Where to Buy Wedding Trays in Singapore

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If you are planning a wedding, you must have thought of where to buy your wedding trays. The groom's family and the bride's family usually receive a gift in this way, and you can choose to fill these trays with eatables or other items that fit the theme of your wedding. The bride and the groom will then present these gifts to each other's families, as a token of gratitude.

Platters of gifts are presented to the groom’s family

Traditionally, a groom will present his groom's family with a set of dowry trays, which are rectangular platters, decorated with motifs of flowers and fruit. These are given as a sign of respect for the bride, as well as a symbol of his contribution to the wedding preparations. Most in-laws settle for a seven or nine-tray set, but a thirteen-tray set will require extra effort and a larger pocket. However, this type of gift set will likely be a sign that the groom is a well-off man who is a great contributor to the wedding preparations.

After the bride and groom accept their wedding trays, the future husband and wife enter the home of the groom's family and are welcomed by the bride's parents. The groom's parents welcome the future bride's family and pour water and tea to their family members. They also place jewelry on the bride, including an engagement ring and earrings. The groom's parents are also invited, and they usually give the bride a bouquet of flowers to give her as a wedding gift.

The groom's entourage follows the bride's procession, which is accompanied by fireworks. Once the bride's family has been granted permission by the bride's family, the groom and his entourage may enter the house. The bride's family introduces each member to the groom's family, who then asks permission to bring the bride home. The groom's representative then asks the bride's family to give permission to take the bride home.

While the bride and groom's families typically receive wedding gifts on wedding trays, the bride and groom's families may choose to give eco-friendly or environmentally friendly items to their new spouses. Eco-friendly gifts are the perfect way to show your support for a couple aiming to minimize their carbon footprint. A fruit tree, for instance, will prevent erosion, provide shelter for wildlife, and produce fresh fruit for years to come. Water-saving gifts will help save money on the couple's water bill.

The choice of a platter depends on the religious and cultural elements present at the wedding. Many families choose traditional plates containing Tikka and Diyas. These may contain small idols of Gods or gifts. In some cultures, close family members will present the groom and bride with a platter of gifts. Others will give their gifts wrapped in a gift. For a Christian wedding, a traditional platter is not acceptable.

During the engagement ceremony, the bride's family members present her to the groom's family. The groom's family brings gifts for the groom's family as a symbol of welcome. These gifts may be jewelry, henna, or a gold leaf coconut. Some people even give the groom a tilak. If the bride's family presents a ring to the groom's family, it's considered appropriate to do so.

They can be customized according to the theme

To customize your wedding tray, start by choosing a colour scheme. Choose colours that complement each other and stick to this colour scheme. Add small objects like decorative boxes and figurines to your tray. Or, choose a theme that reflects your wedding. You can also make the tray look more festive by using cardboard that's cut into a ring shape and covered with red velvet. Alternatively, you can add dry flowers, shells, coir, palm leaves, and paper flowers.

One of the best wedding trays to give to your guests is a personalized one. You can find personalized wedding trays in any style that ties in with your wedding theme. These trays make perfect gifts for your flower girls and bridesmaids. Your guests will love receiving them as a keepsake, which will last a lifetime. If you're looking for a more unique keepsake, you can choose a personalised tray with an engraved message on it.

They can be filled with eatables

Guests should not be tempted to take wedding trays filled with eatables home. While weddings are celebrations of love, it's important that guests enjoy the reception. Taking trays with eatables is not an acceptable practice, unless the wedding is held at a restaurant or caterer's home. However, it does happen. Sarah and Anna, team leaders at The Wedding Society, suggest avoiding this practice.

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