How To Get Your Wedding Featured In A Magazine

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Many couples want to publish their wedding features in a magazine or wedding blog. Magazine companies are constantly flooded with wedding feature requests. But only a few of them get a chance to be published as a wedding feature. Now you must be thinking about how to get your wedding featured in a magazine? (Read more about Wedding Bouquet Preservation)

A question arises in the minds of many couples that what makes a wedding publishable in a magazine? Well, if I answer this question in a nutshell, I will say it depends. Most of the matrimonies are not published in the magazine due to not following certain tricks and regulations.

If you want to feature your wedding in a magazine, you need to know the proper terms and conditions. Keep reading to know the appropriate process for publishing your wedding in a magazine.

How To Get Your Wedding Featured In A Magazine

Not all weddings are eligible to feature. Only a handful of weddings appear in magazines. There must have been some tricks behind getting a place in the wedding magazine. I will discuss those tricks in detail in the following paragraph.

Choose Exciting Photographs And Videos

The main requirement for publishing wedding features in magazines is some exciting and inspiring pictures or videos. So you have to be very careful and picky when choosing pictures and videos. Because most wedding blogs or magazines are looking for some stunning shots. While selecting photographs, consider the bright one.

Moreover, the photo should have a natural look and should not feel like it has been forced in any way. Even then, if you feel confused to select photos, you can take a look at some popular magazine websites. It is best if you can do a photoshoot for the magazine on the wedding day.

Since you already have a plan in mind to feature your wedding in a magazine, prepare for the photoshoot that way. Don't forget to submit videos of some beautiful moments with photographs.

Share A Wonderful Love Fiction

A magazine features weddings that have beautiful and inspiring stories or themes. Editors of any magazine must not publish stories like that of a boy and a girl who met in college and got married a few years later. So the story should have twists and details of the struggle. You can take the below story as an example that the wedding magazines usually feature.

Natasha and Nick were introduced to badminton sports clubs while in college. After a while, Natasha's legs become numb for some reason so she can no longer move. Nick continued his efforts when everyone gave up hope. After 6 years of many obstacles and efforts, Natasha was able to walk again and both of them completed their graduation together. Then they get married. This kind of story puts a worthy claimant to be featured in the magazine.

Follow The Procedures

Couples who are interested in publishing their marriage in a magazine must have a clear idea of ​​the magazine's procedures and guidelines. Some publishers demand a certain size of the image, while others ask vendors for specific credit.

So when you submit the required information to the magazine publication, you must be aware of the procedure of that publication. Then the chances of your marriage being published will increase.

Do Research For Exclusive Proposal

A little detailed research on wedding magazines will give you the confidence to get ready for wedding magazines. As a result, you can understand what kind of style, cloth outfit, photo quality, and grooming requirement for a wedding magazine. For this, you can take the help of articles, blog posts, websites, or YouTube videos.

Moreover, a skilled photographer who already has experience covering wedding photos and videos in magazines, you can take his advice or direction. So, it is needless to say that details matter in the magazine. Sometimes many magazine publications find some exclusive weddings to publish in their magazines. This time you can get a great opportunity to express your marriage. If you get such an offer, take it quickly.

Send Details

Some publications want details of Candid Wedding Moments, Getting Ready, Entry, Ceremony, Fast Dances, etc. Publications always find inspiration in your photos so that they can show why your marriage is different from other marriages. So I will suggest submitting the details of the wedding photographs such as close up, far away, horizontal, vertical.

Select approximately 50 to 100 images for the magazine. However, this number varies according to the publications. Never include family photos, bridal party individual photos, cocktail hours, or guest photos for the magazine.

Be A Little Kind

The magazine's leading editors receive at least one hundred submissions per month. So they have to experiment very carefully to find wedding pictures that fit their magazine. As a result, they cannot include all submissions.

 Sometimes they may not be able to cover your wedding for the season and current trends. So even if they reject you, you can still send a kind note. This will allow you to reconsider your marriage in the future. Because publications are sometimes interested in working with kind-hearted couples.


What You Should Avoid When Submitting A Marriage For Publication?

Never submit more than one wedding detail together. Because it creates a bad impression and increases the chances of your marriage feature proposal being rejected. Of course, if the editor is familiar to you, it is a different matter.

How Many Pictures to Submit for The Publication?

This is a very common question. Typically 100 to 150 pictures are enough to complete a standard magazine. The portrait can vary according to the page number of the magazine. Moreover, its number may vary according to the demand of the publication.

Does It Cost Any Money To Publish A Wedding?

No. It doesn't cost any money to get your wedding featured in the magazine. However, if you want to personally publish in a magazine for your satisfaction, it may cost some money. However, this magazine will not be public


It's really cool to have your wedding feature published in a popular magazine. By following the right instructions and tricks you will be able to effortlessly publish your wedding as a feature. With this article, you have found impressive info to get your wedding featured in a popular magazine.

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