Four Places to Buy Vintage Wedding Dress Patterns

Locating patterns for vintage wedding dresses can be quite straightforward. One can discover a plethora of designs ranging from traditional, bohemian, to art deco. Among the sought-after brands are Joanne Fleming, Butterick, and Vogue, all of which are readily accessible on Etsy. Should you be searching for a vintage wedding dress, you might want to consider these four options for acquiring the pattern. They offer the perfect starting point to bring your vision of a vintage wedding dress to life.

Joanne Fleming

Those looking for vintage-style wedding dresses will appreciate Joanne Fleming's collection of vintage wedding dress patterns. Fleming is a costume designer and has created many dresses, including gowns worn by famous women. From Scarlett O'Hara and Jackie O to Madame Taussauds, Fleming has mastered the art of vintage dressing. Her collections include vintage wedding gown patterns, avant-garde evening wear, and modern styles.

The designs are soft and feminine, with a hint of sexiness and lace. The Temperley designs are extravagant and feature cascading tiers of lace and a mix of fabrics. Vania Romoff vintage wedding dress patterns are a perfect choice for brides who love flowing gowns and fashion-forward details. These styles are timeless and will fit any style. They'll be an unforgettable choice for your wedding.

For a truly unique vintage wedding dress, a UK-based designer can be a great choice. The couturier's vintage-styled pieces are famous world-wide. Her wedding gown featured layers of pale blush tulle, French lace accents, and a detachable peplum overskirt. Joanne Fleming's vintage wedding dress patterns are also a great place to start.

Among the designs featured in Joanne Fleming's vintage wedding dress patterns are Jess's vintage-style tea-length gown and Ocean's silk dupion one-shoulder wedding gown with a dramatic bow at the center of the back. Stephanie used an ivory sash and a scarlet bow for her reception. Several brides requested to incorporate lace from their grandmother's wedding gown into their own designs. Esme and Juliette both requested to incorporate lace from the waist corsage.


Vintage wedding dress patterns can be a great way to create a unique wedding gown. Butterick is a well-known pattern designer that created the first graded sewing pattern in 1863. The Butterick Vintage Wedding Dress Pattern is the perfect way to add vintage style to your wedding gown! This pattern has many beautiful details, including a lace paneled back that dips low and features tiny buttons. The price tag of a Butterick pattern is only $13.

Making a wedding gown is an excellent way to customize your personal style and save money. Before deciding which pattern to purchase, consider your experience level and your budget. Then, choose an heirloom design. LoveToKnow Media owns Butterick. The company that publishes the Butterick vintage wedding dress pattern produces the heirloom collection. The patterns are available on its website. Its goal is to share information about sewing with the public.

There are vintage bridal patterns that cover the period from the 1920s to the 1980s. If you are unfamiliar with the history of bridal fashion, you can read more about the fashions of the past by browsing the V&A's history page and Edwina Ehrman's book, The Wedding Dress: 300 Years of Bridal Fashions

For beginners, Kwik Sew is a great resource. There are many vintage pattern collections on Etsy, and many of them are available for under $15. If you are looking for a specific design, you may want to look into online pattern shops. Using an online pattern shop is a great way to save money and time. You can also find vintage designs at stores and online. This way, you can make a vintage dress without breaking the bank.


For a vintage, bohemian-inspired wedding dress, you can opt for a Vogue pattern. These designs are often considered out of print, but they're worth a look anyway. Vogue wedding dresses from the 1970s were often cut on the bias, resulting in a skirt that's more substantial than a slipdress. A similar vintage wedding dress design from the 1940s by Vogue is also worth a look. It features a v-neckline, underskirt, full skirt, and a big bow at the back of the bodice.

There are several places to purchase vintage patterns. Etsy is a site dedicated to crafters and home sewers, and many of its vintage patterns can be bought for as little as $20. However, if you want a truly vintage-inspired wedding dress, you should check out the site Mom's Patterns, where you'll find a wide selection of vintage patterns. Many of the patterns are less than $20, but they don't cost a fortune either.

Sometimes, vintage patterns don't come in the size that you need. To enlarge the size, you can find the difference in measurements and divide the increase into vertical seams. Make sure you try this on a muslin before you attempt the enlargement on the actual dress. Likewise, you can also try it on in person, as long as you're confident with your sewing skills. There's no shame in experimenting.

Vintage bridal styles are always in style, and there's no better time than now to create a vintage wedding gown. Vintage vogue wedding dress patterns include styles from the 1920s to the 1980s. If you want to get some more information on the history of bridal fashion, consider visiting the V&A or purchasing a copy of the book The Wedding Dress: 300 Years of Bridal Fashion


Are you looking for vintage wedding dress patterns but aren't sure where to find them? If so, you've come to the right place. Etsy is a creative marketplace where you can find thousands of different designs. By browsing the thousands of vintage wedding dresses for sale on Etsy, you'll be able to find the perfect vintage dress to match your wedding theme and your personality.

Before buying, you should check the seller's feedback and reputation on Etsy. Most sellers are located around the world, and this can impact the shipping fares and delivery time. You should also pay attention to the seller's response time, as many sellers have a 24-hour response time. However, you should also be critical when deciding whether to buy from an Etsy seller or to hire a local tailor to do the alterations.

The best way to find vintage wedding dress patterns on Etsy is to know the seller's reputation and trust their work. There are a lot of scam artists on Etsy, but there are also a lot of small-scale designers, who won't retouch or edit pictures to fool brides. Also, check the price before making a final decision. Make sure that the seller's reviews are genuine and not just retouched by the seller.

If you have a lot of extra fabric from your wedding gown, you can turn it into a keepsake. For instance, if you're skilled enough, you can make a beautiful lace scarf or a men's pocket square. You can also upcycle parts of your wedding gown into soft toys or stuffed animals. You can make a teddy bear for the flower girl or ring bearer as a keepsake.

If you want to buy a pre-worn vintage wedding dress, you can always look for a wedding dress reseller on Etsy. These vendors offer unique and antique styles. Each listing also lists the retail price, which can range from $100 to $2,000.

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