Where to Get Wedding Invitation Envelopes Printed

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When choosing where to get your wedding invitation envelopes printed, the process can be a confusing one. What are different methods? Letterpress, die cutting, duplexing, and pre-printing? Read on to discover the different options available. You can even get them personalized with a ring and a message inside. If you're having trouble deciding, read on for some tips. After all, your invitation envelopes are an important part of your special day!


If you plan on mailing your wedding invitations out, you might want to consider preprinting them. These will ensure that the invitations will arrive at their destination in pristine condition. Envelopes come in a variety of sizes, including A7.5. You can also find other envelope sizes, such as 6.5" square and 6.75" square. Amazon also sells a limited selection of announcement envelopes.

When addressing wedding invitation envelopes, you can have some fun with it. Get your bridesmaids or mother to help you with the process. Your guests will appreciate your time and attention to detail. They will think of your wedding as special. You can even hand-write the address on the backside of the envelope! And while you're at it, don't forget the RSVP! You can even enclose a reply card in a separate envelope.

Depending on the style of your wedding, you may also want to consider preprinting wedding invitation envelopes. While this option is less time consuming, you should still be aware of the message that preprinted labels send. Unlike handwritten wedding invitations, preprinted labels suggest that the couple is rushing through the planning process. A hand-written invitation envelope communicates a feeling of care and attention. A well-written wedding invitation envelope is a beautiful reflection of your personality and style.


When ordering letterpress wedding invitations, remember to order matching blank envelopes, too! You'll get letterpress-printed return address on each envelope, too. A letterpress wedding invitation costs approximately $220 per set of 500, but you'll save a few dollars by ordering extras. And since guest lists are notoriously unpredictable, ordering a few extras is well worth the cost! Just be sure to order your envelopes a month before the wedding to guarantee that everyone receives a letterpress invitation.

If you're planning an intimate outdoor wedding, consider sending your invitations in letterpress style. These cards have a timeless, traditional look that works well with any wedding color scheme. Often, letterpress invitations use an off-white background and cream-colored fonts. A shimmering white envelope with gold foil stamping adds a touch of sophistication. The card itself is written in an ornate cursive font. The invitations even come with an enclosure card featuring a black and white engagement photo.

The look and feel of letterpress printing sets the tone for your wedding suite. Deep impressions are characteristic of letterpress printing, and add character and delight to your invitation suite. Compared to digital printing, letterpress wedding invitations are more luxurious and elegant. You can choose a variety of colors for your wedding invitation envelopes and customize them to fit your preferences. You'll be glad you made the effort. A beautiful wedding invitation suite will leave your guests blown away.

Die cutting

In case you're wondering whether die cutting is necessary for your invitation envelopes, think again. This process allows you to cut your invitations into specific shapes using a die. First, you need to lock the die into a chase, which is then inserted into the press. Once all of the parts are in place, the cutting process can begin. A die cut can create a sophisticated silhouette, or a playful rounded edge. The die-cutting process removes a portion of the paper from the edges of your invitations. Moreover, you can also use complementary die-cut shapes to create a more coordinated look.

Another option for die cutting is engraving. This method uses a copper die or steel plate to create engraved images or letters. Usually, this technique is used for border designs and monograms. For invitation wording, however, blind embossing is not recommended. The die-cutting method makes use of etched metal plates known as dies. The dies help create engraved designs and different shapes out of paper.


If you are planning to send out a lot of invitations for your wedding, you may want to consider duplexing your wedding invitation envelopes. This is a process that combines two layers of paper into one. You can also choose to add a velvet lamination to give them a rich, glossy finish. If you want to make the invitation envelopes look unique, you can opt for duplexing as well.

Once you've finished duplexing your invitation envelopes, you will need to determine the order of names. In general, you want to list the names of all guests, beginning with the bride and groom. If you're sending the invitations to family and friends, don't put "and Family" in front of their names. This might suggest that you're expecting guests at your wedding who will not be wearing white.

In the olden days, wedding invitations were delivered by messengers, and someone else was responsible for removing the outer envelope before handing the inner one to the guest. The outer envelope was meant to protect the inner invitation from the elements, and the inner envelope was delivered on a silver tray. Fortunately, modern wedding invitations can be created with both an inner and outer envelope, and a band of paper with the guest's name on it. The tradition of double-enveloping wedding invitations is becoming less popular as weddings move away from traditional invitations. But the fact remains that the inner envelope helps the invitation remain intact.

UV coating

When it comes to a wedding invitation, nothing is more aesthetically pleasing than a UV coated wedding invitation envelope. The shiny finish will make your invitations stand out from the crowd. This protective coating is applied over an aqueous layer and cured under UV light. It creates an extremely hard, glossy finish that is both abrasion and chemical resistant. You'll also love the way it makes colors pop. UV coating also protects your printed piece while adding a high-end look.

The benefits of UV coating on wedding invitation envelopes are many. The material is 100% recyclable and does not release any VOCs into the air, making them perfect for outdoor use. They're also ideal for die-cutting and scoring. In fact, you can find UV-coated wedding invitation envelopes in many different sizes, making them perfect for a variety of applications. For your wedding invitation envelopes, consider purchasing glossy cards with UV coating.

When selecting your paper for your invitations, consider the material it's printed on. If you're printing on paper, you should choose a paper with a smooth finish. 120# Gloss Cover, for example, is a 14-pt heavy stock with a glossy coating. It makes colors pop and images look great. A UV coating, also known as liquid lamination, gives your cards a glossy finish. Keep in mind, though, that this finish is not recommended for writing on the cards.

Online templates

If you are in need of a few invitation envelopes but don't have time to create one yourself, online templates are a great option. Some sites even have templates that you can customize and print. Some of the most popular sites have templates you can download and print yourself. You can also use a free wedding sample kit to see what the invitation envelope will look like. These samples can be printed and then printed again for your guests.

For an elegant, high-quality wedding invitation envelope, check out Paper Source. This stationery store carries a variety of invitations by well-known designers. You can choose from Oscar de la Renta, Rifle Paper Co., and Monique Lhuillier. Or you can opt for their own brand of invitations and envelopes. No matter which option you choose, you'll be happy with the results.

If you're not keen on using a software package, you can use an online service such as Canva. Canva has a variety of free wedding invitation templates and an easy-to-use interface. You can use these templates to add photos, change fonts, and customize color schemes. Some of these services also charge a few dollars to add graphics, so you'll have to be mindful of that before committing to a design.

Printing services

There are many types of wedding invitation envelopes and printing services available for them. From matte or glossy to foil, you can choose the look and feel that suits your style and personal preference. Some printing services offer additional services, like perforation and ribbon drilling. Custom Quotes are available online, too. You can select a template from thousands to find the perfect one for your wedding. You can even upload your own design and have it customized for your wedding.

If you're on a budget, you may want to consider printing your wedding invitations yourself. You can purchase a design online or find a wedding invitation template and print it yourself. You can also go to a local printing store for a professional touch. These locations will help you select the paper type and size and will also trim your invitation cards to the perfect size for you. Regardless of which option you choose, it's worth considering whether a printing service will fit your needs.

When you're looking for wedding invitation envelope printing, consider the number of people you expect to attend your wedding. Your invitation envelopes will be the first impression your guests will have of your wedding. It's also the only way to communicate important information to your guests, so make sure it's perfect. Whether it's a simple invitation or a luxurious foil-filled envelope, the printed piece will convey a positive message. Whether you choose white or foil wedding envelopes, they'll help set the tone of class and elegance.

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