What Does the M Line on a Wedding RSVP Mean?

What is the function of the M line on a wedding RSVP? It indicates where your reply to the RSVP should begin. In the next part of this article, we will delve deeper into the importance of the M line in wedding RSVPs.

RSVP means Répondez s'il vous plait which is a French word. In English, it means “Please respond”. As it sounds, the rsvp is the process of confirming the invitation to a formal ceremony. Although arrived from the French culture, it is nowadays more used in the USA especially for wedding invitations. Most of the time, the wedding rsvp’s start with an m line.

It is very normal if you have got an rsvp for the first time and become confused about the M line in it. The M line on the rsvp is like a guide for you to start writing the name. Keep going through the article to clear all your confusion about the wedding RSVP.

What Does the M Line on a Wedding RSVP Mean?

One of the common traditions of the wedding rsvp is it starts with a m line in most cases. This is an old tradition that is still continued. The M line of the wedding rsvp basically means where you should start writing. M in the first letter of the name titles like Mr., Mrs., Miss, etc. With the M line of the wedding rsvp, you should start writing the name with your title.

To make things easier for you, here is an example: If your name is John Doe, you will write “M”r. John Doe followed by the M in the wedding rsvp. If there are multiple guests invited to the wedding you will write their full names too with the name title. Such as if you and your spouse are invited to the wedding with the same invitation and rsvp, you will write “M”r. John Doe and Mrs. Jane Doe.

You can also write like this: M”r. and Mrs. John Doe. If there are kids invited with your spouse, you will require writing their name. Remember that the wedding rsvp is a way for the host to understand how many of the guests will be there at the wedding. So, you need to write the name of the guest in full form so that they can easily get the headcount. This helps the couple or the host to plan the wedding accordingly.

 Note that sometimes the wedding rsvp will also require you to write the required number of the wedding rsvp. Make sure to clearly write in numbers (1,2,3,4,5) to make things easier for the host.

What if the Wedding RSVP Don’t Include a M Line?

Nowadays, a lot of couples avoid using the m line in the wedding rsvp. The reason is obvious, it confuses most of people. Especially, the young people who don’t have any prior experience or knowledge about these etiquettes of the wedding invitation and rsvp. So, if your weddings rsvp’s don’t include a M line, don’t worry. It is to make things easier for you. It might include Names: on the place of the M line.

If the Names: is written, then you might already know what you need to do. Simply Write the name of the guests that will join in the wedding ceremony in the line. Make sure to write the full name as well s the name title. That’s it.

Note that if you are not joining the wedding ceremony, then there is no need of writing the name. Instead of the name, you can write the reason why you are not joining the ceremony. Moreover, you can wish the couple for their big day in the blank space for a name.

Some Other Etiquettes of Wedding RSVP

One of the most common parts of every wedding rsvp is to include a blank space. This is where the name of the guest will be written. The blank might also be used for writing the date, the number of kids, and other relevant information. As we said earlier, if the guest doesn’t want to join the wedding, they will also let you know by filling the blank lines with the reason and wish.

To make things easier, some of the wedding rsvp includes short and simple phrases so that the guest doesn’t require to go through many hassles. Such as it can include a checklist box with “I will attend” and “Unable to Attend”. People can tick the preferred choice to let you know about their choice. Furthermore, it will also become easier for the host to understand things easily.

Choice of entrée is another common addition you will often find in the wedding rsvp. Usually, the entrée selection of the wedding rsvp is included in the last of the rsvp. The host might ask the guest about their preferred choice of the entrée. If it is included, it’s important for the guest to fill it correctly. Especially, if the guest has any allergies to a specific entrée they can untick it or let the host know about it.

Even if the host prefers to offer a buffet at the wedding ceremony, they can still include the entrée preference in the rsvp.

When to Send Back the Wedding RSVP?

The wedding rsvp is usually sent to the guest at least around weeks prior to the wedding date. And, it might include a date by when the rsvp should be responded. If the wedding RSVPs don’t include a return date, you should consider returning them as early as possible after getting them. The return address is oftentimes written somewhere in the envelope, where you should write the wedding rsvp before the due date.


The wedding invitation rsvp is a great way to make the wedding invitation and less hassling. It allows the host to plan the wedding accurately based on the number of guests. We hope this article will help you to understand what the m line on a wedding rsvp mean and other etiquettes of the wedding rsvp.

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