolate dipped fruit. These delicious trays are the perfect way to serve guests the perfect sweet treat at your reception. Choose from fruit favorites like cantaloupe and honeydew and add a chocolate drizzle for an extra treat. Chocolate dipped fruit is melt in your mouth good! Guests will be thrilled to see this unique and delicious touch.

For a crowd-pleasing gift, consider the Belgian chocolate covered dried fruits. The gourmet assortment is dipped in Belgian chocolate, dark or milk, and topped with a variety of fresh fruit. The chocolate dipped fruit is available in two flavors, and is approximately four ounces in size. The fruit is arranged on a beautiful wooden tray that has a custom message written in the middle.

You can even add your own favorite toppings, like apple wedges or pineapple pieces. Some wedding trays feature seasonal themes such as Valentine - Wedding Decorations, St. Patrick's Day, and Team Colours. To further customize your wedding trays, you can add a custom message box and let the company know your specific requests. You can also customize your own trays by choosing the toppings and the colors of the berries.

Birdcage ring holders

A birdcage ring holder can make a lovely centerpiece on your wedding tray. These trays come in many shapes and can be personalized. Choose birdcage trays with a wood nameplate or one with seashells as the main design. If you are going for an antique look, consider using a birdcage ring holder with a seashell. You can add laced bows or patterned borders to your ring tray to further dress it up.

Another idea for a birdcage ring holder is a tier tray. This tray can be made out of wood, ceramics, or an ornate thali. If you are planning to go for a traditional wedding theme, you can opt for a tier tray with a small Ganesh idol or elephant carved on the side. Pearl detailing can be added to the tiers to add even more beauty to the ring tray.

Another option is a birdcage ring holder in the shape of a heart. You can customize it to match your wedding theme or colour scheme. Alternatively, you can decorate the ring holder with strings of pearls and a small twig. Alternatively, you can create your own design for the wedding tray by selecting an unusual cut of wood. Alternatively, you can make one out of a wood log. Either way, you can decorate it with inscriptions or a ribbon with a small pearl tag.

Silver trays

When it comes to buying a wedding gift, a silver wedding tray is a time-honored tradition. Typically made of non-tarnishing pewter, wedding trays made of silver are ideal for engraving. The work of talented engravers can create a truly remarkable piece of silverware. For a unique wedding gift, consider a silver tray engraved with the bride and groom's initials or names.

A classic silver tray is an essential part of a Greek wedding. In this tradition, the priest places a silver tray at the front of the church. Traditionally, the tray holds koufeta, rice, and crowns. The ceremony also includes a prayer for a long, happy marriage and a family. Many couples, however, do not want to deal with the hassles of polishing and cleaning the silver tray afterward.

Silver presents do not have to be limited to jewelry and accessories. A silver tray, engraved with the bride and groom's names, wedding date, or milestone, is a classic gift that complements a traditional wedding theme. Alternatively, a pair of sterling silver bracelets is a lovely gift that represents the couple's past, present, and future together and can be a reminder to live in the moment and cherish cherished memories.

MDF board trays

You can purchase MDF board wedding trays in a variety of designs, from traditional to contemporary. MDF wood is easy to work with, and cuts with a sharp edge won't produce splinters. They also resist bending better than chipboard and are available in a variety of thicknesses. The thickness of the board is based on the weight and size of your cake, so be sure to pick one that is sturdy enough to hold it. Unlike chipboard, MDF boards are also heavier and more dense.

Wood trays

If you're planning a wood wedding, a square tray with metal handles is the perfect choice. You can even choose one with a mirror in the center. You can pair it with wreaths, glassware, or carafes to create a classic look. If you're a modern couple, you may opt for embossed graphics for an elegant look. You can also use a mirror to place the main course on the trays.

If you'd rather have a more contemporary, sleek style, consider a rectangular wood serving tray. These trays are available in different sizes and colors and will add a rustic touch to any wedding or event. You can also buy two-tiered trays with two trays on each side. While cleaning wooden trays, dust them on occasion. To keep them looking brand new, wipe them off with a clean cloth and let them air dry.

You can find a wooden serving tray for your big day from several online stores. You can even get one engraved with the couple's initials to make them even more special. You can find more information about wooden serving trays at Personal Creations. There are also many different styles available. If you have a particular design in mind, you should choose a custom-made serving tray. Then, you can give your new friends and family unique gifts that they won't find anywhere else.