Where to Get Wedding Programs Printed

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If you're looking for somewhere to get wedding programs printed, you're in the right place. Whether you're ordering them for your own wedding or sending them as keepsakes to your guests, there are a few options for you. Here are three places to start. Fedex, Kinkos, and Etsy. All three are reliable sources for cheap, quality wedding programs. And, you can order them in increments of 10 starting with 25.


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You can choose from hundreds of wedding program templates on Canva to make your own. These templates may even complement your wedding invitation design. Don't forget to add photos to your programs! Use high-resolution images to ensure they'll print clearly. Wedding programs can be a great way to keep track of the reception line! And don't forget to save your wedding photos in high-resolution!

You can design and print your own wedding programs using Canva. Using this online platform will allow you to customize any element of your wedding program. You can also add premium clip art or designs to customize your wedding programs. You can save your design and edit it later if you'd like. Canva is free and supports most wedding themes, so even if you're not planning a simple ceremony, you can get your programs printed for very little money.

Getting your wedding program printed is easier than ever! Canva offers over 40 wedding program templates that you can customize to your liking. By simply dragging and dropping, you can change the text, color, and font, and even add extra pages to your wedding program. And because Canva is collaborative, you can share your design with family and friends. There's no need to send it off to a print shop - you can print them yourself at home and save money!

Using Canva is easy, too. Creating photo prints is a breeze. Once you upload an image to your design, simply click "print" to start the process. Next, choose the size and paper weight, finish, and number of copies. Select the amount of copies you want from the quantity drop-down. Canva provides both a per-unit cost and a total price.

If you don't have the budget for a print shop, consider creating your own wedding programs. With a little creativity, you can create your own program on Canva and save money. There are many design elements to choose from, as well as templates for various kinds of designs. There are hundreds of free wedding invitation templates available for download. Then, you can use them to create your own wedding invitations.

Canva offers a free account, but you can upgrade to the premium version to access a wide range of upgrades and add-ons. If you're not sure about upgrading to the Pro plan, you can sign up for a free trial of the premium version. If you love the design you created, you can also print it yourself and save on the cost of ink. With Canva, you can design and print your wedding program without the hassle of dealing with a printer.

When it comes to wedding programs, it's easy to get carried away by the options available. You can also choose to create your own wedding program from scratch. With its customizable templates, you can choose a font and style that best suits your style and budget. And because it's so easy to customize the design, you don't have to worry about the quality or the size. Once you've created your program, you can then upload it to a printer or upload it to a website to have it printed. If you're not sure about printing your own programs, you can go for a wedding stationery designer.


If you are on a tight budget and want to save money on your wedding program printing, consider using your local Kinkos or Fedex/Kinkos to get your programs printed. Both companies offer easy upload and print services. You can also upload your own design or buy a template from their website. In general, wedding programs will cost around $0.65 each, but you can find them for as little as $0.43. The prices may vary based on the quantity, but you can find discounts if you order larger quantities.

Once you have chosen the paper and size of the invitations, you can send them to FedEx/Kinkos. They can also print on cardstock, so you can save money by not having to worry about a printing deadline. FedEx/Kinkos can also print business cards, invitations, and other business marketing boards. They accept your finalized design on CD or flash drive, and even print the invitations for you if you want.

When it comes to wedding programs, choosing the best service is essential. When choosing the paper and size, remember that a smaller program will look better in a larger format. The price may also be cheaper than the larger program, but you should make sure to pick up the correct size of the wedding program. Alternatively, you can print wedding programs on sticks to give your guests something to hold in their hands during the reception. If you have decided to use a FedEx/Kinkos to get your wedding program printed, you can also take advantage of their online template services. These programs are easy to customize and print.


If you are looking for inexpensive wedding programs, then Etsy might be your best bet. Depending on your style, you can choose a template to use, or upload your own design. Then, you can have your wedding programs printed and shipped to your door for as little as $0.65 per program. If you order a larger number of programs, you may qualify for a discount.

If you are looking for a program that adds an extra touch of class to your nuptials, consider a wedding magazine program. Not only will guests appreciate the touch of glitz and style, but the program will also make a great keepsake. You can even print the program on a bag filled with snacks for guests. Rustic signs are another great option for wedding programs. They are inexpensive and can be easily customized, and come printed on luxe paper. You can even get a wedding program printed on vellum for added elegance.